2017 Baltimore City Homicides - List and Map

This is a list of the 2017 Baltimore City homicide victims and additional information regarding age, incident location, notes, and event proximity to police surveillance cameras . Scroll down for the map and charts.
No.Date DiedNameAgeAddress Block FoundNotesVictim Has No Violent Criminal History*Surveillance Camera At Intersection?**Case Closed?
001 01/01/17 Sheamon Pearlie 20, pic 1800 West Fayette Street Shooting victim None
002 01/01/17 James Williams 33, pic 1000 North Mount Street Shooting victim found in vehicle on same block as the Western District Police Station None
003 01/03/17 Davonte Jackson 24, pic 1500 North Bentalou Street Double shooting near Carver Vocational Technical High School None
004 01/04/17 Jamal Washington 38 3600 Hanover Street victim was with 2 men when a suspect appeared and shot the victim. None
005 01/05/17 Timothy Stephens 32 900 Pennsylvania Avenue Victim shot in home invasion None
006 01/07/17 Jeffry Douglas 47 400 Parksley Avenue Shooting victim None
007 01/09/17 Chris Pennington 32 2400 West Baltimore Street Shooting victim. Jamar Hinton charged Closed
008 01/10/17 Cody Boyd 26, pic 2109 McElderry Street Victim shotin A Cut Above All Barber Shop by 3 suspects who left scene in a red Nissan None 2 cameras
009 01/10/17 Teshombae Harvell 27, pic 3000 Erdman Avenue Shooting victim None
010 01/12/17 Desean Mcelveen 17, pic 2700 Abbotston Street Double shooting. The other victim stated the two were shot by someone in a black van. Victim was a talented artist. 1 camera
011 01/12/17 Dominique Thaniel 37, pic 3000 Barclay Street Victim was riding a bicycle when he was fatally shot
012 01/13/17 Dominique Hall 24, pic 3400 Grantley Road Shooting victim. Several masked men were seen loitering in the area.
013 01/15/17 Rashawn Fenner 25, pic 1800 North Carey Street Shooting victim 1 camera
014 01/15/17 Andrew Zachary 23, pic 800 Clintwood Court Shooting victim. Victim was former marine.
015 01/19/17 Angelo Wheeler 38, pic 1600 Chilton Street Shooting victim. Katrell Smith charged. Police believe the victim and suspect had a dispute. Closed
016 01/19/17 George Cookson 31, pic 1400 Popland Street Shooting victim found in vacant home None
017 01/20/17 Herbert Allen 44, pic 600 Dumbarton Avenue Shooting victim
018 01/20/17 Shawn Davis 34, pic 100 North Howard Street Shooting victim 2 cameras
019 01/22/17 Oscar Acevedo 24, pic 2000 Fleet Street Stabbing victim found in front of the Royal Farms. James Chavis charged. None Closed
020 01/22/17 Antonio Paesch 24, pic 2900 East Biddle Street Shooting victim
021 01/23/17 Michelle Mettee 34, pic ? A two vehicle crash on 1400 Northern Parkway resulted in finding a victim with a gunshot wound who later died at a hospital. ME will determine cause of death. None
022 01/23/17 Sherman Johnson 59, pic 3600 Columbus Drive Shooting victim None
023 01/24/17 Kelvin Armstead 34 3900 Kenyon Avenue Double shooting, victims found in home. Victim was charged with murdering Ricardo Paige in 2007.
024 01/24/17 Stephanie Hullihen 30, pic 2100 East Federal Street Shooting victim None
025 01/25/17 Lennell Reece 27, pic 2200 East Preston Street Victim shot while driving. Keeco Stern charged (Suspect's 3rd murder charge to date) None Closed
026 01/25/17 Marvin Odell 31, pic 100 South Conkling Street Shooting victim
027 01/26/17 Raheem Payne 22, pic 5000 Queensberry Avenue Shooting victim None
028 01/23/17 Aurelio Rios-Rodriguez 26 3600 Mt. Pleasant Avenue Victim found outside with blunt force trauma None
029 01/27/17 Dontia Akins 33, pic 1800 Washington Boulevard Victim shot near Royal Farms. Dallas Evans charged None Closed
030 01/28/17 Donnell Delbridge 25, pic 3400 South Hanover Street Shooting victim
031 01/29/17 Maryus Smith Jr. 31, pic 1900 North Monroe Street Shooting victim 2 cameras
032 01/29/17 Darrell Webb 22 2400 Brentwood Avenue Stabbing victim. Randy Case and Jermain Doggett charged None 1 camera Closed
