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2014 Baltimore City Homicides/Murders - List and Map

This is a list of the 2014 Baltimore City homicide victims and additional information regarding age, incident location, notes, and event proximity to police surveillance cameras . Scroll down for the map and charts.
Baltimore Crime and Homicide Facebook Group

No.Date DiedNameAgeAddress Block FoundNotesVictim Has No Violent Criminal History*Surveillance Camera At Intersection?**Case Closed?
001 01/01/14 Frank Turner 48, obit 3900 Edmondson Avenue Double homicide,victims are father and son, Father was one of the "Turner Boys" back in the 90s. Video of site clean-up 1 camera
002 01/01/14 Anthony Turner 21, pic, obit 3900 Edmondson Avenue Double homicide,victims are father and son, Video of site clean-up 1 camera
003 01/02/13 Daries Williams 37 North Patterson Park Avenue and North Avenue Double homicide, Shooting victim 1 camera
004 01/03/14 Jermaine Coleman 30, obit Kavon and Shamrock Avenues Shooting victim, crime scene pic, $2K Bounty for information
005 01/02/13 Nathaniel Adams 29 North Patterson Park Avenue and North Avenue Double homicide, Shooting victim 1 camera
006 01/03/14 Keon M Carter 20 1700 Ashburton Street Shooting victim
007 01/06/14 Jonathan Terry 28, pic, obit 3600 Liberty Heights Avenue Shooting victim, escaped location in vehicle. Juliun Jones-Joyner charged Closed
008 01/06/14 Bobby Jones 51 4400 Pall Mall Road Shooting Victim none
009 01/09/14 Marvin McGowan 30 5300 Eastbury Avenue Shooting victim found in vehicle in front of home
010 01/09/14 Jose Abreu 49 526 South Smallwood Street Double shooting of store employees at Latino American Deli & Grocery, crime scene pic, suspect video. Robert Hopkins, alleged killer of Spencer Falcon(#11), may be involved none 1 camera Maybe
011 01/10/14 Spencer Falcon 28, obit Maryland Avenue and 22nd Street Shooting victim found in vehicle. Suspect, Robert Hopkins born 1985, attempted carjacking, created barricade situation then killed himself Closed
012 01/10/14 Dejuan Willis 17, pic 2500 West Frederick Avenue Stabbing Victim, victim was student at Edmondson High School none
013 01/10/14 Bennett Daniel 35 7000 McClean Blvd. Shooting victim
014 01/11/14 Ricky Mellerson 28, FB 100 East Madison Street Shooting victim found in upside down vehicle none
015 01/12/14 Dalantae Harper 20 3600 Reisterstown Road Shooting victim
016 01/12/14 Jermaine T Johns 29, obit 3900 Edgewood Road Shooting victim
017 01/17/14 Tavon A Young 26 300 Ilchester Avenue Shooting victim found in alley, Victim was nephew of City Council President, Jack Young
018 01/18/14 Arrington Sydnor 29, obit 2000 Wheeler Avenue Stabbing victim, Victim aka Mushey. Troy McLean charged None Closed
019 01/25/14 Kendrick Martin 41, obit 200 North Payson Street Victim stabbed during disagreement
020 01/25/14 Lavar Crawford 16 1900 East 28th Street Shooting victim. Victim may have been gunned down after multi-week dispute none
021 01/27/14 Eric Jerome Brown 19, obit 600 East 38th Street Shooting victim none
022 01/28/13 Derrill Crawley 25 5200 Denmore Avenue Double Shooting, Avery Little charged none Closed
023 01/30/14 Antonio Foster 35 1500 Cole Street Double homicide. Victims found shot in vehicle.
024 01/30/14 Sheena Gamble 30 1500 Cole Street Double homicide. Victims found shot in vehicle.
