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2015 Baltimore City Homicides/Murders - List and Map

This is a list of the 2015 Baltimore City homicide victims and additional information regarding age, incident location, notes, and event proximity to police surveillance cameras . Scroll down for the map and charts.
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No.Date DiedNameAgeAddress Block FoundNotesVictim Has No Violent Criminal History*Surveillance Camera At Intersection?**Case Closed?
001 01/03/15 Karim Bonner 25 2600 Seville Avenue Shooting victim. Victim was reported missing December 19, 2014, found in minivan he rented none
002 01/03/15 Josphat Kobia 40 524 Queensgate Road Victim shot over room-cleaning dispute. Tamara Harvey(wife) and Cameron Barnes(stepson) charged. Victim and two charged were all living at the Queensgate address. Closed
003 01/03/15 Leon Fleming 38, pic 4502 Erdman Avenue Shooting victim aka Ugg. Incident took place at Yolo bar
004 01/04/15 Matthew Thomas 11, pic 1900 62nd Street Murder/Suicide. Two people dead from gunshot in a vehicle, found near the site of Hollander Ridge Public Housing Complex. Selfish father, Warren Thomas, shot son before killing himself. Victims missing since Jan 1, 2015 none Closed
005 01/05/15 Brian Chase 32 1100 Woodyear Street Shooting victim aka Beezy none
006 01/05/15 John Walsh 46 1100 North Carrollton Street Shooting victim, Brandon Gulliver is a person of interest
007 01/09/15 Robert Thomas 40, pic 5900 Glenkirk Road Double shooting, double homicide. Victim aka Manny. Dennis Padgett chargedThree men having a dispute over a parking spot Closed
008 01/09/15 Troy Preston 47 5900 Glenkirk Road Double shooting, double homicide. Dennis Padgett charged, two men have a dispute over a parking spot. This victim appears to be collateral damage. none Closed
009 01/11/15 Darius White 20, pic 1900 McCulloh Shooting victim. Victim was implicated in the murder of Devon(or Davon) Dorsey 05/29/10
010 01/12/15 Anthony Richardson 32, pic 1700 Homestead Street Double shooting, victim found in vehicle 1 camera
011 01/16/15 Troy Pinkney 30 4600 Edmondson Avenue Shooting victim none 1 camera
012 01/17/15 Donte Downer 29, pic 1700 Presstman Street Shooting victim aka Eyeball found in van. Victim crashed vehicle on porch of 1800 Presstman Street.
013 01/18/15 David Hall 25 2018 Denison Street Double homicide, shooting at the Black Jack Pizza Restaurant none
014 01/18/15 Harry Smith 23 2018 Denison Street Double homicide, shooting at the Black Jack Pizza Restaurant none
015 01/24/15 Jason Ballard 28 4400 Franconia Drive Shooting victim
016 01/25/15 Dashawn Allbrook 22, funeral 4500 Furley Avenue Shooting victim found in street
017 01/26/15 Marlon Harvey 32 2500 Pennsylvania Avenue Stabbing victim, registry, Video of Suspect 1 camera
018 01/28/15 Davon Johnson 28 2000 North Bentalou Street Shooting victim, Charles Henson is a suspect none
019 01/29/15 Stephen Foreman 40, pic, Linkedin 1000 Stamford Road Double shooting, victim found in vehicle
020 01/29/15 James Smith 49 2400 East Lafayette Street Shooting victim, crime scene
021 01/29/15 Stephen Vaise 60 4400 Prudence Street Shooting victim found inside home. Matthew Vaise(son) charged none Closed
022 01/30/15 Victor Underwood Black 18 3000 Liberty Heights Avenue Shooting victim
023 01/31/15 Marvin Barrett 24 5300 Frankford Road Shooting victim
024 02/01/15 Tavares Swinson 36, pic, funeral 4500 Rogers Avenue Shooting victim aka Bam
025 02/01/15 Derrick Dargan 25 500 North Ellwood Avenue Double shooting, a woman was also a shooting victim who survived. Mr. Dargan was implicated in the murder of Marcus Lemon on 05/13/13 but later acquitted by a jury in October 2014.
026 a 01/08/15 d. 02/02/15 John Imbragulio 55 400 South Eaton Street Injuries 01/08/15, police looking for information none
027 02/11/15 James Williams 54 3900 Garrison Avenue Stabbing victim none
028 02/12/15 James Maurice Edward Jr. 24, pic 300 Collins Avenue Shooting victim aka Bangout, found in street after argument none
