Northwest Baltimore Homicide sites and Pharmacy locations for 2011

Here is a map denoting the homicides in the Northwest Area of Baltimore and the pharmacy locations. The homicides are annotated in red paddles and the pharmacies are the blue paddles.

View Northwest Pharmacy and Homicide Sites in a larger map

This can be compared and contrasted to a similar map denoting the North East Baltimore homicides and pharmacy locations.

Click on this link for a list of the 2011 homicides in Baltimore City.

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2011 Baltimore City Homicides/Murders

This should answer the question: "How many murders in Baltimore?" This map and list denotes the homicides in Baltimore City during 2011. Click on the name for a link to a news source about the homicide event.

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No.Date DiedNameAgeAddress Block FoundMurdered ByVictim Has No Adult Criminal History
101/01/11David Jones211500 Hazel StreetTimothy Dennison, charged
201/01/11Marquise Hall16500 North Lakewood Ave.
301/02/11Hezikah Wilson385600 Plymouth Roadnone
401/05/11James Fields471900 Greenmount AvenueHercules Thomas, charged
501/05/11Deandre Garris342700 Mayfield Avenue
601/09/11Leon Donte Smith34300 East 33rd Street
701/09/11Willie James Davis261700 Gwynns Falls Parkway
801/09/11Marvin Kelly221700 Gwynns Falls Parkway
901/10/11Wendell Woodard263000 Harford RoadDavon Johnson and Travis Bell, charged
1001/10/11Kevin Seymore Lewis45600 North Carrollton AvenueAnthony McDonald, charged
1101/20/11Rhidel Price212900 Denham CircleDavon Martin pled guilty
1201/22/11Harry Hicks29400 Swale AvenueSteven Jackson is a suspect, Lamont Jones charged
1301/23/11Antonio Lamont Lee351400 East Monument Street
1401/24/11Damon Gilmore311700 Cole Street
1501/28/11Raynard Kentrell Benjamin30800 West Pratt StreetFreddie Curry, charged
1601/30/11Jeffrey Purnell515700 Eastbury AvenueDemetrius Arrington
1702/02/11Warren Wilmer Jr.36900 North Woodington Road
1802/07/11Craig Lamont Manuel192700 Polk StreetIsaacier McQueen Jr., charged
1902/08/11Isaiah McFadden216600 Alta Street
2002/11/11Jose Estrella194000 Park Heights Avenue
2102/15/11Steven Williams531100 West Cross StreetAnthony Johnston and Chadonna Chase, charged
2202/16/11Martez Anthony Hall221600 31st StreetPatric Glasco pleads guilty 05/20/13
2302/17/11Joshua Matthews451100 West Cross StreetLaFayette Taylor, charged
2402/20/11Mark Saunders231600 Cliftview Avenue
2502/22/11Anthony Trent253300 Virginia Avenue
2602/27/11Edgar Waylan Wilson612800 Clifton AvenueJerrell Dixon, charged
2703/04/11George Marshall572700 Hollins Ferry RoadEllerson Carter, chargednone
2803/05/11Paul Simons III23200 North Hilton Street
2903/05/11Charles Hopson221100 Cooks LaneRonald Offer, charged
3003/06/11Ronald T. Gibbs175000 Nelson AvenueTerrance Simsnone
3103/12/11Tanise Ervin19900 Gorsuch AvenueJames Cureton, chargednone
3203/17/11Brandon Carter292738 Pennsylvania Avenue
3303/19/11Angelo Fitzgerald23300 McMechen StreetJames Berry is a suspect
3403/19/11Darshewn Freeman441200 West Ostend StreetAntwan Conley, charged
3503/20/11David McClaughlin Jr.244500 Edmondson AvenueTerrence Fitzhugh, charged
3603/22/11Andre Drummond48500 East North Avenue
3703/25/11Reginald Leon Wragg462100 Barclay StreetPatricia Turner, charged
3803/27/11Steven Oglesby173200 Elmley Avenuenone
3903/29/11Jhoma Blackwell182600 Huntingdon AvenueSyron Abdullahnone
4003/29/11Gregory Davenport271000 Edmondson AvenueRashaw Scott, charged
4103/29/11Durrell Roach315400 Sinclair Lane
4203/29/11Murrell Hearns Jr.31700 Washington Blvd.
4303/30/11Tyrone Slay Jr.316000 Moravia Park Road