025 01/30/14 Allan Foster 56, pic 4200 Walrad Street Shooting victim, victim was retired roofer who volunteered with the March of Dimes, killed outside his home. This may be a case of mistaken identity none
026 01/31/14 Kim Leto 51, FB, obit 400 South Ellwood Avenue Victim found with trauma to her upper body, crime scene pic, Alonzo Gorham-Ramos, 14, and Allen Pinkney, 16 charged none Closed
027 s 1998 d 12/2013 added 01/30/14 Ricky Bailey 34, obit 900 South Clinton Street Shooting victim died from complications due to gunshot, Jose Fuentes received 20 years for attempted murder No cameras in 1998 Closed
028 s 1982 d 12/2013 added 02/05/14 Tsambikos Diakoloukas 79, obit 400 South Caroline Street Victim owned clothing store, shot during robbery. William Lawrence and Walter Heath, both 17 at the time were convicted. none no cameras in 1982 Closed
029 02/05/14 Ina Jenkins 35, FB, obit 4000 Penhurst Avenue Victim's burned body was found behind residence, ME ruled blunt force trauma as COD. Robert Copes Jr. charged a man with whom victim had been staying. Closed
30 02/09/14 Jesse Clark-Nugent 19, obit 400 East Baltimore Street Triple stabbing inside Two O'Clock Club, $2K bounty none 1 camera
31 02/11/14 Donnell Saunders 25, obit 1500 Pennsylvania Avenue Shooting victim had just stepped out of a home none 2 cameras
032 02/11/14 Terry Davis 48 3900 The Alameda Victim suffered from blunt force trauma, Victim was a registered nurse. Intimate partner, Donathan Booth, charged None Closed
033 02/11/14 Norvin Jones 26 500 East 35th Street Shooting victim
034 02/21/14 Terrence Woodard 28, obit 400 North Patterson Park Avenue Shooting victim, killer walked up and shot victim and then ran away none
035 02/23/14 Phillip Carr Jr. 26 5100 Cordelia Court Shooting victim none
036 02/24/14 Craig Ray Jr. 34 2400 Wilgrey Court Shooting victim, Victim was MTA bus driver who may have been killed over loud music. Baltimore Sun memorial. Kevin Carroll charged none Closed
037 02/26/14 Brandon Ferguson 27 700 North Augusta Avenue Shooting victim
038 03/01/14 Andre Hill 53 3600 Seven Mile Lane Stabbing Victim, William Brown charged none Closed
039 03/08/14 Jowan Henry 17 2600 Mura Street Stabbing victim, David Thornton charged(Thornton killed both Tanash Kimble and Roger Cannon in 2004) none Closed
040 added 03/10/14 Gregory Lee 28 2833 Presbury Street Shooting victim found decomposed, Victim was implicated in the murder of Kwame Osafo in 2007, Case number 110008049 1 camera
041 s 02/10/14 d03/14/14 Gregory Ware Jr. 18, pic 2900 East Eager Street Shooting victim, Victim was rapper "Lil Boon". RIP Video none
042 03/25/14 Johniese Sheppard 21, FB 3800 8th Street Victim of home invasion, triple shooting, man and underaged female also shot. Alleged BGF member Laser Womack charged Closed
043 03/27/14 Osher Perez 31 2100 Aliceanna Street Stabbing victim from Massachusetts found in vehicle. Raymond Mundy charged none in MD Closed
044 03/31/14 Derek Mckinnon 29, obit 6100 Fortview Way Shooting victim, was walk-in at hospital. Victim aka Diesel none
045 04/04/14 Tyrone Mcnair 26 1100 Hollins Street Shooting victim, found near Hollins Market after suspected dispute, Pic, Ernest Ratchford and Ronald Brown charged 8 cameras Closed
046 04/06/14 Darien Tabron 20, pic 2800 Kirk Avenue Shooting victim, 30 things Darien likes, Video
047 04/06/14 Jasmine Grimes 21 2600 Grogan Avenue Shooting victim, shot 04/03/14 none
048 04/08/14 John Henry Adams 35 1500 Pennsylvania Avenue Victim was walking with family member when he was stabbed by tall slender man with medium complexion. Tyrone Smith charged 3 cameras Closed
049 04/14/14 Raysharde Sinclair 18, pic & donate 5101 York Road Double stabbing. Two people involved in dispute at Crown Gas Station stabbed each other. Jimy James Jackson charged none Closed
050 04/16/14 Michael Mayfield 17, pic,pic, pic, donate 2300 Lyndhurst Avenue Victim shot in minivan, Victim was stand-out Edmondson High student, athlete and Lieutenant in Junior ROTC. $$Bounty for info none
051 04/16/14 Moon Hea Koo 32 6200 Erdman Avenue Victim found in vehicle near Crazy Ray's with blunt force trauma, stabbing and asphyxiation. Victim was reseller of auction finds.
052 04/17/14 William Treadwell 42 1600 North Wolfe Street Victim shot while running with a group of men near Wolfe Liquors none
053 04/18/14 Trevar Gilliam 22 800 North Appleton Street Shooting victim none
054 04/22/14 Najee Thomas 14, pic, FB, donate 615 Roundview Road Shooting victim found in home, victim was part-time Smoothie Operator at Oriole Park, police wish to question mother's boyfriend. More pics none
055 04/27/14 Dennis Settle 39 1900 North McKean Avenue Victim stabbed during dispute, Donnell Johnson charged Closed
056 04/27/14 Bonita Anderson 42 1937 East North Avenue Victim asphyxiated, Michael Small charged none 2 cameras Closed
057 05/03/14 David Mbugua 36, donate 1 South Charles Street Stabbing victim found at city midpoint. Victim was Kenya immigrant, he was switching buses on his way home from work when he was attacked downtown. Image of Suspects, Another image none 2 cameras
058 05/03/14 Larry Henderson 30, pic, obit 2500 Huron Street Shooting victim
059 05/03/14 Alphonso Jerrell Williams 23 1300 West Lafayette Avenue Shooting victim, shot in front of home by lone gunman none
060 05/05/14 Truc Ly Thi Nguyen 42, donate 2300 East Monument Street Double shooting, victim was working at nail salon when shooter rushed in and shot a customer and the victim, bystanders apprehended Tremaine Washington none 2 cameras Closed
0061 05/06/14 Dietrich Fitts 46, FB, obit 2400 Wellbridge Drive Shooting victim found in vehicle near Dutch Village apartments. Victim was a substitute teacher.crime scene pic, $2K bounty for info
062 05/07/14 Tarvis Briscoe 42 2100 Garrison Blvd. Stabbing victim, Victim may have been a bail agent
063 05/09/14 Ramon Wilder 29, pic 3400 Wilkens Avenue Shooting victim killed before being robbed by brother, Brandon Wilder(brother), Labria Paige, Theodore Grice, Breauna Diggs all charged Closed
064 05/11/14 Cornell Arrington 28, funeral 1400 North Patterson Park Avenue Shooting victim, Victim was 1 of 3 who killed Darrell King on Jan 13 2002 at 900 North Patterson Park Avenue.
