The Bodies of Leakin Park - Baltimore, MD

Petro Taylor Lemuel Wallace Oliver Wendell Munson Margo Baker Richard Wayne Truman
Since 1946 79 Bodies have been found in Leakin Park. Below is a map of where the 68 of those bodies were found.

Below is a list of 79 bodies found in Leakin Park, I may have missed a few due to the limitations of searching on the Internet. If you click on the names of the victims you may read the information I was able to find about each case.

I want to make one additional comment. Anyone that knows me is aware of my attention to detail when it comes to map symbol placement. Due to the large numbers of symbols and making the map clear, and also the pathetic way the Baltimore City Police Department annotates crime scene locations, I want to admit the body placement is approximate and not exact. If you have any questions, email me. You can find the address in my profile. This list was most recently updated on 06/18/2017.

NameAddress body was foundDate FoundAgeMurdered By:
Richard Wayne Truman (with introduction)Mt. Holly Road areaNovember 18, 194613Robert Clayton Wright
Larry Jefferson3800 Stokes DriveApril 19, 19689Reginald Vernon Oates
Matt Jefferson 3800 Stokes DriveApril 19, 19685Reginald Vernon Oates
Louis Robert Hill 3800 Stokes DriveApril 19, 196810Reginald Vernon Oates
Lester Watson 3800 Stokes DriveApril 19, 196810Reginald Vernon Oates
Elsie Josephine Johnson 3900 Chesholm RoadMay 28, 196916Andre Van Lear Foster
Eugene Leroy Andersonr4100 Stokes Drivekilled July 11, 1969 found October 27, 196920Either the Black Panthers or the FBI depending on your POV
George Douglas Newton 3700 Winterbourne RoadJune 6, 197123
Milton Beatty 4500 Hutton Ave March 8, 197224
Sherman Mack Butler Hutton Ave and Wetheredsville RoadJanuary 6, 197320
Thelma Nash 4800 Franklintown RoadJanuary 28, 197319David L. Morris
Wanda M. Lewis 1400 Franklintown RoadMay 18, 197415
Alfred Washington 1400 Franklintown RoadMay 18, 197417
William Braxton Leakin Park July 30, 197426
William Emerson Dorsey 3800 Chesholm RoadAugust 6, 197417
Luther Wagner 4800 Franklintown RoadDecember 2, 197421Fred T. Sampson
Wanda Carter Windsor Mill Road December 7, 197622Olivia L Tatum
Gwendolyn Moore3500 Gelston DriveMarch 29, 197923
Lester Williams 1400 Franklintown RoadOctober 9, 197925
Margaret L Robinson 4700 Franklintown RoadJune 26, 198119Killed by husband
Joyce Ann DeShields 4300 Seminole AvenueMay 9, 198226killed by serial killer who remains on the loose
Paul John Casper 4800 Clifton AveJanuary 5, 198436
Oliver Wendell Munson Potentially Leakin ParkFebruary 13, 198439Dennis Watson is a person of interest
Unidentified Man Wetheredsville Road March 19, 1986
Jason Ely 4500 Wetheredsville Road January 1, 198821Willy Petty Jr, Jimmie McKoy, JoAnn Petty
Hope Sarah Patterson 1900 Wetheredsville RoadSeptember 13, 199035Ronald Ludd and Richard Tirrell Cook charged
Troy Leroy Bennett 4600 Wetheredsville RoadMay 16, 199120
Infant Franklintown Road and Chesholme RoadNovember 13, 1991less than 1
Timothy Washington Most likely Leakin Park September 11, 1992 8 Keith M. Garrett
Linda Pearson 4700 Wetheredsville RoadMarch 28, 199331Don Anthony Pearson
Unidentified Man - Suicide 4900 Windsor Mill RoadApril 17, 1994
Patrick Maxwell 4700 Franklintown RoadMay 2, 199427
Bernadette Tyndale 2000 Ridgetop Road June 15, 199430Ernest Tyndale
Shante Harris Franklintown RoadJuly 29, 19943Darntrell Griffin, Eric Duane Dorsey
Gregory Melvin Smith 4700 Franklintown RoadMay 4, 199525Robert Malcolm McLain Jr. aka Darryl Anthony Harris McLain or Darryl McLain DOB 05091968 No longer incarcerated
Russell Fletcher 3700 Franklintown Road February 1, 1996 37
Renita Wallace1900 Ridgetop roadApril 3, 199633Walter Percy Holmes Jr.
Courtney Williams4500 Wetheredsville RoadApril 7, 199627The Dirty Cop accused Chris Black
Unidentified Man 4500 Wetheredsville Road April 8, 1996 No obvious signs of foul play
Aaron Glenn 5000 Franklintown Road April 20, 1996 20s