029 02/12/15 Malik Fuller 16, pic 3300 Garrison Boulevard Double shooting, both victims were 16 years old. none
030 02/13/15 Unidentified Man 1700 Ashburton Street Shooting victim aka Heavy found in burned building.
031 02/21/15 Kevin Mason 29 3800 Ridgewood Avenue Shooting victim found in vehicle none
032 02/22/15 Jawan Goode 31 2500 East Monument Street Shooting victim 2 cameras
033 02/23/15 Leedell Brown 25 830 Guilford Avenue Rapper aka Manmoo beaten at the The Hott Spott Lounge, "No Noise" none
034 02/24/15 Owen Crayton 24 300 Marydell Road Shooting victim found in home,Joseph Ryles charged none Closed
035 02/25/15 Anthony Reese 22 5600 Loch Raven Boulevard Double shooting in vehicle
036 02/28/2015 Dwayne Reid 40 4300 Welbourne Road Quadruple Shooting, crime scene pic
037 03/02/15 Markez Jones 28, pic 1300 West Lafayette Street Shooting victim. Victim was acquitted of killing Marvin Hayes on 07/19/11
038 03/03/15 Djuan Tillett 24 funeral 700 Richwood Avenue Shooting victim aka Mookie
039 03/12/15 Tameka Mobley 34, obit 4400 LaPlata Avenue Victim found with trauma to her body none
040 03/12/15 Terrell Walston 28 5400 Bucknell Road Shooting victim found in vehicle
041 03/12/15 Davon Jordan 30 1900 East 28th Street Stabbing victim
042 03/17/15 Alton Wallace III 27 1200 East Oliver Street Shooting victim found in vehicle
043 03/23/15 Daniel Brooks 33 2700 Pennsylvania Avenue Shooting victim found in front of Red Fox Liquors
044 03/24/15 Sterling Day 23, FB, pic 900 North Monroe Street Double shooting, immediately followed by the fatal shooting on 2700 Pennsylvania Avenue(#43). Quadruple shooting on Monroe Street on day of victim's funeral 04/02/15 allegedly linked to the death of Mr. Day None
045 03/24/15 Jarrell Hicks 29, pic 3300 West Caton Avenue Shooting victim aka Tookie
046 03/25/15 Andre Robinson 23, pic 4500 Parkton Street Shooting victim
047 03/27/15 Travis Dixon 27, pic 2200 Chelsea Terrace Victim stabbed after altercation none
048 03/28/15 Victor Gwaltney III 20, pic 4100 Mariban Court Double shooting where the suspect was riding a bicycle, Donnell Walker charged none Closed
049 03/30/15 Kemmontay Mitchell 27, FB, pic 2800 West North Avenue Shooting victim, FB 2 cameras
050 03/30/15 Jeremy Ward 26 1800 East Federal Street Shooting victim
051 added 04/03/15 Felicity Shelton 30 700 West Lexington Street Double shooting, victim shot 08/28/2000 and died 10/14/14 due to complications from injury No cameras in 2000
052 04/03/15 Carla Harrison 36, FB, pic 2800 Edmondson Aveneu Double stabbing, both victims female. Michelle Johnson charged 1 camera Closed
053 04/04/15 Steven Jackson 29, obit 3200 Elmley Avenue Shooting victim, victim was nephew of Council President, Jack Young. Homicide occurred during daytime directly under CCTV camera 2 cameras
054 04/04/15 Jamar Green 28 100 North Pulaski Street Shooting victim
055 04/08/15 Tyrone Damon 30, obit 1 North Monroe Street Shooting victim, Shot on 3/22/15 Died 04/08/15
056 04/08/15 Tywaun Short 14, pic, FB RIP, donate 4100 Audrey Avenue Double shooting. Victim had just come from the doctor and was waiting outside for his mom to arrive home. news video none
057 04/10/15 Billy Vines 59 1100 Carroll Street Stabbing victim. Jadiq Robinson(son of victim) allegedly stabbed father during dispute none
058 04/14/15 Kevin Hill 19, obit 3900 Flowerton Road Double shooting none
059 04/17/15 Mark Nicholson 51 3400 Liberty Heights Avenue Shooting victim lived on block none
060 04/17/15 Jamal Rosebourgh 18 2800 Garrison Avenue Double shooting double homicide. Tentative ID: Chino
061 04/17/15 Troy Palmer 22 2800 Garrison Avenue Double shooting double homicide. none
062 04/21/15 Carvell Jones 44 1500 Hilton Street Shooting victim not checked yet
*Drug offenses, burglary, prostitution, domestic violence(this charge is not specific enough) and unauthorized taking of a vehicle charges are not considered violent. Violent offenses include murder, attempted murder, robbery and first degree assault. This has changed from previous years, where second degree assault was included