065 05/11/14 Tyquane Fetter 18, pic, pic 2400 Annor Court Shooting victim none 1 camera
066 05/12/14 Michael Brandon Lee 36 4800 Aberdeen Avenue Shooting victim none
067 05/15/14 Stanley Martinez Phillips 25, pic 3400 Dudley Avenue Shooting victim, Victim lived in Cockeysville
068 s 08/10/12 d 05/15/14 Larry Peterson 58 9 East Chase Street Double homicide. Victim was killed during robbery along with Alex Ulrich. Memorial. Quinton Bass charged. none Closed
069 05/17/14 James Lee Butler 27 3300 Belvedere Avenue Shooting victim found near Preakness none
070 05/17/14 John Jackson III 40, obit 900 North Caroline Street Shooting victim, aka "Free" aka "Mook", Victim worked for city DPW and may not have been target
071 05/21/14 Davon McLaurin Sr 37 2600 Park Heights Terrace Shooting victim none
072 05/22/14 Jerard Monroe 19 2800 Edmondson Avenue Shooting victim, Tymel Harris charged 1 camera Closed
073 05/23/14 Gregory Price 2800 Baker Street Shooting victim Not checked yet 1 camera
074 05/24/14 Martel Jackson 27 2300 Frederick Avenue Shooting victim found behind gas station, Kevin Simpson who also may have killed Oscar Torres(#75) charged Closed
075 05/25/14 Oscar Torres 15, pic, donate 1 South Mount Street Double shooting, victim shot during robbery while returning home from work. The alleged cretin who killed this child has killed 12 year old Shanizya Taft in a car accident on 05/27/14 using a stolen vehicle from this shooting, Kevin Simpson is a charged none Closed
076 05/28/14 Latoya Skipwith 25, FB, obit 1900 West Franklin Street Woman in vehicle jumps curb intentionally and rams 3 people on church steps killing a woman and a baby, injuring a 7 year old. Lucresha Mints charged none Closed
077 05/28/14 Joshua Carter 2, obit 1900 West Franklin Street Woman in vehicle jumps curb intentionally and rams 3 people on church steps killing a woman and a baby, injuring a 7 year old. Lucresha Mints charged none Closed
078 05/31/14 Eric Howard 47 109 Dennison Street Victim shot while sitting on his front porch by two men in a van none
079 05/31/14 Patricia Harwood 50 40 South Stockton Street Victim found stabbed in building none
080 06/01/14 Garmal Garnett 22,pic, pic 100 South Kossuth Street Shooting victim, aka "Boogie"
081 06/01/14 Barron Mccree 22 1800 North Fulton Street Stabbing victim 2 cameras
082 06/02/14 Tavon Henry 22, pic 3700 Cottage Avenue Shooting victim
083 06/02/14 Dale Webb 35, pic 2200 Brookfield Avenue Shooting victim. Victim stopped by home to let dogs out, was ambushed by four people
084 06/03/14 Che'Alyn Mitchell 28, pic, obit 3700 Reisterstown Road Shooting victim none
085 06/04/14 Ricky Hall 40 1400 Fillmore Street Victim found deceased in field, victim was transgendered woman named Kandy
086 06/06/14 Clarissa Russell 47 3423 Reisterstown Road Shooting victim found at location none
087 06/07/14 Joseph Ryan 22 2400 East Oliver street Stabbing victim found at location none
088 06/08/14 Jeffrey Ringgold 29, obit 500 Richwood Avenue Shooting victim
089 06/08/14 Ernest Barnes Jr. 24, pic 4100 Prior Avenue Shooting victim none
090 06/12/14 Antonio Stokes 49, obit 1500 East Biddle Street Shooting victim, Britton Matthews charged Closed
091 06/21/14 Emanuel Johnson III 28, obit 1 South Monastery Avenue Shooting victim found near residence
092 06/21/14 Daniel Waldhaus 31, FB, obit 1500 Winston Avenue Shooting victim found in vehicle. Victim wans from Shelton, Connecticut. none in MD
093 06/23/14 George Nealy III 26, donate 100 South Payson Street Shooting victim
094 06/26/14 Terrez Bowden 46, obit 3610 West Coldspring Lane Suspect, with his children in car, allegedly shot victim in vehicle in Aldi parking lot, either over debt or it may have been a robbery. Dwight Jenifer charged, FB Closed
095 06/28/14 Terrell Jarrett 21, obit 1300 Ward Street Shooting victim
096 06/29/14 Cedric Stancil 18,, pic 835 Allendale Street Triple shooting, double homicide near the Edgewood Lyndhurst Rec Center, third victim in critical condition. $2K for info none
097 06/29/14 Jamal Campbell 20, pic 835 Allendale Street Triple shooting, double homicide near the Edgewood Lyndhurst Rec Center, third victim in critical condition. $2K for info
098 06/30/14 Jayden Curtis 1 5810 Reisterstown Road Baby was found dead at Red Carpet Inn, ME ruled homicide. Cierra Curtis(mother) charged none Closed
