Bowman Mountain, Massanuttens, GWNF Virginia

I saw this mountain last year. I liked it because there was no trail to the top and it was sandwiched between a bunch of ATV trails which meant that other hikers and hunters would avoid it. Since we are right in the beginning of bow season in Virginia I decided this was a good time to climb Bowman Mountain. I also wanted to camp at the summit and enjoy the views.

I was able to use some of the ATV trails in my route, but the summit was void of hiking trails but did have some bear trails to the north. I didn't see any dear but I did see a tree stand. I can only assume that a hunter might have his eye on the bear that lives on the summit and has prepared his location accordingly. I didn't see the bear but I am pretty sure he was around.

The summit has good views of Duncan Knob and some views of Short Ridge Mountain, that will probably be much better once the leaves are off the trees. As far as I could tell there aren't any good places to set up a large tent, but I found a place on the bear trail to sleep. I met a dirt biker on the OHV trail near Taskers Gap on the return.

Bowman Mountain Massanuttens Virginia

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