Dangerous Baltimore City Criminals

Ksenia Tepliakova
Ksenia Tepliakova was arrested on September 04, 2013. Charges were for: Hangun in Vehicle, Handgun on Person, Controlled Dangerous Substance: Distribution, etc with firearm, Controlled Dangerous Substance: Possession with intent to Distribute Narcotics, Controlled Dangerous Substance: Possession-Not Marijuana, Controlled Dangerous Substance Possession - Marijuana, Controlled Dangerous Substance - Marijuana less than 10 grams, Controlled Dangerous Substance - paraphernalia. At that time, Ms Tepliakova, born 05/27/87, was living at 2513 Sylvale Road, Baltimore MD, 21209.

Elizabeth Drakopoulos
Elizabeth Drakopoulos was arrested on July 28, 2013. Charges were for Firearm and Drug Trafficking, Possession of a Firearm, Knowingly altering a firearm ID, Controlled Dangerous Substance: Possession with intent to Distribute Narcotics, Controlled Dangerous Substance: Possession-Not Marijuana, Controlled Dangerous Substance Possession - Marijuana, Controlled Dangerous Substance - Marijuana less than 10 grams, Controlled Dangerous Substance - paraphernalia. At that time, Ms Drakopoulos, born 12/29/1993, was living at 609 Oldham Street, Baltimore MD, 21224.

2006 Baltimore City Homicides List and Map

The official count of 2006 Baltimore City homicide victims provided by the Baltimore City Police to the FBI was 276 homicides. The list below has 274 victims and is based on data provided by the Baltimore City Paper. The City Paper failed to list one homicide on the week of September 23, also the City Paper admits its list was off by one homicide which was never reconciled with the official police department list.

No.Date KilledNameAgeAddress Block FoundNotes
101/01/06Stephanie Miles212400 Woodbrook AvenueShot by friend's boyfriend
201/01/06Michelle Denton49300 West Fayette StreetThroat cut by exboyfriend, Earl Holeman charged
301/01/06Dahuan Jones203400 Spelman RoadVictim found in Cherry Hill woods with gunshot wounds
401/01/06Ronny Martin162600 Marbourne AvenueShooting victim found in vehicle, Anthony Dickson and Michael McFadden charged
501/03/06Gregory Ball251300 Booth StreetShooting victim
601/03/06Vatell Murray152600 Greenmount AvenueShooting victim found in railroad tunnel
701/09/06Ronald Kinzer33Edmondson and Franklintown RoadVictim shot at carwash
801/09/06Cornell Lemon23100 South Monastary AvenueVictim shot near home, may have been a robbery, Lawrence Miller charged
901/13/06Johnny Evans43200 North Bruce StreetVictim hit with drywall hammer by roommate, John Wilson charged
1001/13/06Jimmy Sabb173100 Woodland AvenueShot during robbery
1101/13/06Gary Rideout412200 Aiken StreetDouble homicide, shooting victim
1201/13/06Raymond Williamson352200 Aiken StreetDouble homicide, shooting victim
1301/13/06Henry Ireland56East Preston and North Bradford StreetsVictim of Blunt Force Trauma
1401/14/06Robert Richardson261800 West Lombard StreetVictim assaulted with baseball bat
1501/15/06Edward Brown24Riggs and Calhoun StreetsShooting victim
1601/15/06Jose Mendoza40400 South Newkirk StreetVictim shot at La Bahia restaurant
1701/18/06Kristopher Reinhard162200 Washington BoulevardTriple Stabbing outside Italiano's Restaurant, Pablo Bowers and Ronald Herr charged
1801/19/06Mervyn Beckles232800 West Mulberry StreetShooting victim
1901/20/06Gregory Hopewell212600 Shirley AvenueShooting victim found behind home
2001/20/06Fernandez Woodson23800 North Glover StreetTriple Shooting double homicide, Jerome Garrison charged
2101/20/06Karlee Blackwell14800 North Glover StreetTriple Shooting double homicide Jerome Garrison charged
2201/21/06Kayla Baker121300 Sherwood AvenueQuintuple shooting angry man, James Ray went on rampage then committed suicide
2301/21/06Lemuel Davis584100 AlamedaLemuel Davis allegedly threatened brother then killed by brother's boss, Stephen Moodly
2401/22/06Clyde Tatum181200 Slater RoadShooting victim
2501/22/06Antwoine Armstead213300 West Belvedere RoadShooting victim
2601/23/06Temitayo Olowolayemo 205500 Winner AvenueShot during robbery
