Sideling Hill and Tonoloway Ridge hike, Maryland

I would never condone trespassing. One should respect property owners. Allegedly there is some excellent hiking in the Sideling Hill and Tonoloway Ridge area. One could climb Sideling Hill utilizing the lower trails off the Pearre Road WMRT parking lot and then bushwhacking northward. The view from the top of Sideling Hill is quite nice.

Now if one wanted to hike on the top of Tonoloway Ridge they would allegedly find a road that runs along the north half of the ridge and the southern half of the ridge would be easily passable on foot. There are allegedly some neat rock formations at the southern tip that overlook the Potomac. If one were to make a hiking loop of the whole area this is what it would allegedly look like this. I created these tracks with my GPS using Extra Sensory Perception. The hike would allegedly be 21 miles long with over 5000 feet of elevation change.

The weather was cold and brutal. I allegedly took crapass camera and she simply would not perform properly under such conditions. Had I allegedly been on Tonoloway Ridge here is what the pictures, just a few, would have looked like.

Another "what is it?"

Better yet, what do you call it? I'd say it is a solar/wind/hydro-powered waterwheel garbage scow house.