099 07/04/14 Nelson Dakurah 26 1303 Patterson Park Avenue Obese woman allegedly lures man to home with promise of sex, stabs him 60 times to rob him instead. Nickole Washington and Kenneth Carter charged none Closed
100 07/04/14 Matthew Drake III 34, pic 3200 Chelsea Terrace Shooting victim. Victim was cousin of Michael Mayfield #50
101 07/05/14 Janet Dalesio 84, obit 329 Folcroft Street Shooting victim killed by male relative, Ronald Kullman(brother), who committed suicide afterward. Both people involved allegedly had long-term medical conditions. R Kullman obit none Closed
102 07/05/14 Robert Hodge III 23, obit 1500 Whitelock Street Shooting victim 2 cameras
103 07/05/14 Tavone Dennis 28, FB, obit 2500 Christian Street Shooting victim none
104 07/08/14 James Huntley 40 3000 Spaulding Avenue Shooting victim
105 07/15/14 Jamal Ross 32 3200 Windsor Avenue Shooting victim
106 07/16/14 Darnell Mitchell 28 2200 Cedley Street Victim wished to be filmed while being shot wearing a bullet-proof vest. Shooter missed and shot him above the vest. Hapless shooter, Mark Ramiro, charged anyway. Closed
107 07/16/14 Mia Henderson aka Kevin Long 26, FB 3400 Piedmont Avenue Victim was transgendered woman who died due to severe trauma. 5 fast facts about Mia Henderson
108 07/16/14 Shakira Jackson 27 3600 Dolfield Avenue Shooting victim
109 07/17/14 Reggie White 22, FB 3500 Windsor Mill Road Shooting victim
110 07/17/14 Willie Womack 45 5000 Queensberry Avenue Shooting victim found in alley
111 07/17/14 Bryant Paylor 26 5316 Goodnow Road Shooting victim found in parking lot near shopping center none
112 05/2014 London Clayborne 2, obit 2900 Denham Circle Victim of Blunt Force Trauma. Medical Examiner ruled homicide none 2 cameras
113 07/20/14 Gregory Nealy 51, obit 1300 East Lafeyette Avenue Stabbing victim, Justin Lewis charged Closed
114 07/24/14 Rashan Middleton 22 3200 Dorithan Road Shooting victim none
115 07/26/14 Sarawak Fultze 43 2200 West Saratoga Street Double shooting none
116 07/30/14 Kajuan Guinn 21, pic, obit 4900 Reisterstown Road Double shooting inside China Dragon restaurant none
117 07/31/14 Dominic Tales 19 900 North Monroe Street Double shooting, Marquel Gaffney charged. Mr. Gaffney killed Alfred Smith, 56, on the 600 block of North Brice Street 09/26/07 when he was 15 none Closed
118 07/31/14 Devin Cook 20, pic 4700 Wilern Avenue Double shooting. Victim was dropping lacrosse teammate off after game. Victim worked at Maryland zoo. Baltimore Sun obituary none
119 08/01/14 Kevin Butler Jr. 28 500 Yale Avenue Shooting victim
120 08/01/14 McKenzie Elliott 3, pic, obit 3600 Old York Road Shooting victim, bystander in multiple person shoot-out. Person of Interest wounded and in custody none
121 08/3/14 Keith Laboard 27 500 Sheridan Avenue Shooting victim
122 08/05/14 Bruce Paige 46 500 North Monroe Street Shooting victim, Che Brandon McDowell charged Closed
123 08/07/14 Jerome Marlowe Sr. 73 4100 Chatham Road Double stabbing. Brother and sister disagreed about household lights and noise. Father intervened. Father was killed, sister in critical condition, Jerome Marlow Jr.(son) charged none Closed
124 08/09/14 Rodney Saunders 34 4100 East Monument Street Shooting victim found near railroad overpass
125 08/09/14 Sara Harris 45 1533 Marshall Street Stabbing victim. Squatters having a dispute William Thornsberry charged none Closed
126 08/09/14 Dominic Baker 29 1300 East Lafayette Street Shooting victim
127 08/11/14 Shante Authur 42, pic 6000 Belair Road Shooting victim
128 08/10/14 Tashawn Roberts 30 1600 East Madison Street Shooting victim
129 08/11/14 George Myrick 45 2801 St. Lo Drive Victim found in vehicle with blunt force trauma 1 camera
130 08/11/14 Qurell Gittings 38, pic 2900 Brighton Street Shooting victim 1 camera
131 08/15/14 Duane Mitchell 52 4100 Fernhill Avenue Victim found in rental dwelling with Blunt Force Trauma by landlord/friend
132 08/16/14 Unidentfied man 1400 Gorsuch Avenue Victim found with Blunt Force Trauma in home. Person if Interest in Custody
133 08/19/14 Unidentified Man 200 North Bentalou Street Shooting victim
134 08/20/14 Robert Woods 34 1 West 20th Street shooting victim 1 camera
*Drug offenses, burglary, prostitution, domestic violence(this charge is not specific enough) and unauthorized taking of a vehicle charges are not considered violent. Violent offenses include murder, attempted murder, robbery and assaults.

