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2015 Baltimore City Homicides/Murders - List and Map

This is a list of the 2015 Baltimore City homicide victims and additional information regarding age, incident location, notes, and event proximity to police surveillance cameras . Scroll down for the map and charts.
Baltimore Crime and Homicide Facebook Group

No.Date DiedNameAgeAddress Block FoundNotesVictim Has No Violent Criminal History*Surveillance Camera At Intersection?**Case Closed?
001 01/03/15 Karim Bonner 25 2600 Seville Avenue Shooting victim. Victim was reported missing December 19, 2014, found in minivan he rented none
002 01/03/15 Josphat Kobia 40 524 Queensgate Road Victim shot over room-cleaning dispute. Tamara Harvey(wife) and Cameron Barnes(stepson) charged. Victim and two charged were all living at the Queensgate address. Closed
003 01/03/15 Leon Fleming 38, pic 4502 Erdman Avenue Shooting victim aka Ugg. Incident took place at Yolo bar
004 01/04/15 Matthew Thomas 11, pic 1900 62nd Street Murder/Suicide. Two people dead from gunshot in a vehicle, found near the site of Hollander Ridge Public Housing Complex. Selfish father, Warren Thomas, shot son before killing himself. Victims missing since Jan 1, 2015 none Closed
005 01/05/15 Brian Chase 32 1100 Woodyear Street Shooting victim aka Beezy none
006 01/05/15 John Walsh 46 1100 North Carrollton Street Shooting victim, Brandon Gulliver is a person of interest
007 01/09/15 Robert Thomas 40, pic 5900 Glenkirk Road Double shooting, double homicide. Victim aka Manny. Dennis Padgett chargedThree men having a dispute over a parking spot Closed
008 01/09/15 Troy Preston 47 5900 Glenkirk Road Double shooting, double homicide. Dennis Padgett charged, two men have a dispute over a parking spot. This victim appears to be collateral damage. none Closed
009 01/11/15 Darius White 20, pic 1900 McCulloh Shooting victim. Victim was implicated in the murder of Devon(or Davon) Dorsey 05/29/10
010 01/12/15 Anthony Richardson 32, pic 1700 Homestead Street Double shooting, victim found in vehicle 1 camera
011 01/16/15 Troy Pinkney 30 4600 Edmondson Avenue Shooting victim none 1 camera
012 01/17/15 Donte Downer 29, pic 1700 Presstman Street Shooting victim aka Eyeball found in van. Victim crashed vehicle on porch of 1800 Presstman Street.
013 01/18/15 David Hall 25 2018 Denison Street Double homicide, shooting at the Black Jack Pizza Restaurant none
014 01/18/15 Harry Smith 23 2018 Denison Street Double homicide, shooting at the Black Jack Pizza Restaurant none
015 01/24/15 Jason Ballard 28 4400 Franconia Drive Shooting victim
016 01/25/15 Dashawn Allbrook 22, 4500 Furley Avenue Shooting victim found in street
017 01/26/15 Marlon Harvey 32 2500 Pennsylvania Avenue Stabbing victim, registry, Video of Suspect 1 camera
018 01/28/15 Davon Johnson 28 2000 North Bentalou Street Shooting victim, Charles Henson is a suspect none Closed
019 01/29/15 Stephen Foreman 40, pic, Linkedin 1000 Stamford Road Double shooting, victim found in vehicle
020 01/29/15 James Smith 49 2400 East Lafayette Street Shooting victim, crime scene
021 01/29/15 Stephen Vaise 60 4400 Prudence Street Shooting victim found inside home. Matthew Vaise(son) charged none Closed
022 01/30/15 Victor Underwood Black 18 3000 Liberty Heights Avenue Shooting victim
023 01/31/15 Marvin Barrett 24 5300 Frankford Road Shooting victim
024 02/01/15 Tavares Swinson 36, pic, funeral 4500 Rogers Avenue Shooting victim aka Bam
025 02/01/15 Derrick Dargan 25 500 North Ellwood Avenue Double shooting, a woman was also a shooting victim who survived. Mr. Dargan was implicated in the murder of Marcus Lemon on 05/13/13 but later acquitted by a jury in October 2014.
026 a 01/08/15 d. 02/02/15 John Imbragulio 55 400 South Eaton Street Injuries 01/08/15, police looking for information none
027 02/11/15 James Williams 54 3900 Garrison Avenue Stabbing victim none
028 02/12/15 James Maurice Edward Jr. 24, pic 300 Collins Avenue Shooting victim aka Bangout, found in street after argument none
029 02/12/15 Malik Fuller 16, pic 3300 Garrison Boulevard Double shooting, both victims were 16 years old. none
030 02/13/15 Unidentified Man 1700 Ashburton Street Shooting victim aka Heavy found in burned building.
