Old Holy Trinity Cemetery - Eldersburg, Maryland

This brings me back to my preblog life. Years ago I became interested in old Episcopal cemeteries, simply because I liked the stories the Episcopalians wrote on their tombstones. Since there was no Internet at the time I made some phone calls. I ended up talking to this guy named Jim Purman who took care of some strange abandoned odd cemetery in the plasticified burbs west of the city. He put me on a mailing list and for years I've been getting paper biannual newsletters about the Old Holy Trinity Cemetery in Eldersburg, MD mailed to my home address. I've read every single word of the newsletters and feel I know everything that is going on with the place but I never took the time to figure out where it was. I went to the official website of the Holy Trinity Cemetery but there wasn't a map, only poorly written directions. Then I went to Google and stared at the aerial imagery for hours and finally located this lost little cemetery behind a strip mall. I figured the least I could do for these folks is make them a little Google maps so people can find it.

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