Charles Augustus Robinson 3500 Winterbourne Road April 24, 199661
Charles Hayden(found with D. Coleman) 4800 Franklintown RoadJuly 18, 199622
Deron Coleman 4800 Franklintown RoadJuly 18, 199624
Alphonso Spencer 4500 Franklintown Road April 27, 1996 37 Allegedly Arnold Braxton Jr. and Nathaniel Powell
Rodney Alonzo Banks 5100 Franklintown RoadMay 19, 199731
Devon Dexter Denton 3600 Winterbourne RoadMay 25, 199718
Victonio Guy Spencer 1900 Eagle DriveJune 1, 199726All charges dropped against Keith D. McCallum
Leonard Williams 2000 Franklintown RoadJuly 2, 199725
Unidentified Man 4800 Franklintown Road September 08, 1997
Wanda Turner 3100 Wetheredsville RoadJanuary 23, 199826
Todd Roney Hutton Ave and Wetheredsville RoadSeptember 7, 199833
Rasheed Alea Harris Leakin Park Ravine February 22, 1998 19
Kendall Hawks 4700 Windsor Mill RoadOctober 4, 199818
Rufus Washington4000 Clifton AvenueNovember 13, 199841Michael J Stewart and Antonio A Warrington
Vincent Blatch 3500 Winterbourne RoadNovember 24, 199835
Novella Peaches Brown 4500 Hutton AveDecember 28, 199841
Hae Min Lee 4400 Franklintown RoadFebruary 9, 199917Adnan Musud Syed
Terrance Granger 3700 Franklintown Road October 8, 1999 22
Unidentified Man Franklintown and Wetherdsville Roads August 09, 2000
Brian Anthony Johnson 3400 Winterbourne RoadJune 10, 200118Eric Von Poole (although there are some questions regarding his conviction), Charles Antonio Ham, Carl Douglass Harrison
Christopher Hudson 4500 Windsor Mill RoadJune 29, 200120
Adrian Anthony JenkinsFranklintown and Wetheredsville RoadsDecember 9, 200121
Broderick Richardson Franklintown Road January 24, 2003 38
Carlos Herrea Leakin Park January 31, 200463
Margo Baker 4000 Clifton AveMay 6, 200552Ross Telp (her son)
Stephen Robinson 3200 Franklintown RoadOctober 9, 200555
Christian Nunez 4800 Franklintown Road July 18, 200638
Leonard Nathaniel Garrett 800 Winans WayOctober 7, 200624
Freddie Thornton 4300 Franklintown RoadDecember 23, 200669Timothy Izzard
Riley Pettus1300 North Woodington RoadJune 7, 200743
Kwame Saka Osafo 3900 Winterbourne Road October 10, 200721Andre Cox, Gregory Lee charged then nolle prosequied
Yolanda Brown 3600 Winterbourne RoadMarch 20, 200836William Vincent Brown is a suspect, he was found guilty of attempted murder of another woman in Leakin Park,and pleaded guilty to the murder of 2 women in other locations
Petro Taylor 3000 Franklintown Road December 30, 200820Grechauna Rogers, Sierra Pyles, Tenisha Lawson, Anthony O. Williams, Devin Melton, Lawrence Walker, Dominique Boone
Lemuel Wallace 3200 Franklintown Road February 4, 200937Kevin Pushia pleaded guilty, James Omar Clea and Kareem Jamal Clea were found "Not Guilty"
Michael Thomas 1900 Eagle Drive March 29, 201029
Lois Jean Smyth aka Lois Vance 4400 Windsor Mill RoadMay 29, 201140Kenneth Brunetti
Oswaldo Santana4700 Windsor Mill RoadFebruary 29, 201221
Mary Tisdale 4900 Franklintown Road September 29, 2012 62
Antoine Ellis 2000 North Forest Park Avenue November 22, 2012 23
Vashon Conyers 3600 North Franklintown Road January 30, 2018 30 Victim died in well due to trauma to the body
Ricky Tyrone Williams 4300 North Franklintown Road July 15, 2018 36 Shooting victim
Albertus Nelson 4700 Franklintown Road December 07, 2018 58 Shooting victim
Quante Thompson 4900 North Franklintown Road June 08, 2021 23 Victim found with trauma to the body
Leandrea Sampson Franklintown Road and Wynans Way October 24, 2021 39 Female shooting victim found in burning car. Victim lived in Randallstown. Jermaine Jeter(boyfriend) charged.
Darron McCoy Jr. Winans Way and Franklintown Road January 17, 2022 23 Shooting victim. 17 year old boy charged 02/01/22
James Moore 1 Morris Road January 31, 2022 31 Shooting victim, Ronnie Harris Jr , 33-year-old Janay Barksdale , and 40-year-old Morgan Reed all charged 03/11/22
Unidentified Man 4300 Windsor Mill Drive September 21, 2022 39
Victim found in burning vehicle in the trailhead parking lot. More information:

If you enjoy Leakin Park or enjoy finding abandoned artifacts in the woods, you may wish to visit my Ghosts of Leakin Park site. If you want to look at a handy trail map for the park you can visit my Leakin Park Trail Map site. General information about 2013 Baltimore City Homicides can be found here.

Update January 6, 2011 I'm getting inquiries from people about murders for years gone by. I have created a helpful tutorial on how the search the Baltimore Sun archives yourself. If you can't find what you are looking for through the Sun Archives you can email me with the approximate date of the murder, the name of the person murdered, the location of the murder and the home address of the murdered person or as much information as you know, and I will see what I can dig up. I am a busy person so you will have to wait patiently for the results.

Special thanks to the Enoch Pratt Free Library and the Charm City Circulator, without their assistance this site wouldn't have been possible. Also I would like to thank Thea Pederson for her attention to detail and good eye.

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Margo Balker murdered by Ross Telp Petro Taylor murdered by Sierra Pyles Petro Taylor murdered by Grechuana Rogers Lemuel Wallace murdered by Kevin Pushia Yolanda Brown murdered by Vincent Brown Image Map


Anonymous said...

Nice work. I noticed right away Reginald Vernon Oates, he was an interesting case.

Cham said...

I have all the information about that Reginald Vernon Oates case, but some of them are so heartbreaking to write. That guy was a sicko.

Leakin Neighbor said...

This map is extremely interesting. We often walk our dogs in this park. BTW, I too was struck by the death of the 4 young boys in 1968. I saw an article in Jet on this, and it named the 5-year-old as "Mack Jefferson". Wanted to make sure it was Matt, not Mack. Thank you for this, and I look forward to seeing your updated links, etc.

Cham said...

I don't have my notes in front of me, however, I believe the article in the April 20, 1968 edition has it listed as Mack, and the April 22 edition where they had confirmed the names of the boys listed it as Matt. I went with the second edition as the name. If I have recovered from Thanksgiving I'll try to tackle the 4 boys on Friday or Saturday.

kitty kat said...

Yes he was very sick I am the cousin of the 4 boys that was killed and my heart dropped as me n the sisters of the jefferson boys sister listened to the story from our parents. We are now trying to keep up dates on this so anyone have infomation please email me at by the way there parents are still living and we otfen talk about it my brothers remeber it all so well he was there but ran when it happened.

Cham said...

C Watson: The email address you provided didn't work. I took a guess as to the correct address and sent the information your requested to it. If you still didn't get my response the provide me your information again.


Cham said...

C. Watson: I emailed them yesterday to that second email address you gave me. I just emailed them again so you should have 2 sets. Should be from Chamgreen102

Anonymous said...

Creepy, but strangely intriguing.

Marcos said...

It really would be interesting to see read more info on the Oates case, I lived off of Windsor Mill Rd. during that time period. I was only about 9 or 10 but I remember the case and Leakin park vividly.

Cham said...

Fortunately, for you, Marcos, I'm in the RVO information business. If you would like your own personal copies of the 6 RVO Sun articles in pdf format I have them. Simply send me a very polite appreciative email to chamgreen102 at gmail and you too can be a proud owner of those very same articles.

Anonymous said...

I was reading the last case listed, about Lois Smyth, and now I'm wondering what the "Unauthorized Use of Livestock" charges are about. Does it mean Brunetti stole horses or something?

Cham said...

I was wondering about the unauthorized use of livestock charge myself. I'm not 100% sure about it, but I would suspect it has something to do with dogs. Next time I see a cop I'll ask and report back here. I see that charge often on the case search.

Cham said...