031 02/21/15 Kevin Mason 29 3800 Ridgewood Avenue Shooting victim found in vehicle none
032 02/22/15 Jawan Goode 31 2500 East Monument Street Shooting victim 2 cameras
033 02/23/15 Leedell Brown 25 830 Guilford Avenue Rapper aka Manmoo beaten at the The Hott Spott Lounge, "No Noise". Police sketch of Person of Interest. none
034 02/24/15 Owen Crayton 24 300 Marydell Road Shooting victim found in home,Joseph Ryles charged none Closed
035 02/25/15 Anthony Reese 22 5600 Loch Raven Boulevard Double shooting in vehicle
036 02/28/2015 Dwayne Reid 40 4300 Welbourne Road Quadruple Shooting, crime scene pic
037 03/02/15 Markez Jones 28, pic 1300 West Lafayette Street Shooting victim. Victim was acquitted of killing Marvin Hayes on 07/19/11
038 03/03/15 Djuan Tillett 24 funeral 700 Richwood Avenue Shooting victim aka Mookie
039 03/12/15 Tameka Mobley 34, obit 4400 LaPlata Avenue Victim found with trauma to her body none
040 03/12/15 Terrell Walston 28 5400 Bucknell Road Shooting victim found in vehicle
041 03/12/15 Davon Jordan 30 1900 East 28th Street Stabbing victim
042 03/17/15 Alton Wallace III 27 1200 East Oliver Street Shooting victim found in vehicle
043 03/23/15 Daniel Brooks 33 2700 Pennsylvania Avenue Shooting victim found in front of Red Fox Liquors
044 03/24/15 Sterling Day 23, FB, pic 900 North Monroe Street Double shooting, immediately followed by the fatal shooting on 2700 Pennsylvania Avenue(#43). Quadruple shooting on Monroe Street on day of victim's funeral 04/02/15 allegedly linked to the death of Mr. Day None
045 03/24/15 Jarrell Hicks 29, pic 3300 West Caton Avenue Shooting victim aka Tookie
046 03/25/15 Andre Robinson 23, pic 4500 Parkton Street Shooting victim
047 03/27/15 Travis Dixon 27, pic 2200 Chelsea Terrace Victim stabbed after altercation none
048 03/28/15 Victor Gwaltney III 20, pic 4100 Mariban Court Double shooting where the suspect was riding a bicycle, Donnell Walker charged none Closed
049 03/30/15 Kemmontay Mitchell 27, FB, pic 2800 West North Avenue Shooting victim, FB 2 cameras
050 03/30/15 Jeremy Ward 26 1800 East Federal Street Shooting victim
051 added 04/03/15 Felicity Shelton 30 700 West Lexington Street Double shooting, victim shot 08/28/2000 and died 10/14/14 due to complications from injury No cameras in 2000
052 04/03/15 Carla Harrison 36, FB, pic 2800 Edmondson Avenue Double stabbing, both victims female. Michelle Johnson charged 1 camera Closed
053 04/04/15 Steven Jackson 29, obit 3200 Elmley Avenue Shooting victim, victim was nephew of Council President, Jack Young. Homicide occurred during daytime directly under CCTV camera 2 cameras
054 04/04/15 Jamar Green 28 100 North Pulaski Street Shooting victim
055 04/08/15 Tyrone Damon 30, obit 1 North Monroe Street Shooting victim, Shot on 3/22/15 Died 04/08/15
056 04/08/15 Tywaun Short 14, pic, FB RIP, donate 4100 Audrey Avenue Double shooting. Victim had just come from the doctor and was waiting outside for his mom to arrive home. news video none
057 04/10/15 Billy Vines 59 1100 Carroll Street Stabbing victim. Jadiq Robinson(son of victim) allegedly stabbed father during dispute none Closed
058 04/14/15 Kevin Hill 19, obit 3900 Flowerton Road Double shooting none
059 04/17/15 Mark Nicholson 51 3400 Liberty Heights Avenue Shooting victim lived on block none
060 04/17/15 Jamal Rosebourgh 18 2800 Garrison Avenue Double shooting double homicide. Tentative ID: Chino
061 04/17/15 Troy Palmer 22, pic 2800 Garrison Avenue Double shooting double homicide. none
062 04/21/15 Carvell Jones 44 1500 Hilton Street Shooting victim
063 04/22/15 Nicole Torain 34, donate 1800 Annapolis Road Dundalk resident last seen on Elmley Avenue was found at Resco Incinerator none
064 04/23/15 Reanna Greene 26 3400 Boston Street Murder-Suicide.Mark Mckenna shot victim in vehicle at shopping center parking lot then killed himself. Both were Shock Trauma Nurses. Alleged killer was avid hunter. none Closed
065 04/25/15 Daquain Tate 18 4500 Westchester Road Shooting victim
066 04/24/15 Tierell Wilder 24, pic 4100 West Rogers Avenue Shooting victim found inside home
067 04/26/15 Kareem George 36, pic 4300 Belair Road Shooting victim. Victim aka Cuzzo none 1 camera
068 04/27/15 Tyleah Fenwick 2, pic 400 Furrow Street Victim found with trauma to the body none
069 04/28/15 Martin Brooks 42, pic 5100 Park Heights Avenue Shooting vict. victim shot near pawn shop 1 Camera
070 04/29/15 Ricky Chambers Jr. 24 1600 Hazel Street Shooting victim