2701/23/06Augustus Venable372100 Lafayette AvenueShooting victim, Devone and Lisa Marshall charged
2801/24/06James Wright31500 West 30th StreetShooting victim, Levar Shedrick charged, Kyle Stevens plead guilty
29a. 07/18/90 d. 11/15/05Richard Witherspoon571800 Barclay StreetBeaten by three men with a bat
3002/02/06Rickey Medley19Cold Spring Lane and York RoadDouble homicide, Victim shot after altercation at gas station, Abdul Karim Alvez-El charged
3102/02/06Martell Brown16Cold Spring Lane and York RoadDouble homicide, Victim shot after altercation at gas station, Abdul Karim Alvez-El charged
3202/03/06Kurt Bowie233800 Potee StreetShooting victim found in vehicle
3302/04/06Mitchel Briggs Jr331600 Abbotston StreetShooting victim found inside Yom's Food Market
34s 01/27/06 d 02/08/2006Lamont Smith211 Goldsmith AlleyDouble shooting ,Donte Miller and Michael Park charged
3502/10/06Linwood Timmons48600 North Franklintown RoadShooting victim found in home
3602/13/06Dana Hawks292500 West Baltimore StreetShooting victim
3702/13/06Donald Henderson233000 Thorndale AvenueStabbed after altercation, Thomas Morton Jr. charged
3802/16/06Fredericka Mosley46200 North Bond StreetFatally stabbed during a fight,Irvin Mosley sentence to life in prison
3902/17/06Kwane Walker161600 Druid Hill AvenueShooting victim Michael Lynn charged
4002/18/06Dorrine Smith672000 Braddish AvenueVictim of Blunt Force Trauma
41a 09/02/01 d11/22/05George Davis Jr.281800 East Eager StreetVictim of Blunt Force Trauma
42s 03/1998 d 09/30/2005Antoine Ellis422000 Edmondson AvenueVictim died due to complications from previous gunshot wounds
4302/28/06Donte Bellamy221600 East 25th StreetDouble homicide, shooting victim, Chris Ward charged
4402/28/06Duraye Cole361600 East 25th StreetDouble homicide, shooting victim Chris Ward charged
4503/01/06Milburn Henson421900 EdmondsonShooting victim
4603/01/06Joseph Miller263300 Oakfield AvenueDouble shooting, Thomas Taylor charged
4703/03/06Joseph Schlick252300 Herkimer StreetMan asked victim to leave home, victim refused and was shot, Calvin Amos charged
4803/04/06Larry Hanes30Jefferson Street and Montford AvenueShooting victim
4903/07/06Curtis Lomax221200 West North AvenueVictim stabbed during fight
5003/13/06Kacife Parker281700 East Biddle StreetShooting victim
5103/14/06Kiam Moody371100 Webb CourtStabbed during altercation, William Fuller charged
5203/18/06Arron Godbolt234600 Reisterstown RoadShooting victim
5303/07/06Gregory Rollins41500 Mosher StreetShot after disagreement with girlfriend, Iletha Murdaugh charged
5403/21/06Lee Tatum73400 East 25th StreetStabbed by neighbor during argument, Dana White charged
5503/22/06Lenard Hawkins2223 Lauretta AvenueVictim shot while standing with friends
56Burned 03/22/06 added 06/13/06Said Sawab365500 Gwynn Oak AvenueFound after a fire death caused by arson, Daymar Winbish and Calvin Wilkes charged
5703/22/06Carlos Lewis21Cedley Street and Wenburn AvenueShooting victim
5803/23/06Shawnisha Biggus17700 Woodbourne AvenueVictim stabbed after being dragged into woods
5903/26/06Darren Green211200 Maple Leaf CourtVictim shot inside home
60S 07/24/03 d02/11/06Corey Vines33?Victim was shot, Marcus Burnett was tried and found not guilty
6103/30/06Victor Richards231300 Montford AvenueShooting victim, Jamal Winchester charged
6203/31/06Ashley Harris191800 North Charles StreetShooting victim found in front of Club Choice, Oscar Adams charged
6303/31/06Edward Jeter28900 Luzerne AvenueShooting victim found in home
6404/01/06Raymond Brown27500 Mount StreetShooting victim found on building's steps
6504/03/06Aaron Mackey18600 Presstman StreetShooting victim
6604/03/06Nehemiah Johnson304700 Harford RoadShooting victim found outside Cameo Lounge
6704/06/06Noble Johnson26500 Sheridan AvenueDouble homicide, victims found in parked vehicle
6804/06/06Shelton Turner21500 Sheridan AvenueDouble homicide, victims found in parked vehicle
6904/06/06Curtis Mitchell192000 Longwood StreetShooting victim found in home
7004/08/06Andre Brantley201800 Braddish AvenueShooting victim
7104/09/06Darnell Butler243500 Lucille AvenueShooting victim
