Stealth Backpack

I've always looked at laws, rules and regulations as more of a suggestion than an absolute. So this weekend Keith and I did some backpacking. I am not at liberty to tell you where we went and what we did, but instead, I have decided to post some pictures as a clue. Those that really know their Mid-Atlantic topography will be able to figure it out. So go to the pics and see if you can guess where we were.

I will give you only one written hint, we were relieved to avoid these people and managed to convince the residents of the rest of the state not to sit on us. Hence, we are still breathing.

Oh, there is one pic off the WMRT, I did some biking later on and really like this one. True to my bear magnet form, another black bear crossed my path on the WMRT trail near Hancock which was a good thing, it was the 3rd and last day of Merryland's bear season and the bear was heading toward the C&O canal towpath. If he managed to stay in the area until sundown he would be safe for another year.

Michaux and the Shelter Fairies

Sometimes spectacular things happen in the woods.

I went on a mcom backpack hosted by Lisa this weekend. When we arrived at the Birch Run Shelter after a 10 mile walk in the woods in PA's Michaux State Forest you won't believe what was there. 3 guys whose names I didn't remember but were from Westminister had hiked up from a nearby road. They had packed in a cooler full of steaks, corn, vegetables, spices and sauces. But that was just the food. In addition they had a battery powered blender!!!!! Along with the blender they had a collection of fresh fruit, drink mixes, gallons of tequila, whiskey, vodka and several different types of beer and a great deal of ice. Now there were 3 of them and about 10 of us. But these guys had managed to pack in enough for everyone and they didn't even know we were coming.

These guys were Gods, because all I had brought was some raman. I told them they could have all of the raman they wanted but they politely refused. All our group had to do to partake in this largess was collect the firewood. I didn't take any pictures because I was too busy eating. I think Lisa took a bunch, I'm sure she will put them up on her site one of these days.

This weekend was fucking fantastic.