**Affirmative if distance of a Baltimore Police Surveillance Camera(CCTV) location is one block or less of homicide event.

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Age range chart

Special thanks to Cookie, N. Jones for her assistance with this project

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2014 Baltimore County Homicides - List and Map

This is a list of the 2014 Baltimore County Homicide Victims.
No.DateNameAgeAddress Block MurderedCityMurdered by/Notes
001 12/08/13 Kendra Rutherford 35, obit 1 Fox Run Court Reisterstown Anthony Rutherford(husband) charged, Victim asphyxiated then burned in home, ME ruled homicide 01/2014
002 02/27/14 Robert A Washington 52 2000 Paulette Road Dundalk Shooting victim, Robert J Washington(son) charged
003 03/06/14 Bobbie Cortez 36, FB 3100 block of Ardee Way Dundalk Timothy Virts charged after leading police on nationwide manhunt
004 04/07/14 Yvonne Treslar 78 16504 Garfield Avenue Monkton Glen Treslar(husband) charged, he allegedly killed the dog too. Victim owned horse-farmed megamansion.
005 04/21/14 Michael Jefferson Jr. 39 1 Rocky Brook Court Windsor Mill Shooting victim, Brandon Stansfield arrested, victim left cookout early
006 04/29/14 William Rykowski 80 300 Third Avenue Lansdowne Victim found stabbed in home
007 05/29/14 Brandon Joyce 25 100 Colony Hill Court Arbutus Victim killed in altercation in home, suspect in custody
008 06/02/14 Jason Durham 32 1 Volz Avenue Middle River Victim stabbed during dispute
009 06/19/14 Brian Reiser 49 5616 Southwestern Blvd. Halethorpe Victim had been reported missing and his body found in city 2 days later. Victim had dispute inside home. Kevin Pendergraph, 31, Roy Munson, 18, and Eric Henry, 37 all charged
010 06/20/14 Summer Smith 31 1 Travis Court Rosedale Pregnant victim found in home
011 07/25/14 Dorothy Grubb 60 1700 Manor Road Dundalk Shooting victim, Thomas Campbell charged. Victim's body was found on the side of Peninsula Expressway
012 08/18/14 Ramel Baker 30 8700 Loch Bend Drive Parkville Shooting victim found in alley

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1200 Block of Haubert Street, Now and Then

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Latrobe Park Bath House, Now and Then

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2005 Baltimore City Homicides List and Map

This is a list of 2005 Baltimore City Homicide victims.

NumberDateNameAgeAddress Block found
101/02/05Joshua Watson1 mo.4814 Liberty Heights Avenue
201/02/05Janeiro Richardson47508 East 43rd Street
301/02/05Janice Ruffin41509 East 43rd Street
401/04/05Charles Thomas Jr.211422 Ceddox Street
501/05/05William Brown501 West Pratt Street
601/07/05Geronimo Hunt276300 Boston Street
701/08/05Bayonna Cox292551 Francis Street
801/11/05Eric Green243200 McElderry Street
901/10/05Antwon Arthur38541 West 27th Street
1001/10/05Nathan Gulliver49541 West 27th Street
1101/10/05Steven Matthews36541 West 27th Street
1201/12/05Andre Dyer371300 North Stricker Street
1301/14/05Justin Gaglione29300 20 ½ Street
1401/14/05Lamont Reid331300 North Mount Street
1501/14/05Dont'e Hopkins20500 North Curley Street
1601/14/05Ralph Pritchett221600 East Madison Street
1701/15/05Michael Zelaya215810 Reisterstown Road
1801/15/05Lawrence Fields172631 Huron Street
1901/15/05Ricco McKinney291500 Bloomingdale
2001/18/05Pierre Forrester231400 North Central Avenue
2101/19/05Kenneth Battle292900 Brighton Street
2201/20/05Penelope Medina422117 East Fayette Street
2301/20/05Willie Covington562132 Aikens Street
2401/20/05Reshawn Myers195700 Chinquapin Parkway
2501/20/05Teresa Moore23812 North Bradford Street
2601/20/05Michael Mick40812 North Bradford Street
2701/24/05Linda Trinh213333 North Charles Street
2801/29/05Terry Street23200 North Aisquith Street
2901/29/05Theodore Burrell211900 Lauretta Avenue