7204/10/06Deangelo Hunter243300 Old Frederick RoadStabbing victim found outside Top Shelf Lounge Steven Fleary charged
7304/11/06Charles Sparrow531200 Glyndon AvenueStabbing victim found in home, Ray Lucky Williams charged
7404/11/06Kimberly Skyers322600 Saint Benedict StreetVictim of blunt force trauma and stabbing Eric Hicks charged
7504/12/06Randolph Terrance191900 Division StreetVictim had multiple injuries, died, and then was set on fire
7604/13/06Anthony Walker242300 Callow AvenueDouble shooting
7704/15/06Franklin Jones273000 Lorena AvenueShooting victim found in crashed vehicle
7804/15/06Raymond Reveley142200 Roslyn AvenueShooting victim, shot by man who fired on a crowd of children
7904/15/06Bryant Jones421000 North Augusta AvenueVictim shot after asking disrespectful person to leave his home, Jamal Charles charged
8004/18/06Davon Curtis252600 Loyola SouthwayVictim stabbed during fight
8104/20/06Robert Atkinson471400 Kuper StreetShooting victim found in home
8204/20/06Vincent Paige233400 Spelman RoadShooting victim
8304/20/06Larry Greene321400 Poplar Grove StreetShooting victim
8404/21/06Jarrell Adams202400 East Oliver StreetShooting victim, Jamal Winchester charged
8504/23/06Jennifer Morelock25700 Whitmore AvenueDouble homicide, victims shot in alley after talking to people on street, both victims from Westminster
8604/23/06Jason Woycio29700 Whitmore AvenueDouble homicide, victims shot in alley after talking to people on street, both victims from Westminster
8704/26/06Kayah Jackson14 mo.1600 Mountmor CourtBaby died from blunt force trauma, Annette High charged
8804/29/06Shaheed Boyd244100 Elderon AvenueShooting victim, Paul Barton charged
8904/29/06Mary Galston344100 Hyden CourtStabbing victim found in home
9005/03/06Donald Russell641400 Dukeland StreetVictim strangled then dismembered, Octavius Savage charged
9105/04/06Kenneth Oakley412300 East Preston StreetVictim shot in home by man chasing him
9205/05/06Pierre Alston263600 Edmondson AvenueShooting victim found in home, Melvin Faulkner charged
9305/05/06Kevin Hodges212200 Guilford AvenueShooting victim
9405/07/06Zion Clemmons16 mo.1300 Harlem AvenueBaby died from blunt force trauma. Shardae Coles, a babysitter, charged
9505/09/06David Snow242600 Quantico AvenueVictim shot in parked vehicle
9605/12/06Jeremiah Pinder563400 Round RoadVictim stabbed in home by girlfriend, Antoinette White charged
9705/13/06Justice Georgie?2200 Garrison BoulevardVictim shot during robbery at the Divine Unity Hair Salon, Kemoni Sterrette charged
9805/16/06Aaron Wilson231900 Eagle StreetDouble homicide, evidence shows the victims shot each other
9905/16/06Steven Wallace281901 Eagle StreetDouble homicide, evidence shows the victims shot each other
10005/17/06Jamal Gwaltney232500 Marbourne AvenueShooting victim
10105/17/06Darryl Lang384500 Marble Hall RoadVictim shot during robbery
10205/20/06Lynn Lettley281100 Dundalk AvenueVictim shot at gas station, Victor Banks charged
10305/22/06Donte Johnson186000 Amberwood RoadVictim shot in basement of apartment building
10405/23/06Whitney Wiley19Highgate Drive and West Northern ParkwayShooting victim, Antoinne Devonn charged
10505/24/06Harry Gillespie37800 Glade CourtVictim shot in vehicle
10605/25/06Shawn Ruffin33Woodbourne AvenueVictim shot in alley during fight, Larry McMillian charged
10705/27/06Darnell Spearman321500 Federal StreetShooting victim
10805/28/06Anuradha Ramasamy26300 West 31st StreetAllegedly killed by boyfriend, Thomas Ryan, who staged death as a suicide
10905/28/06Derrick Taylor26400 South Lehigh StreetVictim killed in home after argument about money, Jason Williams charged
11005/28/06Donye Blackston22200 South Broadway Shooting victim found behind building
11105/28/06Odell Wagner361700 Frederick AvenueShooting victim killed on street
11205/29/06Donte Hudson28700 Madeira StreetDouble shooting, both victims found on sidewalk
11305/30/06Marlo Lomax291400 East Federal StreetShooting victim found on sidewalk
11405/31/06Ourmar Bah287100 McClean BoulevardShooting victim was taxi driver killed in taxi, Damon Holmes charged
