Leakin Park Gwynns Falls Trail Map -Baltimore, Maryland

Here are some hike and bike trail maps for Leakin Park and most of the Gwynns Falls Trail that will work nicely with your GPS, Garmin or Smartphone. The first one is in Everytrail which will work with your iPhone, Garmin handheld GPS unit and is also downloadable in gpx and kml (Google Earth) file formats if you want to download the file for use with your Garmin, Magellan or DeLorme mapping software. The second is in Google Maps and you may use it on your Droid, Garmin Windows Mobile or Blackberry by saving it to your Google Maps "My Maps" or use the Send-to feature for Garmin. These maps should be to help bikers, hikers and geocachers. They were made by my knowledge of this park and by tracing another trail map.

Here it is in Everytrail, click on the title link and it will take you there on the Internet.
Leakin Park Gwynns Fall Trail Mapx - Baltimore, Maryland at EveryTrail

Here it is in Google Maps, click on the link at the bottom and it will take you Google Maps on the Internet.

View Leakin Park Trails in Google Maps in a larger map

For those of you who enjoy history you might want to check out my GPS-friendly Ghosts of Leakin Park site.

For those interested in learning more about the bodies that have been left in the park you may visit the Bodies of Leakin Park site.

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