071 04/29/15 Andre Hunt 28, pic 3800 Liberty Heights Avenue Shooting victim none
072 04/30/15 Davon William Johnson 26 500 North Edgewood Street Shooting victim none
073 04/30/15 James Maurice Johnson 22 800 McKean Avenue Shooting victim none
074 04/19/15 Freddie Gray 25 1034 North Mount Street Heinous Baltimore City police officers allegedly broke victim's neck and then delayed medical assistance for 50 minutes. Officer Garrett Miller, Sgt. Alicia White, Officer Edward Nero. Baltimore Police Officer Caesar Goodson Jr., Lt. Brian Rice, Officer William Porter, all charged none Closed
075 05/01/15 Yogesh Sheth 49, pic 300 South Highland Street Shooting victim found in store was employee of Mini Market Deli and Grocery. Victi aka Joe none
076 05/03/15 Byron Showell 47 2800 Silver Hill Avenue Shooting victim none
077 05/03/15 Khai Hebron 18, MySpace 3000 Elizabeth Avenue Shooting victim
078 05/04/15 Jorvon Beatty 23, FB, pic 400 Fallsway Victim fatally stabbed during dispute outside Healthcare For the Homeless. Malik Greene charged none Closed
079 05/04/15 Keith Watts 26, funeral 1800 Druid Hill Avenue Shooting victim
080 05/05/15 Rodney Vandette Johnson 42 2500 Druid Hill Avenue Shooting victim none
081 05/07/15 Melissa Anne Bingham 34, FB 101 West Patapsco Street Shooting victim none
XXX 05/07/15 Armand Parrine 26 800 West Lexington Street Shooting victim, ruled justified on 06/04/15 none
082 05/07/15 Paul Smith 28 500 North East Avenue Shooting victim none
083 05/09/15 Ivan McBroom 29 FB 4100 Rockfield Avenue Shooting victim
084 05/10/15 Matthew Hughes 32, donate, pic 5400 Fairlawn Avenue Shooting victim
085 05/10/15 Harry Davis 36 obit 5400 Crismer Avenue Shooting victim
086 05/10/15 Odell Stewart 29 1300 North Carey Street Shooting victim
087 05/11/15 Louis Hicks 33, pic 3400 Clifton Ave Shooting victim
088 05/14/15 Tahil Yasin 39 2100 Edmondson Avenue Shooting victim
089 05/14/15 Shawn Scott 30, pic 1900 East 31st Street Shooting victim, double homicide
090 05/14/15 Tiffany Chisholm 30, pic 1900 East 31st Street Shooting victim, double homicide none
091 05/15/15 Wade Purvey Jr. 29 pic, FB 2400 East Hoffman Street Shooting victim
092 05/15/2015 Eric Diggs Jr. 23 Edgecombe Circle North Shooting victim none
093 05/17/15 Shawn Hickman 22, FB 1700 North Carey Street Shooting victim 1 camera
094 05/17/15 Kelvin Warfield 25, pic 100 South Arlington Street Shooting victim found in vehicle
095 killed 02/08/2014 added 05/14/15 Melody Johnson 1 1100 Montpelier Street 1 month old baby suffered blunt force trauma to the head. Damira Lathan(mother) confessed. FB of Damira Latham none Closed
096 05/19/15 Michael Smith 42 500 North Pulaski Street Double shooting, other victim was female not checked yet
097 05/20/15 Jarmar James 32, pic 800 West Saratoga Street Shooting victim
098 05/20/15 Darell Alston 26 2400 Monument Street Quintuple Shooting. People involved in this shooting have been charged with handgun violations. Victim was rapper known as Nazty 2 cameras
99 05/21/15 Charles Adams 57 1800 Ramblewood Road Double shooting none
100 05/23/15 Tyrin Diggs 19, pic 1 Benkert Avenue Shooting victim
101 05/23/15 Hassan Fields 20, funeral 100 South Augusta Avenue Shooting victim
102 05/23/15 James Mckoy 23 1900 Wilhelm Street Triple shooting 1 camera
103 05/23/15 Bruce Fleming Jr. 23, FB 2800 St. Lo Drive Shooting victim none 1 camera
104 05/23/15 Umika Smith 24, pic 2000 Hollins Street Shooting victim, aka "Choosin Rocc" none
105 05/24/15 Charles Jackson Jr 32 funeral 900 Ducatel Street Shooting victim
106 05/25/15 Shaquil Hinton 21, pic 800 West Fayette Street Double shooting, victim found in vehicle, other victim is a woman
107 05/25/15 Charles Dobbins 23 5300 St. Georges Avenue Triple shooting, a surviving victim is 17 years old the other is a man. Victim worked at the airport may have been a robbery target. none
108 05/27/15 Tentative: Keith Booze 25, FB, pic 500 East 21st Street Shooting victim 1 camera
109 05/28/15 Jennifer Jeffrey 31, pic, FB, donate 100 Upmanor Road Double shooting double homicide, victims found in home
110 05/28/15 Kester Browne 7, pic , donate 100 Upmanor Road Double shooting double homicide.Victims found in home. Victim aka "Tony" was a student at Baltimore International Academy, was fluent in Mandarin Chinese and had been hand-picked to visit China none
111 05/29/15 Eladio Bennett 23 4000 West Belvedere Avenue Shooting victim, Michael Corprew charged none Closed