**Affirmative if distance of a Baltimore Police Surveillance Camera(CCTV) location is one block or less of homicide event.

Map of 2015 Baltimore City Homicides, updated monthly

Special thanks to Cookie N. Jones for her help with this project.

Baltimore County Bicyclists Killed in Collisions with Vehicles - List and Map

View larger map
No.Date of CollisionBicyclist's NameAgeGenderAddress of CollisionNotes
0107/26/2000Martin Nelson Everson22MaleYork Rd and Othoridge Rd
0211/17/2000Joseph Brown37MaleMartin Blvd and Windlass Ave
0308/5/2001Peter Nicholas Getz67MaleFreeland Rd and I-83
0409/15/2001Aaron Kasey Anderson20MalePulaski Hwy and Mohrs Ln
0509/19/2004Demetrious Joshua Vaughn13MaleCockeys Mill Rd and Franklin Valley Circle
0610/12/2004Corrine Ashley Roth12FemaleDundalk Ave and Center PlaceStruck by Delivery Van
0710/10/2005Daniel J. Haney17MalePeninsula Expressway and Spur to Merritt BlvdKilled by cop
0805/22/2007William Charles Biggs51MaleOwings Mills Blvd and Crondall Ln
0906/28/2008Hope Marie Upton07FemaleDavis Ave and Old Court Rd
1011/28/2008Blaine Robert Susnowitz14MaleMartin Blvd and Middle River Rd
1104/06/2010Asad Husain43MaleButler Road and Dover RoadTwo cyclists hit

2015 Baltimore County Homicides/Murders - List and Map

This is a list of the 2015 Baltimore County Homicide Victims.
No.DateNameAgeAddress Block MurderedCityMurdered by/NotesClosed?
001 01/13/15 Seydina Soumagel 32 6800 Liberty Road Lochearn Shooting victim found in hallway of his apartment building. victim was targer of robbery. Ryan Burris and Donte Dunbar charged Closed
002 01/24/15 Ashanti Ballard-Velez 22 1200 Deanwood Road Parkville Shooting victim found in road, David Johnson charged, Eugene Brown is a suspect Closed
003 01/25/15 Aaron Burrell 38 8005 Pulaski Highway Rosedale Shooting victim found at Regal Inn. Nathaniel McKnight, Telly Williams, and C'Auntay Diaquon Parnell, all charged Closed
004 02/24/15 Christopher Hagerman 22 3800 Bayville Road Bowleys Quarters Shooting victim, Antwan Holmes charged Closed
005 03/10/15 Tiesha Rogers 22 7200 Conley Street Dundalk Double shooting, both victims women. Killer at large
006 04/10/15 Vedrana Mendoza 40 1807 Cromwood Road Parkville Investigated as murder-suicide. Gilbert Mendoza killed wife and daughter. He then killed himself Closed
007 04/10/15 Molly Mendoza 1807 Cromwood Road Parkville Investigated as murder-suicide. Gilbert Mendoza killed wife and daughter. He then killed himself Closed

C&O Canal Towpath Downloadable Files For Your GPS (All 184 miles)

Here are some downloadable files in GPX file format which may be transferable to your GPS unit or mapping software for the Chesapeake and Ohio (C&O) Canal Towpath that runs between Washington DC and Cumberland Maryland along the Potomac River. Each location is displayed as a waypoint(or marker).