033 02/01/17 Brandon Anderson 21 1700 North Bentalou Street Victim was driving north in vehicle and shot by two suspects Not checked yet 1 camera
034 02/01/17 Donald Symptom 20, pic 4700 Hampnett Avenue Victim shot after dispute with two men. Dontaz Brandon and William Neely charged None Closed
035 02/02/17 Jessie Worthen 53 3900 Pascal Avenue Victim was in home when he heard knock on window. He looked out of the window and was shot. None
036 02/03/17 Tonja Chadwick 20, pic 250 North Hilton Street Victim's body found in steep ravine. Blood was found in her apartment. Marco Holmes(boyfriend)charged None Closed
037 02/03/17 Lawrence Jones 25 2600 Ulman Avenue Shooting victim
038 02/03/17 James Hendricks 24, pic 3700 7th Street Double shooting, Malik Price charged None Closed
039 02/05/17 Dominick Marshall 21, pic 2400 Hollins Ferry Road Shooting victim None
040 02/06/17 Tyrone Donelson 22, pic 1300 West Pratt Street Shooting victim None 1 camera
041 02/08/17 Davon Williams 28, pic 1800 West Saratoga Street Shooting victim
042 02/08/17 Sherman Carrothers 42, pic 2800 Kirk Avenue Shooting victim may have been shot in home
043 02/09/17 Deontae Bleufort 21, pic 200 North Hilton Street Shooting victim None
044 02/12/17 Sir Moodie 27, pic 5100 Cordelia Avenue Double shooting. Suspect sought
045 02/13/17 Bryant Beverly 18, pic 300 Lyndhurst Street Shooting victim was chased into home None
046 02/16/17 Iran Timmons 46 600 East Eager Street Stabbing victim. Two construction site coworkers had dispute near corner store. Edwin Vargas charged None 1 camera Closed
047 02/18/17 Antoine Mayo 41, pic 400 South Mount Street Shooting victim 1 camera
048 02/21/17 Jackie Burris 26, pic 2800 Wenburn Street Shooting victim. Victim was rapper None
049 02/22/17 Sherman Smith 40, pic 500 Brunswick Street Double shooting. Landlord allegedly killed a tenant's father. Carlton Beachum charged. Closed
050 02/23/17 Thomas Lee Jr. 38 3700 Reisterstown Road Doubles shooting. Allegedly a man in a tan van shot a group of people standing on steps of vacant home. None
051 02/26/17 Derron Strickland 35 2600 West Fairmount Avenue Shooting victim None
052 02/27/17 Anthony Griffin 26, pic 3600 Bowers Avenue Cutting victim. John Berry charged Closed
053 02/27/17 Gerald Long 79 5600 Greenhill Avenue Victim stabbed during dispute. Person of Interest in custody. None
054 02/28/17 Laron Griffin 30, pic 1500 Pennsylvania Avenue Shooting victim found outside Family Minimart. Antonio Macklin charged 3 cameras Closed
055 02/25/17 Richard Cotton 40, pic 3900 Belvieu Avenue Shooting victim
056 03/08/17 Jamil Owens 40, pic 300 South Bruce Street Victim found shot and stabbed on 01/24/17 died 03/08/17
057 03/09/17 Sean Wood 26, pic 200 South Broadway Victim shot during dispute on Circulator, green route bus. Victim employed at H&S Bakery. Person of interest image. None 2 cameras
058 03/08/17 Kathy Kuhn 63 5900 Glenoak Avenue Victim allegedly asphyxiated by son. Erich Kuhn charged None Closed
059 03/09/17 Kalil Matthews 23, pic 3400 West Saratoga Street Shooting victim
060 03/09/17 Dominick Smith 30, pic 2600 Kirk Avenue Shooting victim None
061 03/11/17 William Lesane 33, pic 100 West Hamburg Street Shooting victim. Andrew Nurse charged None Closed
062 03/13/17 Andrew Jackson 30, pic 1500 Retreat Street Shooting victim
063 03/15/17 Montell Pridgett 24, pic 1500 Pennsylvania Avenue Victim shot while engaging in a dispute with another person. Victim was boxer. None 3 cameras
064 03/14/17 Howard Martin 53 2400 St. Paul Street Two victims found in building with trauma to their bodies
065 03/14/17 Earline Thomas 53 2400 St. Paul Street Two victims found in building with trauma to their bodies
066 03/16/17 Markel Scott 19, pic 2700 East Madison Street Shooting victim. Victim was student at Excel Academy. shooting may have been a case of mistaken identity None