11506/05/06Wayne Mathews25300 North Guilford AvenueDouble shooting in the Club One parking lot
11606/07/06Marlo Hill241800 Saratoga StreetShooting victim
11706/10/06Antonio Alford225500 Kaddon AvenueDouble shooting in second floor apartment, Duane Elkerson charged
11806/11/06Larry Thompson301400 Aisquith StreetShooting victim
11906/11/06Darryl Duppins241400 Presstman StreetShooting victim found in street, Daymond Woodson charged
12006/13/06Cynthia Riley565700 Simmonds AvenueShooting victim found in home, Raymond Davis charged
12106/13/06Kevin Sewell202900 Towanda AvenueShooting victim found in street
12206/14/06Trey Branch212700 East Preston StreetShooting victim found in alley
12306/14/06Donald Lewis23900 East Preston StreetShooting victim found in street
12406/17/06Blackburn John282800 Ellicott DriveShooting victim found in street
12506/18/06Eric Knight261600 Smallwood AvenueVictim shot after discussion on street
12606/19/06Katiria Delacruz241400 Angelsea StreetVictim shot by man who turned gun on himself but survived, Hector Manzueta charged
12706/19/06Ryan Mills232300 Denison StreetShooting victim, Devren Dashazo charged
12806/20/06Demetrius Spears32300 East 27th StreetShooting victim found on sidewalk, George Jenkins charged
12906/21/06Anthony Rheubottom252200 Christian AvenueStabbing victim. Intimate partner, Angela Davis charged
13006/21/06Ja-niya Williams42900 Goodwood AvenueVictim beaten and raped, Ronald Hilton charged
13106/23/06Russell Duckworth334800 Pennington AvenueVictim beaten and stabbed in home, Natasha Sarchiapone and Mark Brooks charged
13206/24/06Robert Lee King37600 Aisquith StreetShooting victim found in vehicle
13306/26/06Thomas Batty66300 McMechen StreetShooting victim killed by man with whom he had quarreled
13407/01/06Sheldon Anderson272700 Edmondson AveueShooting victim found in street, Stephon Wallace charged
13507/02/06Kareem Foster21600 Cherrycrest RoadShooting victim found in street
13607/03/06Irvin Conley244300 Glenmore AveueDouble stabbing on porch of home
13707/08/06Elroy Long20400 Long Island AvenueVictim died after being open fired on while in vehicle, Jerry Anderson charged
13807/11/06Darrell Robinson21Calhoun and Presstman StreetsShooting victim
13907/12/06Gary Shipman28500 Sheridan AvenueStabbing victim found at gas station Sean Ramseur charged
14007/12/06Charles Harris19500 North Fremont StreetShooting victim found between two vehicles, Perry Blackstone charged
14107/13/06Jeremy Jennings201100 Argyle StreetShooting victim found in home
14207/14/06Gurnie Edwards461100 East Biddle StreetShooting victim found in front of his home
14307/14/06Valerie Chambers46400 West Franklin StreetDecomposed stabbing victim found in apartment
14407/15/06Jamie Mills331900 North Monroe StreetVictim from Pennsylvania shot inside Maceo's Lounge
14507/15/06Dion Williams152700 East Monument StreetShooting victim found 5 blocks from his home, Demitri Greer charged
14607/16/06Reubin McFadden27900 North Collington StreetVictim was chased and shot, found on sidewalk
14707/16/06Richard Smith343600 Cottage AvenueShooting victim found under parked car
14807/18/06Rasheed Stevenson17400 Whitridge AvenueDouble stabbing, Demetries Sturgis charged
14907/18/06Christian Nunez384800 Franklintown RoadShooting victim found on road in Leakin Park
15007/23/06Bernadette Reed472500 Loyola SouthwayDouble homicide, shooting in home's basement
15107/23/06John Carter492500 Loyola SouthwayDouble homicide, shooting in home's basement
15207/23/06Norman Handy331900 Guilford AvenueShooting victim found in street
15307/26/06Adjeala Graves325200 Wesley AvenueDouble homicide, victims found in car
15407/26/06Dante Watson345200 Wesley AvenueDouble homicide, victims found in car
15507/27/06Douglas Pulley271700 North Warwick AvenueVictim shoot while being robbed by three men near his home
15607/28/06Terrel Griffin184000 Park Heights AvenueShooting victim found on top of bicycle
15707/28/06Teon White252100 Koko LaneShooting victim found in home, Jonathan Everett convicted. Everett will be released in 2016 due to a miscommunication by his lawyer.