112 05/30/15 Justin Mensupha-Bey 23, pic, pic 1100 Washington Boulevard Shooting victim none
113 05/31/15 Ronnie Thomas III 22, pic 2000 Belair Road Shooting victim, double homicide. Shooting occurred after cookout ended. none 2 cameras
114 05/31/15 Kevin Hart Jr. 31, pic 2000 Belair Road Shooting victim, double homicide 2 cameras
115 05/31/15 Terrell Patterson 35 1900 Collington Avenue Double shooting 1 camera
116 06/02/15 Tony Moody 53 400 Gold Street Shooting victim
117 06/02/15 Gerald Smith 17, funeral, pic 4100 Grenton Avenue Shooting victim not checked yet
118 a 05/17/15 d 05/29/15 Jerod Richardson 68 2500 W. Belvedere Avenue Victim assaulted during altercation at nursing home, died in hospital none
119 05/07/15 Montez Parker 2 3300 Mondawmin Avenue Police found child not breathing, death ruled homicide by Medical Examiner none
120 06/02/15 Tyrone Hamber 48 500 Edgewood Street Shooting victim
121 06/02/15 Calvin Bryant 22, pic 5200 Eugene Avenue Shooting victim
122 06/06/15 Malcolm Alonzo Rodgers 38, pic 500 West Dolphin Street Man found in home with trauma to his body. This is McCulloh Homes, victim was in wheelchair, per Cookie N. Jones. 1 camera
123 06/06/15 Kevin Jones 22, funeral, pic 5200 Park Heights Avenue Victim was walking in a parking lot when a suspect approached and shot him. not checked yet 1 camera
124 06/07/15 Arnesha Bowers 16, pic 6100 Eastern Parkway Teen victim was found deceased in house fire. Police say Adonay Dixon and John Childs burglarized Bowers' home, sexually assaulted and strangled her and then set the home on fire. Raeshawn Rivers, 14, also charged not checked yet Closed
125 06/07/15 Ronnie Walden 21, donate 2300 Annapolis Road Shooting victim
126 06/08/15 Elery Hudson 36, pic 1100 Edison Highway Shooting victim
127 06/08/15 Andrew Powell 47 4300 West Bay Avenue Victim found in street near Curtis Bay elementary school
128 06/08/15 Antoine Johnson 26, funeral, pic 600 Aisquith Street Double shooting near Old Town Mall. Victim was rapper known as Twizzle not checked yet
129 06/11/15 Jamon Corprew 38, pic, funeral 4800 Frederick Avenue Shooting victim not checked yet
130 06/12/15 Curtis D. Mitchell 27 1100 North Franklintown Road Double shooting. Double homicide none
131 06/12/15 Jerome J. Grant 24, pic, funeral 1100 North Franklintown Road Double shooting. Double homicide none
132 06/12/15 Steven L. Bass 33, pic 2200 North Fulton Street
133 06/14/15 Michael S. Montgomery 50 700 Glenwood Avenue Shooting victim none
134 d 11/10/14 added 06/12/15 Pernell Morris 1, funeral 1200 North Eden Street Child died of malnourishment and neglect none
135 06/16/15 Henry MacArthur 51 2700 Harlem Avenue Shooting victim, victim aka Scony not checked yet
136 06/16/15 Bernard Dorsey 39 800 McKim Street Double shooting 1 camera
137 06/21/15 Alan Durant Gilbert 34 2300 Belair Road Shooting victim none 2 cameras
138 06/22/15 Leasia Carter 2, pic 3400 Juneway Child allegedly left in hot car by father who had been drinking. Wilbert Carter charged with murder and child abuse none Closed
139 06/23/15 Tentative: Cory Turman 37, pic 4300 Ridgewood Avenue Shooting victim none
140 06/25/15 Unidentified Man 1300 North Stricker Street Shooting victim
141 06/27/15 Unidentified Man 3300 West Caton Avenue Shooting victim
142 06/28/15 Unidentified Man 100 North Janney Street Stabbing victim
143 06/28/15 Unidentified Man 700 North Caroline Street Shooting victim
144 06/29/15 Ivan J. Cox Jr. 21 3000 Elizabeth Avenue Shooting victim none
*Drug offenses, burglary, prostitution, domestic violence(this charge is not specific enough) and unauthorized taking of a vehicle charges are not considered violent. Violent offenses include murder, attempted murder, robbery and first degree assault. This has changed from previous years, where second degree assault was included

**Affirmative if distance of a Baltimore Police Surveillance Camera(CCTV) location is one block or less of homicide event.

Map of 2015 Baltimore City Homicides, updated monthly.
If one views this in a larger map they may choose additional layers, such a median household income of neighborhoods and locations of CCTV cameras (First click on "View Larger Map" and then in ESRI ArcGIS, click on the "Show Contents of Map" icon)

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Special thanks to Cookie N. Jones, Edmund Cronin and Dakota Leigh for their help with this project.

Baltimore County Pedestrians Killed in Vehicle Collisions, Year 2000 to 2014 - List and Map