3001/29/05Eric Pinkney191500 Retreat Street
3101/30/05Exxon Turner181800 Ruxton Avenue
3201/31/05James Corbett582000 Greenmount Avenue
3302/01/05Kenneth Hurt451500 North Eden Street
3402/02/05Lynwood MCCaffity282700 East Monument Street
3502/06/05Antwan Taylor202300 Sydney Avenue
3602/06/05Keith Smith242900 Allendale Road
3702/08/05Larry Jackson38900 Ellicott Drive
3802/09/05Tonio Wright18100 South Conkling Street
3902/10/05George Blische Jr. 253000 East Fayette Street
4002/10/05Barbara Ray522620 Robb Street
4102/10/05Kevin Butcher393200 Chelsea Terrace
4202/17/05Tiarra Palmer233707 Belle Avenue
4302/18/05Craig Morris32504 South Broadway
4402/21/05Maurice Collick43600 North Lakewood Avenue
4502/23/05Reginald Gray182800 St. Lo Drive
4603/01/05Travis Coles372235 East North Avenue
4703/02/05Raymond Sakievich461100 Russell Street
4803/02/05Darryl Smith192800 Kent Street
4903/07/05Trevon Morton191003 Billie Holliday Court
5003/07/05Craig Nicholson251500 South Edgewood Street
5103/12/05Byron Bahar16200 Collins Avenue
5203/14/05George Smith162214 West North Avenue
5303/18/05Frederick Wheeler442200 McCulloh Street
5403/19/05Charles Murel341800 Edmondson Avenue
5503/18/05Garkoy Met265715 Chinquapin Parkway
5603/24/05Everette Owens293339 Belair Road
5703/24/05Leonard Betts25700 Cherry Hill Road
5803/25/05Harold Giddings484600 Curtis Avenue
5903/26/05Michael Goodwin202700 Ellicott Drive
6003/29/05Zenither Collins323400 Reisterstown Road
6103/30/05Jessie Peay191500 Presstman Street
6203/31/05Gerard Chase191 Commerce Street
6304/01/05Jamel St. Clair172000 East North Avenue
6404/01/05Wentley Roberts355200 Cuthbert Avenue
6504/03/05Gary McFadden27800 Guilford Avenue
6604/08/05Kwesi Owens223100 Westmont Court
6704/10/05Roman Paige161400 East Monument Street
6804/11/05Calvin Squirrel251826 Westwood Avenue
6904/12/05Steven Kaham402836 Presbury Court
7004/12/05Sonti Hayes30500 McMehen Street
7104/14/05Amber Boothe-Lowe262800 Indian Head Drive
7204/19/05Lloyd Arrowhead531859 Ramsay Street
7304/21/05Shadrick Woah-Tee395330 Frankford Road
7404/26/05Brandon Allison24100 North Poppleton Street
7504/27/05Robin Blankenship504409 Laplata Avenue
7604/27/05Shirley Crabson474410 Laplata Avenue
7704/29/05Gregory Tucker40400 South Augusta Avenue
7804/30/05Henry Trociuk413728 Hudson Street
7905/01/05Kenneth Morris401900 West Lombard Street
8005/01/05Mark Jones402900 Greenmount Avenue
8105/04/05Garnett Vinson Jr.162300 East Hoffman Street
8205/05/05Margo Baker524307 Park Heights Avenue
8305/06/05Robert Little885356 Sinclair Lane
8405/11/05Nachia Carter231600 North Gilmor Street
8505/12/05Charles Anderson204100 Audrey Avenue
8605/11/05Charles Parks25600 Scott Street
8705/12/05Dewarn Spencer272200 West North Avenue
8805/14/05Terrance Smith205004 Norwood Avenue
8905/14/05Duane Froneberger412600 Giles Road
9005/15/05Damon Aldridge22100 Diener Place
9105/14/05Vernon Saunders41200 Herring Court
9205/16/05Deonte Brown19946 North Broadway
9305/17/05Tatarien Jessup202118 West Patapsco Avenue
9405/16/05Gerard Sparrow Jr.20600 North Robinson Street
9505/17/05Dionne Sanders25600 North East Avenue
9605/20/05Darrell Holland215600 Laurelton Avenue
9705/21/05Frank Shaulis221431 West Hamburg Street
9805/23/05Quincy Knight281200 East Preston Street
9905/25/05Jabril Yasin212638 Lauretta Street
10005/25/05Craig Lambert42514 South Smallwood Street
10105/25/05Bryan Johnson273500 Shannon Drive
10205/26/05John Bowlin214408 Franconia Drive
10305/27/05Sadie Mack781635 North Gilmor Street
10405/29/05Darrell Banks373200 Belmont Avenue
10505/31/05John Kendrick553900 Edmondson Avenue
10606/02/05Samuel Richardson30400 West 26th Street
10706/03/05Ralph Arrington Jr.274400 Belair Road
10806/03/05Mark Gardner24500 East 29th Street
10906/04/05Garry Berrie212120 Tucker Lane
11006/04/05Shirley Chisley64624 West Franklin Street