15807/29/06Troy Odoms23700 Cooks LaneShooting victim found in street
15907/29/06Santini Stanfield261000 Booth StreetVictim shot by suspect in vehicle
16007/30/06Irvin Harris112900 Belair RoadMelvin Jones previously convicted pedophile and family friend charge with murder. Victim's mother, Shanda Harris, charged with reckless endangerment
161Found 07/31/83 added 08/01/06William Gibson572200 East Pratt StreetDecomposed victim found in storage locker in apartment, ME rules homicide 23 years later, Dennis Wallace chargd
16208/01/06Derron Gaines33800 Bethune RoadShooting victim found in playground
16308/01/06Davon Hines19400 North Chester StreetDouble shooting, victim found on sidewalk Brian Fitzgerald charged
16408/03/06Howard Jones262600 Dulaney StreetShooting victim found on sidewalk, Davon Pearson charged
16508/03/06Gerald Edison302600 Evergreen AvenueShooting victim found in vehicle
16608/06/06Horace Fauntleroy36Edgecombe Circle NorthShooting victim found in street
16708/06/06Gregory Moore404100 Rollins AvenueShooting victim
16808/09/06Cecil Saunders273600 Pulaski HighwayAssault victim found in motel stairway, Donnell Williams charged
16908/13/06Jujuan Winfield214900 Nelson AvenueShooting victim allegedly killed by suspect on scooter
17008/14/06Ryan Teel23400 Ilchester AvenueTriple Shooting, Double homicide, victim found on porch
17108/14/13Rodtinae Jones16400 Ilchester AvenueTriple Shooting, Double homicide, victim found on porch
17208/15/06Harold Williams272700 Clifton AvenueTriple Shooting
17308/19/06Mary Page63200 North Culver StreetVictim found in home
17408/20/06Pepe Benn261800 North MontfordShooting victim
17508/20/06William Tillman212800 Spaulding AvenueShooting victim
17608/21/06Kevin Sharpe353700 Beehler AvenueShooting victim found in vehicle
17708/25/06Juliet Robinson352500 Jefferson StreetShooting victim
17808/27/06Damien Studivant212800 Round RoadDouble shooting
17908/30/06Rickie Tinsley21500 Pontiac AvenueVictim shot while riding his bike
18009/02/06Darren Wilson313500 Lucille AvenueShooting victim, Eddie Hawkins charged
18109/03/06Andre Dudley24800 West Lexington StreetShooting victim found in vehicle
18209/04/06Michael Freeman323400 Park Heights AvenueVictim shot on his own porch, Zachary James charged
18309/05/06Lamont Moore253300 Ambrose AvenueShooting victim
18409/06/06Antonio Brown16100 Diener PlaceVictim shot in front of apartment complex
18509/06/06Derrick Miller27600 North Montford AvenueShooting victim
18609/07/06Darrell Artis257100 McClean BoulevardVictim shot during fight in parking lot, LaTosca McCullough, Tavon Tyner and Marquise Brown charged
18709/08/06Biafra Thomas364800 Raymonn AvenueVictim asphyxiated in her own home
18809/10/06Anthony Taylor Jr.20300 East 22nd StreetDouble homicide, Victims shot during fight Eric Tate charged
18909/10/06Adrian Holiday19300 East 22nd StreetDouble homicide, Victims shot during fight, Eric Tate charged
19009/10/06Steven King193700 Eighth StreetVictim shot in home during robbery
19109/11/06George Young231100 Cleveland StreetShooting victim
19209/14/06Antonio Gilmore38601 Homestead StreetShot during robbery at Blockbuster Video
19309/15/06David Galloway192300 Norfolk StreetShooting victim found behind public housing complex, Braynell Gilchrist charged
19409/17/06Edward Curtis173700 East Baltimore StreetShooting victim
19509/18/06Floyd Cook561600 North Fulton StreetVictim received fatal gunshot from stray bullet
19609/18/06Jamie Randall302300 West Lanvale StreetDouble homicide,victims found in vehicle