1.   184 miles of the C&O Canal Towpath   C&O Canal Towpath Trail Track in gpx format Download Link

2.   60 Parking Areas within easy access of the C&O Canal Towpath trail   C&O Canal Towpath Parking Area Locations in gpx format Download Link

3.   74 C&O Canal Locks  C&O Canal Towpath Lock Locations in gpx format Download Link

4.   35 free campsites along the C&O Canal Towpath, Western Maryland Rail Trail and Potomac River   C&O Canal Towpath Free Campsite Locations in gpx format Download Link

5.   57 Historic Sites worth exploring along the Towpath and Potomac River  C&O Canal Towpath Historic Site Locations in gpx format Download Link

6.   22 miles of Western Maryland Rail Trail  Western Maryland Rail Trail Track in gpx format Download Link

If this was helpful to you please add a comment. Have fun!

Pedestrians Killed By Drivers in Dundalk, Essex and Middle River - List and Map

Eastern Baltimore County is a dangerous hotspot for pedestrians. The roads have many vehicles, the speed limits are high, drunk drivers are plentiful and large numbers of county residents do not own vehicles. Shopping centers may be on opposite sides of crowded boulevards from housing. The Baltimore County government does not show much concern for pedestrian safety and the result is a long list of painful and horrific pedestrian deaths in the area.

Date KilledPedestrian VictimAgeDriverAddressCity
08/19/91Ava Mae Marrs42John WagnerEastern Blvd and Stevens RoadMiddle River
11/11/91Francell Gamble36Lawrence Fenlock300 Back River Neck RoadEssex
12/13/92Angela Chance 16Phyllis KeithMerritt Boulevard and German Hill RoadDundalk
06/04/93Laverne Osborne45unknown200 Back River Neck RoadEssex
11/17/93William Murphy38Tamara BowenEastern Blvd and Eyring AvenueEssex
03/17/96Toy Manley46Theodore PrachniakNorth Point Boulevard and Eastern BoulevardDundalk
11/08/97Edward Smialkowski68unknown2300 North Point BoulevardDundalk
07/13/98Scott Ackerman24Robert JenkinsEastern Blvd and Diamond Point RoadDundalk
06/02/99Kia-Denise Hughes21Maria ReedySoutheastern Blvd and Middleborough RoadEssex
06/02/99Leearna McKenny1Maria ReedySoutheastern Blvd and Middleborough RoadEssex
06/15/99Larry Jones21Sunta DickersonEastern Blvd and Wilson Point RoadMiddle River
01/07/02Douglas McNeil17Richard Warlick3900 North Point BoulevardDundalk
10/06/03Christina Stambaugh15unknownCompass Road and Radial CourtMiddle River
07/14/04Jessica Coleman6unknown500 North Marlyn Drive Essex
10/13/04Corrine Roth12Gregory Eldridge100 Dundalk AvenueDundalk
12/28/05Michael Davis66unknownEastern Boulevard and Middlesex RoadEssex
11/26/06Patrick Bartholow42unknownEastern Boulevard and Old Eastern AvenueEssex
07/05/07Pedro Colon35unknownDundalk AvenueDundalk
03/04/09Frederick Staigerwald66unknownNorth Point Boulevard and St. Monica DriveEssex
07/12/09Joseph Hudson12unknown900 North Point BoulevardDundalk
09/22/09Paul Thompson63William RamsayEastern Boulevard and North Point BoulevardDundalk
10/20/09James Locklear45Stanley HudsonEastern Avenue and Southeastern BoulevardEssex
05/06/10Unidentified Man?unknown400 Eastern BoulevardEssex
09/12/11Susan Davis45unknownNorth Point Boulevard and East Point MallDundalk
02/08/12Stanley Lachowicz43unknownNorth Point Road and Belmont RoadDundalk
05/01/13Amaria Gould9unknownGraythorn Road and Grovethorn RoadMiddle River
05/22/12Frank Durika36Crystal LeCompte600 North Point BoulevardDundalk
12/12/13Irwin Combs55unknown4200 North Point BoulevardDundalk
06/11/14Bert Bush35unknownBack River Neck and Poles RoadEssex
07/20/14Willard Hagy71unknownBack River Neck and Poles RoadEssex
08/10/14Ronny Parsley43unknownNorth Point Boulevard and Charlesmont RoadDundalk
10/15/14Charles Foehrkolb Jr.62unknownDundalk Avenue and Center PlaceDundalk
02/11/15Unidentified Man?unknownNorth Point Boulevard and Trappe RoadDundalk