This is a list of all pedestrians and bicyclists who have been killed in a vehicle collision in Baltimore County, Maryland since the year 2000. List provided by the Baltimore County Police Department, Statistics Division.

View larger map

No.Date of CrashPedestrian NameAgeGenderAddress of Crash
101/07/2000Unidentified Person33Male1-695 & Wilkens Ave
201/22/2000Warren Keith Stewart31MaleWashington Blvd & Hannah Rd
301/25/2000Michael Alan Stevenson42MaleTrappe Rd & Page Dr
402/03/2000Herbert Harold Silverman74MaleDundalk Ave & Center PI
502/14/2000David Valentine S Milburn69MaleDogwood Rd & Colmar Rd
604/22/2000David Casper Lewis III42MalePulaski Hwy & Middle River Rd
705/19/2000Richard Anthony Bozarth35MaleNorth Point Blvd & Cove Rd
806/04/2000Jeffery Andrew Loizeaux16MaleReisterstown Rd & Harden
906/12/2000Philip Victor Smith40MaleSeminary Ave & Jamieson Rd
1007/26/2000Martin Nelson Everson*22MaleYork Rd & Othoridge Rd
1109/17/2000Unidentified Person63Male1-83 & Old York Rd
1209/23/2000Michael Paul Garrett21MaleMartin Blvd & Transverse Ave
1309/27/2000David Micahel Brady Sr.37MaleRoute 140 & Chartley Dr
1409/30/2000Daniel Joseph Lovely34MaleJoppa Rd & Woodbine Rd
1511/14/2000Albert Martin Decker57MaleYork Rd & Chesapeake Ave
1611/16/2000Unidentified Person65MaleN/B I-695 & Crosby Rd
1711/17/2000Joseph Brown*37MaleMartin Blvd & Windlass Ave
1812/26/2000Paul Lerman88MaleLiberty Rd & Langrehr Rd
1912/28/2000Susan Hanson Wilder84Female6340 York Rd & York Rd
2002/20/2001Mary Elizabeth Kamphaus89FemaleDulaney Valley Rd & Southerly Rd
2103/03/2001Unidentified Person22Male1-95 & I-695
2203/12/2001Charan Jot Sarkaria*4FemaleParking Lot & Pulaski Hwy
2303/13/2001Kenneth Smith85MaleEastern Blvd & 54th St
2403/24/2001Ramon Anthony Thomas15MaleWarren Rd & Warren Manor Rd
2505/16/2001Francine Christine Evans10FemaleMars Rd & Gail Rd
2608/05/2001Peter Nicholas Getz*67MaleFreeland Rd &I83
2709/15/2001Aaron Kasey Anderson*20MalePulaski Hwy & Mohrs Ln
2810/25/2001Adrian Eugene Hunter27MaleBaltimore National Pke & Pine St
2910/30/2001Javier Rojas54MaleBaltimore National Pke & N Rolling Rd
3011/09/2001Cathie Marie Ward39FemaleReisterstown Rd & Pleasant Hill Rd
3111/15/2001Latana Elizabeth Makell19FemaleEastern Blvd & Rolling Mill Rd
3212/06/2001Robert Charles Neptune31MaleEastern Blvd & Bennett Rd
3312/10/2001Torrey Cortland Leggett14MaleLiberty Rd & Old Mill Rd
3401/05/2002Douglass Jormen McNeil II17MaleNorth Point Rd & Rosebank Rd
3502/10/2002Paul William Eubank59MaleKenwood Ave & Chapel Hill Dr
3602/11/2002Constance Elizabeth Green51FemaleGreenwood Rd & Enola Rd
3705/19/2002Dennis Frederick Wiseman Sr.58MalePulaski Hwy & Chesaco Ave
3806/21/2002James Irvin Bell34MaleWilson Point Rd & Dark Head Cove Rd
3909/13/2002Michael Thomas Wyre42MaleMerritt Blvd & Northpoint Rd
4011/13/2002John Irvin Phears62MaleLiberty Rd & Chapman Rd
4112/06/2002Dawn Lynn Gayhart38FemaleEastern Ave ext & Grace Quarters Rd
4212/29/2002Mary Carol Kaifer36FemalePutty Hill Ave & Kings Ridge Rd
4301/24/2003Delores Mary Lemon49FemaleMD 702 & Homberg Ave
4402/02/2003Unidentified Person51Male1-695 & Westland Blvd
4502/05/2003Jane Ellen Torr71MaleHarford Rd & Garnet Rd
4604/26/2003William Linton James Jr.29MaleYork Rd & Harding St
4705/02/2003Chelsey Nicole Weigman9FemaleCarville Ave & Sulphur Spring Rd
4805/08/2003Allen David Peyton59Male1520 Caton Center Dr
4907/06/2003Alan Tyrone McCottry50MaleBalto Natl Pike & Nuwood Dr
5007/12/2003Bryan Keith Pruitt40MaleJoppa Rd & Edgerton Rd
5107/17/2003Unidentified Person32MaleWashington Blvd & Lansdowne Rd
5207/23/2003Connor James Austin4MaleSugarmill Circle & Myerview Dr
5308/02/2003Carl G. Heinecke71MaleRolling Mill Rd & Caton Center Dr
5408/31/2003Matilda Shiri Bayong51FemaleLiberty Rd & Liberty Place Rd
5509/28/2003Juan Pedro Bravo39MaleEastern Blvd & Seamaster Rd
5610/04/2003Christina Marie Stambaugh15FemaleCompass Rd & Radial Ct
5710/08/2003Shuqing Zhon54MaleWilkens Ave & Alan Dr
5810/13/2003Edward Richard Hairsine62MaleClearlake Ct & Ridgely Ave
5911/18/2003Michael McCray Little50MaleBack River Neck Rd & Old Eastern Ave
6011/22/2003James William Brooks44MalePulaski Hwy & Reames Rd
6101/17/2004William Robert Geller87Male1925 E Joppa Rd & E Joppa Rd
6201/20/2004Chad Michael Neuman31MaleDundalk Ave & Willow Spring Rd
6301/20/2004Unidentified Person70Male1-95 & 1-695
6401/27/2004Frederick Arthur Fox53MaleBaltimore Natl Pike & St Agnes Ln
6502/02/2004Kevin Michael Kelley52MaleWilkens Ave & Wilton Farm Rd