19709/18/06Reginald Rucker322300 West Lanvale StreetDouble homicide, victims found in vehicle
19809/21/06Devin Wright26700 Gold StreetShooting victim
19909/23/06Cory Harrison272000 Robb StreetShooting victim, Derrick Wallace charged
20009/25/06Andrew Jackson262300 Mount Royal TerraceShooting victim, Sharod Mattox charged
20109/26/06Davon Sampson183300 St. Ambrose AvenueShooting victim
20209/26/06Janice Letmate674000 Biddison LaneShooting victim, Devon Richardson charged
20309/26/06Lateef Chase25500 Parkin StreetShooting victim found on bicycle
20409/28/06Sultan Matthews 191200 North Dukeland StreetVictim shot in home, Kevin Parker charged
20509/28/06Gary Nelson471700 East 30th StreetVictim stabbed on porch of his own home
20609/29/06Lamont Brown202700 Quantico AvenueVictim shot while walking
20709/30/06Victor Council431400 West Baltimore StreetShooting victim
20809/30/06Jamelle Carter182500 Oswego AvenueVictim shot while standing with friends
20909/30/06Unidentified Person??City Paper failed to list one victim from the week of September 30 2006
21010/02/06Stuart Griffith3521 South Calvert StreetVictim shot after fight at Gossip's Club
21110/02/06Billy Horn473800 Lyndale AvenueNeighbor shot victim after disagreement Marvin Ferguson charged
21210/02/06Bernard Davis161700 North Castle StreetDouble shooting, Gerry Boatwright and Davon Gardner charged
21310/04/06Herbert Betz30St. Margaret and Jeffrey StreetsVictim shot during robbery
21410/04/06Sean Dill321200 North Luzerne AvenueDouble shooting
21510/07/06Leonard Garrett24800 Winans WayShooting victim
21610/09/06Donnie Blanding 22Lewiston and Gist AvenuesShooting victim found in vehicle
21710/12/06Glenn Carlton38600 West Franklin StreetVictim shot in apartment
21810/15/06Antonio Hill16100 North Poppleton StreetShooting victim
21910/17/06Marcus Rogers261000 St. Paul StreetVictim was beaten and found after apartment fire Zukael Stephens charged
22010/17/06Cornett Robinson162800 Carver RoadShooting victim
22110/22/06Joel Bradley39700 Cumberland StreetVictim was beaten and may have been robbed Donavan White charged
22210/23/06Glenard Byrd191000 North Bond StreetShooting victim
22310/25/06Travis Wake23300 West 27th StreetShooting victim
22410/25/06Donte Johnson201500 Shields PlaceShooting victim found near his home
22510/26/06Leonard Brown251400 North Milton AvenueShooting victim
22610/27/06Kevin Washington281700 Ashburton StreetShooting victim
22710/28/06Arnilo Handy302700 Tivoly AvenueVictim shot in his home during robbery
228D 09/12/06 a 10/31/06Anthony Durso21200 East Patapsco AvenueVictim was beaten Medical Examiner ruled homicide
22910/31/06Gregory Welsh326000 Marluth AvenueShooting victim found on his front porch after assault Kenneth Brown and Kenneth Megginson charged
23010/31/06Antonio Williams32Cator and Elkader RoadDouble homicide Shooting
23110/31/06Jonathan Savage35Elkader and 41st StreetDouble homicide Shooting
23211/03/06Gap Suh61400 West Mulberry StreetVictim stabbed after minor car accident
23311/05/06Justin Owens234800 Melbourne RoadShooting victim found outside in sleeping bag
23411/07/06Nicole Edmund17300 West North AvenueStabbing victim found under I-83 overpass Kendrick McCain and Lataye King charged
23511/10/06Donald Samuels554500 Pennington AvenueShot inside pickup truck
23611/11/06Shawn Tiller162500 East Hoffman StreetShooting victim
23711/11/06Brian Pope362100 Garrison Boulevard Shooting victim found in home
23811/17/06Alfred Williams26Pennsylvania Avenue and Preston StreetShooting victim found in street