067 03/18/17 Tyrone James 17, pic, pic 1200 Greenmount Avenue Two teens found dead in intentionally set fire to home. 8 people inside at time. Antonio Wright charged 2 cameras Closed
068 03/18/17 Shi-Heem Sholto 19, pic 1200 Greenmount Avenue Two teens found dead in intentionally set fire to home. 8 people inside at time. Antonio Wright charged None 2 cameras Closed
069 03/17/17 Donya Rigby 28, pic 2600 West Fairmont Avenue Shooting victim. Aaron Daniels charged None Closed
070 03/17/17 Davon Fair 24, pic 4000 White Avenue Shooting victim found on 03/14/2017 None
071 s 04/01/2007 d 09/23/16 Terry Wells 29 2600 Loyola Northway Triple shooting. Victim shot 04/01/2007, died 09/23/16 added 03/19/2017. Dishon Cohen, Kevin Davis and Theodore Spencer were charged with three counts of attempted murder. None Closed
072 03/19/17 Dashon Houston 26, pic 3800 The Alameda Shooting victim None
073 03/22/17 Alphonza Watson 38 2400 Guilford Avenue Transgendered woman shot during dispute None
074 03/24/17 Melvin Chisholm 40, pic 2400 Greenmount Avenue Victim shot during dispute 1 camera
075 03/26/17 Victorious Swift 19 2800 Reisterstown Road Shooting victim. Victim was a boxer. None
XXX 03/27/17 Otis Davis 36, pic 3900 Woodridge Road Victim stabbed in home during dispute. Homicide reclassified as self defense. None
076 03/27/17 Ernest Solomon 26, pic 2400 Reisterstown Road Shooting victim found in vehicle. Baby also found in vehicle. None
077 03/28/17 April Ellis 34 3500 Esther Place Woman stabbed, man seen running from scene
078 03/29/17 Claude Maid 32, pic 5100 Reisterstown road Victim stabbed at BP gas station parking lot
079 03/29/17 Fernando Riley 30, pic 2900 West Belvedere Avenue Shooting victim None
080 03/30/17 Brandon West 27, pic 3500 Wabash Avenue Shooting victim found in vehicle
081 04/03/17 Lamar Chambers 22, pic 1600 North Wolfe Street Two shooting victims found in vehicle
082 04/04/17 Larry Miller 20, pic 3400 Juneway Shooting victim found on block where he resided
083 04/08/17 Maurice Walker 27, pic 200 Pearl Street Double shooting, double homicide None
084 04/08/17 Douglas Holt 36, pic 200 Pearl Street Double shooting, double homicide
085 04/09/17 Tyrone McMillian 30, pic 1200 West North Avenue Shooting victim Not checked yet 1 camera
086 04/09/17 Darian Watson 27, pic 6100 Plantview Way Shooting victim
087 04/10/17 Corey Earl Brown 40, pic 1600 Mount Street Shooting victim
088 04/11/17 Tion Singletary 22, pic 1200 North Luzerne Avenue Shooting victim None
089 04/13/17 Shaquan Trusty 16, pic 4000 Norfolk Avenue Shooting victim None
090 04/14/17 Victor Lane 50, pic 3200 Wolcott Avenue Victim shot while riding a bicycle. Police say this may be a domestic incident. None
091 04/14/17 Trayvon Chesley 22, pic 3900 Wabash Avenue Shooting victim. Victim was son of Baltimore Police officer, Troy Chesley, killed in 2007.
092 04/15/17 Phillip Bradford 57 800 Bridgeview Avenue Shooting victim, may have resulted from a robbery 1 camera
093 04/16/17 Michael Wise Jr. 25, pic 4100 6th Street Shooting victim
094 04/16/17 Mario Jones 28, pic 1400 North Caroline Street Shooting victim None
095 04/16/17 Shahidah Barnes 28, pic 4800 Claybury Avenue Pregnant woman fatally shot. The suspect, Deron Barnes(husband), has been found deceased in Baltimore County. None Closed
096 04/18/17 Rominico Roland 39, pic 3000 Presstman Street Shooting victim found wearing mask and gloves Not checked yet
097 04/20/17 Lavender Edwards 17, pic 5000 Palmer Avenue Shooting victim Not checked yet 1 camera
098 04/21/17 Unidentified Man 25 1271 Walker Avenue Stabbing victim
*Drug offenses, burglary, prostitution, gun possession, domestic violence(this charge is not specific enough) and unauthorized taking of a vehicle charges are not considered violent. Violent offenses include murder, attempted murder, robbery, using a gun in a crime, and first degree assault. This has changed from previous years, where second degree assault was included