6602/29/2004Nicholas Avery Warner7Male3rd Ave & Charleston Ave
6703/08/2004Unidentified Person51Male1-695 & Joppa Rd
6806/22/2004Daniel Adam Losey10Male2601 Cotter Rd & Cotter Rd
6907/13/2004Jessica Katherine Coleman6FemaleAlley 317 Capitol Ct & Capitol Ct
7008/20/2004George Bailovich74MaleEastern Blvd & 1-695
7109/08/2004Krystal Helen Dunevant14FemaleEastern Blvd & Goellers Ave
7209/19/2004Demetrious Joshua Vaughn*13MaleCockeys Mill Rd & Franklin Valley Cir
7309/29/2004Unidentified Person32Male1-695 & Wilkens Ave
7410/6/2004Ann Mildred Yaffe78FemaleReisterstown Rd & Walker Ave
7510/12/2004Corrine Ashley Roth*12FemaleDundalk Ave & Center Place
7610/24/2004Jane Elizabeth Handlir55FemaleGoucher Blvd & Squires Rd
7710/30/2004Stephanie Lauren Kreiner22FemalePerry Hall Blvd & Honeygo Blvd
7811/06/2004Angelina Nicholaus Lyamuya34FemalePerring Pkwy & Hillsway Ave
7911/17/2004Lynnette James42FemaleLiberty Rd & Deer Park Rd
8011/29/2004John David Ray29MaleRossville Blvd & Shakerwood Rd
8112/10/2004Charisse Renee Hill31FemaleOld Court Rd & Liberty Rd
8212/22/2005Joseph William Allen60MaleBurke Ave & Towsontown Blvd
8301/29/2005William M Roffin42Male1-695 & York Rd
8402/01/2005Sylvia Cervantes Managan69FemalePhiladelphia Rd & Chesaco Ave
8502/17/2005Travis Wayne Kennedy33MaleOwings Mills Blvd & Ashley Way
8603/25/2005Salvatore Aquia25Male1-795 & Mt Wilson Ln
8703/26/2005Linwood Earnest Freeman73MalePulaski Hwy & Batavia Farm Rd
8804/30/2005Matthew Staton52MaleWindsor Mill Rd & Lord Baltimore Dr
8906/11/2005Carl Colin Nelson43MalePulaski Hwy & Jones Rd
9008/05/2005Christian Sierra-denise Hodge14FemaleLiberty Rd & Sedgemore
9109/30/2005Naomi Texanna Nabi55FemaleLiberty Rd & Live Oak Rd
9210/07/2005Trina Koezat Horton42FemaleLiberty Rd & Old Court Rd
9310/10/2005Daniel J. Haney*17MalePeninsula Expwy & Spur to Merritt Blvd
9410/15/2005Walter Hiram Ellis75MaleLiberty Rd & Abbie PI
9510/29/2005Sanjay Simon Shetty38MaleYork Rd & Bosley Ave
9611/01/2005Afronia Kewanian83FemaleGoucher Blvd & Providence Rd
9712/02/2005Benjamin Terry83MaleOld Eastern Blvd & Wilbur Rd
9812/26/2005Michael Joseph Davis66MaleEastern Blvd & Bennett Rd
9901/01/2006Patrick James Herman55MaleBrick Store Rd & Maple Grove Rd
1001/27/2006Stephen Stitely53MaleRolling Rd & Windsor Blvd
1012/28/2006Paul Wertz Cundiff31MaleYork Rd & Old Harris Mill Rd
10204/16/2006Louis Thomas Nemphos Jr42MaleHarford Rd & Manns Rd
10308/23/2006Melissa Dawn Sullivan38FemalePulaski Hwy & Lorraine Ave
10410/06/2006**Helen Margaret Silk69FemaleBelair Rd & Kahston Rd
10510/06/2006Anna Mary Dauria78Female
10610/07/2006Thomas Jesse Shell61Male1-95 & 1-695
10710/09/2006Wayne Edward Byrd47MaleMain Street & Stocksdale Ave
10810/22/2006Chul Holm82MaleWindsor Mill Rd & Rolling Rd
10910/27/2006Earnest Wynn82MaleShipping Place & Center Place
11012/1/2006Elijah Cozart3MaleGoucher Blvd & Colbury Rd
11112/2/2006Edward August Writte61MaleAccess Rd to Golden Ring Plaza & Rossville Blvd
11212/17/2006Nikki Keigh Enos56FemaleFrederick Rd & Nunnery Ln
11312/24/2006Anthony Walter Pritchett50MaleEastern Blvd & Old Eastern Ave
11401/22/2007Joseph Lawrence Grinnan34MaleBaltimore National Pike & Pine St
11503/10/2007Dorethia Willie Weir72FemaleHarford Rd & Hiss Ave
11603/22/2007Anita Conway42Female1-695 &I83 N
11704/02/2007Dana Virginia Flax18FemaleFairmount Ave & Goucher Blvd
11804/22/2007Talley Subain24Male1-695 & Providence Rd
11905/22/2007William Charles Biggs*51MaleOwings Mills Blvd & Crondall Ln
12006/19/2007Linda Gayle Jaeger37FemalePulaski Hwy & Lorraine Ave
12107/04/2007Pedro Martin Colon35MaleDundalk Ave & Dunhill Rd
12209/11/2008Michael Charles Lotz48MaleBelair Rd & Henry Ave
12309/15/2007Reuea Russell35Female1-83 & Old Pimlico Rd
12409/15/2007John Steven Grace41Male1-695 & 695 Ramp to 95
12509/17/2007Anthony Paul Banks53MaleIngleside Ave & Charles St
12610/12/2007Kevin Michael Ryan18MaleHiIlen Rd & Lake Ave
12710/12/2007Nathaniel Benjamin26MaleReisterstown Rd & Sunset Rd
12810/16/2007Asha Kanwal3FemaleGateway Terr & Courtney Rd
12911/10/2007Doris Margaret Royer59FemaleBelair Rd & Fullerton Ave
13011/12/2007John Francis Oppitz79MaleJoppa Rd & Springtowne Circle
13112/20/2007Kobla Etonam Kwami21MaleLiberty Rd & Courtleigh Dr
13201/06/2008Stephanos Glaros56MalePulaski Hwy & Ebenezer Rd
13301/07/2008Lillian Mae Hare74FemaleE. Joppa Rd & Hines Rd
13401/22/2008Richard Minton45MalePulaski Hwy & Batavia Farm Rd
13502/04/2008Ahuruezeama Imo61MaleOffutt Rd & Meadow Heights Rd
13602/11/2008Cornelius Johnson54MaleLiberty Rd & Schnaper Dr