23911/19/06Lamont Jackson21500 North Streeper StreetVictim shot in doorway of his own home
24011/19/06Dennis O'Neil Bryant38Aiken Street and Hargest LaneVictim shot in vehicle, Tavon Caldwell charged
24111/21/06Tereem Taylor211700 West Saratoga StreetShooting victim found on sidewalk, Kenneth Lathan and Jamal Lloyd charged
24211/23/06John Dowery38700 Bartlett StreetDouble shooting, victim shot in Kozy Korner Bar
24311/25/06Shawn Reed32400 East 22nd StreetShooting victim found in vehicle
24411/26/06Michael Griffin43Groveland Avenue and Garrison BlvdStabbing victim, Miquel Johnson charged
24511/26/06Bernard Simon131200 Shellbanks RoadTriple shooting, three brothers shot in home
24611/28/06Andre Alexander214300 Fairfax AvenueShooting victim
24711/30/06Dennis Talley483800 Towanda AvenueShooting victim
24812/01/06Jason Sanders171300 North Chester StreetVictim stabbed by brothers during fight, Jermaine Sanders charged
24912/01/06Hamel Hurley251500 Shadyside RoadVictim shot during robbery behind his own home
25012/02/06Rassan Jones20300 West Lafayette AvenueShooting victim
25112/05/06Jamal Dailey193700 Flowerton AvenueShooting victim found in alley
25212/06/06Travon Johnson193400 Kenyon Avenue Shooting victim
25312/10/06Guiliano Santos17Monument Street and Ellwood AvenueVictim exited pickup truck after being shot
25412/11/06Theodore Caldwell29West North Avenue and North Mount StreetShooting victim found on sidewalk
25512/12/06Steven Richey413400 Cliftmont AvenueShooting victim shot after discussion near his own vehicle
25612/12/06Joseph Simms413900 Bonner RoadShooting victim shot 1 block from his home
25712/12/06Keith Barney304400 Haddon AvenueShooting victim found in parking lot
25812/13/06Ronald Stewart294000 Belvedere AveueShooting victim found in street
25912/15/06Christopher Whitfield223800 Hanover StreetShooting victim found on sidewalk
26012/15/06Kevin West392800 Virginia AvenueShooting victim
26112/16/06Kurt Mallone191300 McCullogh StreetDouble shooting, victims shot in vehicle
26212/16/06James Williams443700 Fairhaven AvenueVictim shot during robbery in his own home
26312/17/06Kenneth Worrell28800 Bethune RoadVictim shot outside his own home, Darnell Edmonds convicted in 2009 of 2nd degree murder, Edmonds is a 2013 homicide victim
26412/19/06Annette Bradney31800 North Stricker StreetVictim beaten
26512/20/06Ralston Holder525700 Hazlewood CircleVictim shot in parking lot
26612/20/06Everton Holder413300 East Fayette StreetDouble shooting victim is the brother of Ralston Holder shot earlier at another location
26712/21/06Wesley Harris222400 Winchester StreetShooting victim found on lawn
268S 04/26/06 d 11/05/06 added 12/30/06Larry Parks373900 West Forest Park AvenueShooting victim
26912/22/06Erik Johnson34700 North Monroe StreetShooting victim found near curb
27012/23/06Freddie Thornton694300 Franklintown RoadStabbing victim left in Leakin Park Timothy Izzard charged
27112/24/06Stephen Brunson372900 Silver Hill AvenueShooting victim found on lawn
27212/26/06Jose Contreras343200 East Baltimore StreetDouble shooting men shot during robbery. Kevin Barnes, Kevin White and Lennard Jones charged
27312/27/06Willie Lewis462500 Garrett AvenueDouble shooting, victim shot during home invasion
27412/28/06Ricardo Langford382700 Kinsey StreetShooting victim
27512/30/06Lebard Jones30North Avenue and Carey StreetShooting victim

2006 Baltimore City Homicide Locations Mapped

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