11106/06/05Kevin Dozier194900 Queensberry Avenue
11206/07/05Damon Holmes282700 Beryl Avenue
11306/07/05Mustafa Aleem212100 Walbrook Avenue
11406/08/05Lawrence Johnson443832 Roland View Avenue
11506/08/05Antonio Fox20900 North Chester Street
11606/09/05Michael Grimes27500 East 27th Street
11706/09/05Bobby Anderson355447 Park Heights Avenue
11806/14/05Antoine Williams25600 North Potomac Street
11906/16/05Jerry Evans231125 McAleer Court
12006/17/05Anthony Boyce192000 Belair Road
12106/18/05Tory Burnett301543 Holbrook Street
12206/18/05Rodney Dickerson4210 East Mount Vernon Place
12306/19/05Sydney Allen242700 North Longwood Street
12406/20/05Kevin Carmody362798 West North Avenue
12506/23/05Brian Sampson181100 West Lexington Street
12606/23/05Milton Johnson342000 West Pratt Street
12706/23/05Darren Orrison374600 Coleherne Road
12806/25/05Jerrod Hamlett224004 Oswego Court
12906/26/05Caprilla Jackson311347 Pentridge Road
13006/26/05Tanisha Hawkins28600 Pennsylvania Avenue
13106/27/05Tyron Williams43800 North Bentalou Street
13206/27/05Charles Harris43820 East Preston Street
13306/27/05Samuel Umstead391700 Boyd Street
13406/28/05Floyd Harp261938 West Lexington Street
13506/28/05Kurt Fulp201500 Presstman Street
13606/28/05Jessie Lee751928 West Pratt Street
13706/29/05Michael Guy202500 Lauretta Avenue
13807/03/05Antwoine Mclain225400 Cedonia Avenue
13907/03/05Marvin Raines182837 Spellman Road
14007/04/05Verna Brown352408 East Lafayette Avenue
14107/04/05Lamar Robinson261800 East Eager Street
14207/04/05Donyae Bogues301800 East Eager Street
14307/04/05Carl Griffin441400 Exeter Hall Avenue
14407/07/05Jamie Parker271500 Poplar Grove Street
14507/08/05Kelvin Robertson252000 North Pulaski Street
14607/13/05Keith Butler231 North Culver Street
14707/14/05Eugene Carr232800 Prospect Street
14807/15/05Desean Dorsey281 Benkert Avenue
14907/16/05Damon Wilder21444 Whitridge Avenue
15007/16/05Jawan Lee161333 Poplar Grove Street
15107/15/05Clinton Young 42627 North Pulaski Street
15207/19/05Dennis Wilson606320 Oakleaf Avenue
15307/20/05Dante Jordon26200 East 22nd Street
15407/22/05Angel Simms234800 Lorelly Avenue
15507/22/05Aaron Benfield193103 Lawnview Avenue
15607/23/05Damont Adams231630 Hazel Street
15707/24/05Anthony Jackson264100 Eierman Avenue
15807/24/05Devrin Burrell172000 Cylburn Avenue
15907/27/05David Howard192600 Norland Road
16007/27/05Ernest Pope533840 Elmora Avenue
16107/28/05Robert Montgomery221000 Tunbridge Road
16207/28/05Jose Hernandez341700 Fleet Street
16307/31/05Darrell Stanley452422 Bridgehampton Drive
16408/01/05Craig Crowder342300 West Baltimore Street
16507/31/05William Staten581031 North Stricker Street
16608/02/05Darrell Winston21600 North Curley Street
16708/04/05Gary Robinson28500 Orchard Street
16808/05/05Thomas Mason39600 Ashburton Street
16908/06/05Theodore Ross213805 Cedarhurst Road
17008/07/05Paul Talley18800 East 30th Street
17108/08/05George Buggs313000 Grayson Street
17208/09/05Donnie Foster262410 Winchester Street
17308/10/05Robin Hoey363107 Lorena Avenue
17408/14/05Jerome Hooks242600 Wegworth Lane
17508/14/05Curtis Streat27700 North Grantley Street
17608/15/05Charles Talbert3026 North Mount Street
17708/17/05Tavon Granger204100 Pall Mall Road
17808/17/05Dulani Watkins33501 North Athol Avenue
17908/20/05Richard Boroughs25411 South Collington Avenue
18008/20/05Harry Johnson343000 Ascension Street
18108/20/05Willie Hubbard363900 West Franklin Street
18208/22/05Carlton Crawford833700 Greenspring Avenue
18308/28/05Donta Chandler291431 Mullikin Court
18408/30/05Leamon Bullock392300 Atlantic Avenue
18508/30/05Lydia Wingfield782701 Mt. Holly Street
18609/07/05Reynard Sheppard502102 Hollins Street
18709/10/05William Craig583200 Sequoia Street
18809/10/05Darryl Outlaw321300 Laurens Street
18909/10/05Shannon Jemmison304127 Reisterstown Road
19009/10/05Brandon Lee251000 Ashburton Street