13704/04/2008Jose Salvnder Marine Melina34Male1-695 & MD 702
13804/09/2008Gregory Anthony Baner38Male1-95 & Mile Marker 70
13906/22/2008James Theodore Smith16MaleLoch Raven Blvd & Taylor Ave
14006/28/2008Hope Marie Upton*7FemaleDavis Ave & Old Court Rd
14107/18/2008Edilma Pauline Sacalxot39FemaleReisterstown Rd & Slade Ave
14207/22/2008Ronne!! Offer25Male1-83 & Belfast Rd
14308/12/2008Mary Patrrcia Sullivan46FemaleYork Rd & Everett Rd
14409/06/2008Dina Marie Yoakum46FemaleBelair Rd & Ent. To St. Joseph Church
14509/24/2008Hong My Le33FemaleWashington Blvd & Clark Blvd
14611/08/2008John Walter Jartwick Jr39MaleEastern Blvd & Volz Ave
14711/11/2008Michael Elizabeth Dolan43FemaleDundalk Ave & Center Place
14811/22/2008Ivan Darren Thurston48MaleLiberty Rd & Courtleigh Dr
14911/28/2008Blaine Robert Susnowitz*14MaleMartin Blvd & Middle River Rd
15012/09/2008Bianca Marie Dennis17FemaleLiberty Rd & Kenmar Rd
15112/20/2008Randy Lee Ervin Sr48MaleWise Ave & Waterview Rd
15201/09/2009Conrad Angelo Utanes17MaleGirdwood Rd & Misty Wood Circle
15302/14/2009Matthew Papadakis67MaleNorth Point Rd & Lodge Farm Rd
15402/25/2009Jerry Ugochukwu Azuru22MaleHarford Rd & Alverta Ave
15503/02/2009Frederick Clement Staigerwald66MaleNorth Point Blvd & St. Monica Dr
15603/13/2009Marion Lucille Spencer66FemalePerring Parkway & Hillsway
15704/23/2009William Kelder56MaleHollins Ferry Rd & Fifth Ave
15805/15/2009Courtney Anne Patterson33FemaleMaiden Choice Ln & Arkla Ct
15906/19/2009Alphonso DeChamps47MaleEastern Blvd & Virginia Ave
16006/21/2009**Unidentified Person21Female1 70 & I-695
16106/21/2009Unidentified Person20Male
16206/22/2009Mark Duane Harris40MaleRamp 2200 & Rocky Point Rd
16307/10/2009Joseph Allen Hudson12MaleNorth Point Blvd & Ent to East Point Mall
16408/18/2009John Thomas Fetters68MaleHammonds Ferry Rd & Elizabeth Ave
16509/05/2009Cynthia Delores William56FemalePulaski Hwy & Chesaco Ave
1669/21/2009Paul Andrew Thompson53MaleEastern Ave & Ramp #3 from 151
16709/28/2009Quinn Antonio Hiddleston52MaleIngleside Ave & 5702 Balto Natl Pike
16809/29/2009Toria Nakia Bunn34FemaleEastern Blvd & Kingston Rd
16910/12/2009Jessica Robin Jones61FemaleSudbrook Lane & Glenback Ave
17010/16/2009James Ray Locklear45MaleEastern Blvd & Eyring Ave
17112/15/2009Delores Stray70FemaleEastern Blvd & 54th St
17212/29/2009Audrey Ann Cavanaugh73FemaleWise Av & Midway Av
17301/13/2010James Edward Rayman40MalePulaski Hwy & Middle River Rd
17402/01/2010Erik Lee Guinn36MaleBalto Natl Pike & Charing Cross Rd
17503/20/2010Mark Aaron Reid16MaleE. Joppa Rd & Loch Raven Blvd
17604/06/2010Asad Husain43Male2620 Butler Rd & Dover Rd
17704/06/2010Lawrence Jay Bensky46MaleBalto Natl Pike & Coleridge Rd
17804/25/2010Mavi Del Socorro Maldonado Moreno17FemalePhiladelphia Rd & Entrance to Golden Ring
17905/01/2010Rebekah Marion Hamman31FemaleBelair Rd & Stillmeadow Rd
18005/04/2010Michael Herbert Wellington41MaleEastern Blvd & Riverside Dr
18106/23/2010George Fisher61MaleWindsor Mill Rd & Wells Manor Ave
18206/25/2010Roy Edward Martin Sr73MaleDunmanway & Yorkway
18306/28/2010Alvarine D Vigil41Male1-695 & Philadelphia Rd
18407/26/2010Joseph Nicolas Meyer64MaleBelair Rd & East Overlea Ave
18509/01/2010Alton Nichols Joyner88Male1001 Cromwell Bridge Rd
18609/27/2010Tammy Rochonne Dorsey43FemaleRolling Rd & Dogwood Rd
18711/01/2010Mirna Arceli Lopez Amador19FemaleYork Rd & Northwood Dr
18812/11/2010Dennis Alan Goldman55MaleSmith Ave & Slade Ave
18912/31/2010Marcus Gait Christian Trotman23MaleWhite Marsh Blvd & Walther Blvd
19002/12/2011Cynthia Jane Feldstein53FemalePark Heights Ave & Slade Ave
19102/13/2011Jason Matthew Cheslik29MaleHazelwood Ave & Emelia Ave
19202/22/2011Jong Yeol Park56MaleRolling Rd & Adil Ct
19306/26/2011James Roland Stallings24MalePulaski Hwy & Ebenezer Rd
19407/08/2011Madison Evelyn Riggie14FemaleBaltimore National Pike & Johnnycake Rd
19508/13/2011Ezzat Aziz Dimitry75MaleWhite Marsh Blvd & Perry Hall Blvd
19609/16/2011Susan Maria Davis45FemaleNorth Point Blvd & Eastpoint Mall Ent
19709/25/2011Robert Wayne Greenwalt49MaleNorth Point Blvd & Ent.to Eastpoint Mall
19810/08/2011Isaia Chaim Zabludowski81MaleGreenspring Ave & Chippewa Dr
19910/19/2011Gary Wayne Lintz44MaleEastern Ave & Virginia Ave
20010/21/2011Charles Edward Valentine36MaleBero Rd & Carlsbad Ct
20111/22/2011William Frederick Norton Jr.74MaleOrems Rd & Old Orems Rd
20211/25/2011Joseph Allen McCoy52MaleEastern Ave & 54th St
20312/08/2011Bridget Catherine Herold16FemaleOld Annapolis Rd & Ohio Ave