**Affirmative if distance of a Baltimore Police Surveillance Camera(CCTV) location is one block or less of homicide event.

Homicide map thru 03112017

Special thanks to Cookie Jones for her help with this project.

Baltimore City Lead Paint Violation Notifications Maps

The Baltimore City Health Department was kind enough to publish a list of residences that had a lead paint violation between April of 2006 and August of 2016. I converted that list into a spreadsheet and was able to created a set of visualizations using 2010 US Census Tracts and Neighborhood layers. If you want to use a map please credit me for my work, thank you. If you need to contact me regarding this: chamgreen102 at gmail dot com

Baltimore City Lead Paint Violations Over White Population

Baltimore City Lead Paint Violations Over Black Population

Baltimore City Lead Paint Violations Over Median Income

Baltimore City Lead Paint Violations Under 1935 Homeowners Loan Act Polygons

Data Sources:
Lead Paint Violation List: Baltimore City Health Department
Homeowners Loan Act Polygons created from the HOLC Residential Security Map provided by the Sheridan Collection, Johns Hopkins University
Map Layers: US Census Layers courtesy of ESRI ArcGIS

2017 Baltimore County Homicides - List

This is a list of the 2017 Baltimore County Homicide Victims.
No.DateNameAgeAddress Block MurderedCityMurdered by/NotesClosed?
001 01/07/17 Richard Zenobia 35, pic 3300 North Point Road Dundalk Victim was boyfriend of mother of 16 year old suspect who allegedly stabbed him. David Thomas charged Closed
002 01/18/17 Moses Ayele Lorenso 15, pic 8100 Church Lane Milford Mill Stabbing victim. Allegedly, victim and suspect were involved in ongoing dispute. Markel Dates charged Closed
003 02/04/17 Larry Lynch Jr. 28, pic 2900 Lakebrook Circle Lansdowne Double shooting. Victims found in apartment
004 02/03/17 Muhamad Birkdar 24, pic 7100 Rudisell Court Windsor Mill Shooting victim found in apartment
005 02/04/17 Dominic Boyd 39, pic 1 Continental Court Owings Mills Triple shooting at condominium involving married couple and unidentified 3rd victim. Police investigating for more information.
006 03/05/17 Devin Vallade 46 8100 Kirkwood Court Towson Victim shot during family dispute regarding son's car accident. Devin Vallade II(son) charged. Closed
007 03/17/17 Bernie Slater 24, pic 7207 Windsor Mill Road Woodlawn Shooting victim found at Windsor Inn Parking lot
008 03/23/17 Emmanuel Enyam 18 1400 Dartmouth Avenue Parkville Shooting victim
009 04/04/17 Chinika Hursey 36, pic 4100 Bald Eagle Court Randallstown Double homicide occurred with four children in home. Dominick Hursey(ex-husband) charged Closed
010 04/04/17 Steven Campbell 36, pic 4100 Bald Eagle Court Randallstown Double homicide occurred with four children in home. Dominick Hursey(ex-husband of other victim) charged Cloed
Waiting on homicide classification from the Baltimore County Police*
XXX 01/25/17 Cameron Blake 3, pic 1 Glenwood Road Essex Death being investigated for child abuse. Child hospitalized with trauma
XXX 01/30/17 Leah Yeager 45, pic Brentwood and Crafton Avenues Dundalk Victim's body was left near fence.
XXX 02/09/17 Mayann Atilano Siason 32, pic Perryhurst Place and Seven Courts Drive Nottingham Victim found with trauma to the upper body in home

* Note 02/10/17 The Baltimore County Police Department currently has three (3) outstanding suspicious deaths that have not been officially labeled homicides. This is very concerning. This does not happen in Baltimore City as the BPD has never had so many suspicious deaths unclassified. The county police may be assume that if they wait long enough people will forget about these cases. But the bottom line is that if one adds the 5 homicides that have occurred in the county already to the 3 that the police are glacially slow to classify as homicides one will find Baltimore County has had 8 homicides in the first 40 days of 2017. That's a screamingly high number for the county.

Latrobe Park Historic/Legacy Aerial Imagery, Locust Point, Baltimore, MD

I was trying to figure out when the trees were planted on the berm. I isolated a lot of aerial imagery for Latrobe Park in Locust Point, Baltimore.

1927 Black and White

1948 Black and White

1964 Black and White

1988 Black and White

1994 Infrared

1998 Black and White

2016 Color