19109/12/05Bianca Dubon156100 Loch Raven Blvd
19209/14/05Charles Duvall694806 Liberty Heights Avenue
19309/14/05Ronald Scott272100 Orleans Street
19409/16/05James Garrett563601 Falls Road
19509/18/05Kevin Baylor20700 Mello Court
19609/18/05Myron Koenig64603 East 30th Street
19709/20/05Eddie Scott305300 Cuthbert Avenue
19809/20/05Eartha McClary442546 West Pratt Avenue
19909/21/05Terrance Williams28500 North Decker Avenue
20009/22/05Stanley Thomas35400 Water Street
20109/22/05Abdul-Bari Muhammad171200 Mondawmin Concource
20209/23/05Samuel Shufford482040 Ruxton Avenue
20309/25/05Darrius Brown212100 Newbern Avenue
20409/24/05Anthony McCrary332300 Division Street
20509/30/05Garette Saunders276300 Fairlawn Avenue
20610/03/05Nae Pak46603 Cherry Hill Road
20710/06/05Davon Jackson225900 Glen Falls Avenue
20810/09/05Stephen Robinson554500 North Franklintown Road
20910/10/05Jerrod Byers221800 North Rosedale Street
21010/12/05Sandy Crawford394702 Post Road
21110/12/05Brandon Cherry211500 Havenwood Road
21210/13/05Andrew Faison272218 Kirk Avenue
21310/14/05Jeffrey Skinner32200 Collins Avenue
21410/17/05Bradley Giddins193400 Kenyon Avenue
21510/17/05Davon Butler193800 Boarman Avenue
21610/18/05Shanika Pretlow261800 McKean Avenue
21710/18/05William Kirkpatrick 161700 North Bradford Street
21810/18/05Stanley Dorsey Jr.311700 North Bradford Street
21910/24/05Anthony Heck314100 Cleve Court
22010/24/05Bruce Turner364627 Keswick Road
22110/25/05Dominick King201800 Guilford Avenue
22210/25/05Jermaine Morrison241700 Malvern Street
22310/25/05Nelson Urbina236516 Brown Avenue
22410/30/05Daryl Davis28800 North Fulton Avenue
22510/31/05Rashaad Willie224408 Marble Hall Road
22610/31/05Greg Morrison351416 Mason Street
22710/31/05Kenneth Thomas324100 Maine Avenue
22811/01/05John Webb462100 West Pratt Street
22911/02/05John Deminds482400 Frederick Avenue
23011/01/05Davon Eady303400 Alto Road
23111/02/05Jermaine Fleming23900 Allendale Street
23211/02/05Petrina Hatcher403601 10th Street
23311/02/05Sherman Downing322500 Boarman Avenue
23411/07/05Corey Wyatt282027 East 31st Street
23511/10/05Michael Bryant22500 Craycombe Avenue
23611/12/05Willie Capers454800 Homer Avenue
23711/12/05Brian Jones331300 South Ellwood Street
23811/15/05Darren Parker192100 Wilhelm Street
23911/18/05Michael Wright552111 Garrison Boulevard
24011/18/05Thomasine Evans412111 Garrison Boulevard
24111/19/05Spencer Penn222535 Brookfield Avenue
24211/23/05William Delrio344100 Eierman Avenue
24311/23/05Cristino Purisima27215 Furrow Street
24411/23/05Tony Campbell51215 Furrow Street
24511/26/05Ronald Gervin225900 Moravia Road
24611/27/05Antwon Torain35700 North Payson Street
24711/29/05Eric Smith391600 Presbury Street
24811/30/05Torrey Garland263900 Ridgewood Street
24911/17/05Charles Massey221300 North Dallas Street
25012/04/05Troy Marine303200 West Belvedere Avenue
25112/04/05Thaddeus Riley433800 Ellerslie Avenue
25212/05/05Rashard Thomas191200 Ensor Street
25312/04/05Raphael Grady185200 Florence Avenue
25412/08/05Lorenzo Handy6724 West 25th Street
25512/09/05Talib Damon213205 Phelps Lane
25612/09/05Timothy Ford Jr.233205 Phelps Lane
25712/11/05Damian Mitchel286000 Amberwood Road
25812/15/05Stacey McDonald32501 McElderry Street
25912/15/05Mohamed Barre26400 East Belvedere Avenue
26012/17/05Byron Bell245100 Park Heights Avenue
26112/17/05William Lowe432700 Orleans Street
26212/16/05Johnathan Coles231700 East Preston Street
26312/20/05Anthony Scott50600 East 27th Street
26412/23/05Nigel Tyson192601 Madison Avenue
26512/27/05Cordell Hardin18328 South Bentalou Street
26612/27/05Michael Dredden192700 Round Road
26712/27/05Alvester Rozier79430 North Kenwood Avenue
26812/28/05Travis Harris15535 North Glover Street
26912/30/31Dwight Watson512300 Ashburton Street

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