20412/15/2011Ryan Isiah Chase13MalePutty Hill Ave & Wilson Ave
20512/17/2011Elisie Laura Green83FemaleDundalk Ave & Center Plaace
20612/23/2011Aaron Benamor82MaleSmith Ave & Saginaw Circle
20712/24/2011Unidentified Person27Male1-695 & North Point Blvd
20801/2/2012Kelly Nicole Williford31FemaleNorth Point Blvd & Entrance Eastpoint
20901/22/2012Beverly Ann Moore68FemaleSeven Courts Dr & Lincolnshire Ct
21001/24/2012Charles Edward Collins52MalePulaski Hwy & Middle River Rd
21102/07/2012Stanley Alexander Lachowicz43MaleNorth Point Blvd & Belmont Ave
21203/31/2012Ryan William Bailey20MaleYork Rd & Washington Ave
21305/20/2012Frank Hendon Jason Durika36MaleNorth Point Blvd & Baltimore Beltway
21406/11/2012Stephanie Kiara Augins19FemaleDogwood Rd & Summit Ave
21507/08/2012Stanleyu Kanu Ogbonna70MaleLiberty Rd & Glen Micheal Lane
2168/17/2012Dennis John Flury55MaleOld Eastern Ave & St. Stevens Lane
21709/08/2012Jason Daivd Leonard27MaleRight Wing Dr & Right Aileron St
21810/24/2012Frances Ann Merryman57FemaleGreenspring Ave & Highview Dr
21911/25/2012Barry Neal Ochrach50MaleFairmount Ave & Winsford Rd
22011/29/2012Kenneth Lee Stanley56MalePulaski Hwy & Reames Rd
22112/4/2012Renee Else Thomas78FemaleLoch Raven Blvd & Deanswood Rd
22201/05/2013Dianna Rae Brooks50FemalePulaski & Holly Dr
22301/08/2013Beulah Theresa Mills63Female6834 Loch Raven Blvd
22401/12/2013Robert Michael Warner49MalePutty Hill Ave & Conroy Ct
22501/15/2013Maladho Diallo36FemaleLiberty Rd & Liberty PI
22602/05/2013Morris Alexander Green44MaleSecurity Blvd & Robert Myers Blvd
22702/21/2013Unidentified Person26Male1-695 & Belair Rd
22803/14/2013Unidentified Person62Female1-695 & Edmonson Ave
22903/14/2013David Alexander Mack77MaleNorthpoint Rd & Delmar Ave
23003/25/2013Phillip Wayne Higgins57Male11101 Raphel Rd & Mt Vista Rd
23104/13/2013John Anthony Baranowski69MalePulaski & Batavia Farm Rd
23204/16/2013Noe Rodrigues Alverto39MaleCharles St & Old Willow Way
23304/26/2013Joseph William Ulsch53MaleDundalk Ave & Baltimore Ave
23405/01/2013Amaria Ariel Gould9FemaleGraythorn Rd & Grovethorn Rd
23505/10/2013Damien Akeem Graham30MaleOld Court Rd & Estates Ct
23605/10/2013Patrick Odell Reid24MaleNorthpoint Blvd & E Baltimore St
23705/18/2013Sharon Marie Bialek67FemalePutty Hill Ave & Harford Rd
23806/14/2013Anthony Caliud Sering4MaleLiberty Pkwy & Dunmmanway
23907/20/2013Peter David Wolinski45MaleEastern Blvd & Taylor Ave
24008/05/2013Shattina Marcelle Santos31FemaleEastern Ave & 54th st
24109/04/2013Edward Charles Kohler85MaleHarford Rd & Alden Rd
24209/29/2013Sahara Larose Malishan17FemaleBaltimore National Pke & Geipe Rd
24312/11/2013Irvin Joseph Combs54MaleNorthpoint Blvd & New Battle Grove Rd
24401/03/2014Patricia Else Clemmenson59FemaleSecurity Blvd & Woodlawn Dr
24501/31/2014Unidentified Person54Male1-695 & I-795
24602/01/2014Robert Harry Erkes71MaleMillford Mill Rd & Reisterstown Rd
24702/28/2014Paul Robert Mack27MalePulaski Hwy & Gunpowder
24803/20/2014Joseph Michael Murphy58MaleReisterstown Rd & Kenmar Ave
24903/21/2014Olegario Alejandro Morales-Reyes21MaleStevenson Ln & Stanmore Rd
25004/13/2014Mathew Robert Gabriel19MaleDulaney Valley Rd & Locustvale Rd
25105/01/2014Caleb Aaron Moulton18MaleLiberty Rd & Chapman Rd
25205/14/2014Mark Anderson Lambert50MaleEastern Av & Rolling Mill Rd
25305/22/2014Marlene Kay Langston57FemalePulaski Hwy & Little Gunpowder Falls
25406/07/2014Bert Sylvester Bush35MaleBack River Neck Rd & Poles Rd
2557/18/2014Willard Patrick Hagy Jr71MaleBack River Neck Rd & Poles Rd
25608/07/2014Unidentified Person60Male1695 & Merritt Blvd
25708/09/2014Ronny Lee Parsley43MaleNorth Point Rd & Charlesmont Rd
2588/19/2014Gary Paul Leahey53MaleBelair Rd & E Elm Av
2598/27/2014Rebecca Dawn Wilson41FemaleEastern Blvd & Kingston
26010/11/2014David Michael Harris25MaleLiberty Rd & Chapman Rd
26110/13/2014Charles Raymond Foehrkolb Jr62MaleDundalk Av & Center PI
26210/14/2014Camille Ellen McCollough20FemaleBaltimore National Pke & Old Frederick Rd
26310/29/2014Robert Wesley Turner77MaleHammonds Ferry Rd & Second Av
26411/07/2014Eileen Louise Barnes70FemaleWoodlawn Dr & Kriel St
26502/11/2015Tiffany Nicole Gibson27FemaleNorth Point Blvd & Trappe Rd

**Double pedestrian death

Additional deaths tabulated since this list was created
No.Date of CrashPedestrian NameAgeGenderAddress of Crash
?05/02/2015Caleb Moulton18maleLiberty Road and Chapman Road
?06/12/15Jack Walther76maleDundalk and Baltimore Avenues