I think I might have solved the mystery of the "unauthorized use of livestock" charge in the case search. This might have more to do with truncation and abbreviations. The full name of the charge may be "Unauthorized use of livestock, boat or motor vehicle, Article 27 ss348a" in the Maryland Code. This means one took some livestock, boat or vehicle without the owner's permission. It's not quite car theft or car jacking, but nobody gave the perpetrator permission to use their car either. In the case of Mr. Brunetti, considering that he allegedly killed Lois Smyth I doubt she was willing to let the man use her car, hence he had allegedly committed an unauthorized use of her car by taking her keys after he allegedly murdered her.

Anonymous said...

I guess you've heard that the Clea brothers were found not guilty of all the charges in the Lemuel Wallace case. What an unbelievable injustice.

a relative that will never get over this said...

I am commenting on the case of Linda G Pearson whom was killed by her husband Donn Pearson... whom now walks the street everyday and is able to breathe although he snuff the life out of his wife which seem premeditated. I feel that the Court system in Baltimore does not care about black on black crime justice.

Anonymous said...

I remember Coutney Williams and Tomika Jefferson 1996. My friend Tomika was never found. Her dissapearence broke her family's hearts. Tomika was very sweet person. I knew Courtney too as well. We called him Drew. I appreciate the legal aspects given about this case. I still miss Tomika.

JamaicanRee said...

BTW you did a great job on this website.

Unknown said...

This is heartbreaking. I went to high school with Jason Ely and I heard this story kinda vaguely. But this sheds a lot of light as to what happened. Unbelievable. Rest easy Ely!!!!✋'

Unknown said...

I worked with tomika, TJ, as I lovingly referred to her...I stopped hanging out with her after some shady characters were at her place one night in Essex..Sadly I learned of her disappearance via the news one nite...I still think of her often and wish it had been just a bad dream

Jus said...

Mr Munson was my shop teacher during a summer school session. He was always patient and kind. I hope his family has been able to find some peace.

August lane said...

Awesome. Good job

L Haynes said...

Sierra Pyles is now a teacher for the Baltimore school system. She has a FB page. Creepy to think she teaches children or is anywhere near kids!!!

Unknown said...

Found this on ancestry:

Name Andre Vanlear Foster
Birth 20 Jul 1946 Baltimore, Maryland
Death 6 Jan 2004

Unknown said...

I'm doing research on an individual who I think was a very prolific killer and part of what I see as one of his stunts (aside from his own signatures) was to 'jump into and add' to the bodycount of other killers. (He is banged up for several murders -my research is exploring his other possible crimes.)
This means I'm exploring the taboo and scummy nature that we humans are capable of, but it also means I see a lot of how the tense subject of murder is discussed and approached on the relevant sites I explore.
Some sites seem to trivialise it which I find horrible.
I feel it important, therefore, to commend you in how you keep the awareness and memories of the victims, as well as their stories, alive in the manner you have.
Alas, it also saddens me that such work has to be done and that in many cases justice seems to be elusive. If we didn't have any f!@#ing murderers then none of this would ever be necessary, for example.
From these contexts, I can only recognize that without the work of good people like yourself, then there would be no chance of getting done what I'm trying to do.
This English cousin from over the pond thanks you, as there are possible links to some of the cases you mention that requires further exploring concerning my endeavours. Even if they turn out to be white-rabbits, I thank you for raising awareness of the cases you mention as it means they are all part of my memories and stories to be remembered that I shall carry with me.

Takeema M said...

Your loss that man doesn’t need to get out ever.

Cc said...

Is there anyway you can fix the website the links aren’t working anymore!

Cham said...

Without informing me, Google deleted all my Google Sites. I don't have a copy of it and there is no way Google can fix this. I've tried.

KBragg826 said...

I was just getting ready to ask about the links too.. What a bummer Google would go in & remove or delete ALL your hard work! WHY would they do that? I think that's a real shame....Now no one can research anything on all these cases and find out any info on the victims. I am sure you were furious after researching and entering all that info, just for them to go in & remove it! Shame on Google. That's bullsh*t! I hope, but I doubt, but imho, they owe you a HUGE apology. I suppose there's no other way to look up the victims? Again, seems cruel & heartless to the victims & their family... Google owes these families an apology too...Their families should have access to research as well. They just ruined that for them, without giving them another option. Extremely frustrating! Thank you for all you tried. And May ALL THESE Victims Rest In Heaven, and God Bless Their Families. I pray they have found peace & healing.