4403/31/11Derek Jones251100 Winchester Street
4504/01/11Charles Johnson24300 Guilford Avenue
4604/05/11Christopher Bullock243400 Powhatan Avenue
4704/05/11Roosevelt Tillman III202800 West Mulberry StreetDarrell Mack, charged
4804/06/11Keenya Jordon32600 Lennox StreetDaniel Sullivannone
4904/09/11James Evans314900 Bowland Avenue
5004/09/11Dwight Taylor25200 West Saratoga StreetDavon Martin pled guilty
5104/11/11Antonio Miranda433800 South Hanover StreetEric Phillipsnone
5204/11/11Isiah Callaway191700 Crystal AvenueTavon Davis and Bruce Byrd, charged
5304/13/11Chantel Ford244500 Westchester Roadnone
5404/16/11Donis Lopez26500 North Decker Street
5504/19/11Edward Auston31500 Schroeder Street
5604/20/11Julian Turner19600 Bartlett Avenue
5704/21/11Keith Cooper471 West Conway StreetIsaac Tyrell Truss
5804/22/11Edward Jones50200 West Fayette StreetIsaac Tyrell Truss
5904/23/11Brandon Littlejohn20700 North Calhoun Street
6004/24/11Damon Griffin254200 Rokeby Road
6104/24/11Stephen White294200 Rokeby Road
6204/24/11Isaac Stevens254700 Sayer Avenue
6304/24/11Tevon Corey Allen22500 North Pulaski StreetAvery Evans and Calvin Evans, charged
6404/24/11William Cann461700 Homestead Avenue
6504/25/11John Atkins431800 Bentalou Street
6604/26/11Jason Willis233600 5th Street
6704/27/11Kareem Randall271300 North Calhoun Street
6804/27/11Elmore Rembert491 South Monroe StreetEugene Bates
6904/28/11Alex D. Venable261900 North Collington AvenueRobert Moore, Quincy Chisholm and Anthony Roach, guilty of murder conspiracy
7004/29/11Gilberto Gonzalez221700 East Lombard StreetIsrael Garcia, chargednone
7105/02/11Darien Kess271200 Linworth AvenueAlex Venable is a suspect
7205/11/11Willie Elliott31100 North Eutaw Street
7305/14/11Dawaun Christopher Anderson224500 Marble Hall Road
7405/19/11Raymond Young293200 Spaulding Avenue
7505/19/11Marcus Nickens Jr.1910th Street and Stoll Place
7605/21/11Jalil Malik al-Salim501600 North Fulton StreetAnthon Diggs, charged
7705/22/11Dashawn Brown173100 Edmondson Avenuenone
7805/25/11Donte James Larkins331500 North Monroe Street
7905/25/11Anthony Sherman271600 Ward Court
8005/26/11Kevin Jones571200 West Ostend StreetCorey Crosby
8105/27/11Sean Johnson121700 Cliftview AvenueDanyae Robinson, Antwan Mosley, Derrick Brown, pled guilty or convicted, sentencesnone
8205/29/11Fareed Abdullah283500 Eldorado Avenue
8305/30/11Lois Jean Smyth404400 Windsor Mill RoadKenneth Brunettinone
8405/31/11Payton Rivers34600 North Highland Avenue
8505/31/11Maurice Gray35700 East Eager Street
8606/01/11John Kelly255800 Moores Run Court
8706/03/11Durran Banks252200 Fleetwood AvenueJames Wright is a suspect
8806/10/11Chad Anderson263000 Spaulding Avenue
8906/11/11James Wright251500 West Baltimore Street
9006/12/11Roy Murray292600 Park Heights Terrace
9106/12/11Gary Anthony Gibson232900 Westwood Avenue
9206/14/11Henry Dominic Mills402400 Greenmount AvenueDavid Hunter, convicted. This murder was gang-related (BGF)
9306/14/11Angelo Maurice Winston Jr.26600 Dumbarton Avenue
9406/16/11Charles Lassane55500 Denison Street
9506/17/11Troy Fennell39700 Ashburton Street
9606/20/11Anthony Carr522900 Edgecomb Circle South
9706/22/11Andre Womack235500 Grindon AvenueMicah Mayne, charged
9806/27/11Brittany Devone223200 Leverton AvenueJose Villatoro, charged
9906/28/11Chong Wan Yim553900 Erdman AvenueWilliam Carrnone
10006/28/11Christopher Samuels24500 Mosher Streetnone
10106/29/11Omar Johnson161900 Breitwert AveneBrandon Mitchellnone
10207/01/11James Lofton211100 South Carey Street
10307/01/11William Daughtry201400 Stonewood Roadnone
10407/04/11Joseph Calo26700 Eastern AvenueMarcus Harris, charged although this may have been self-defense
10507/05/11Sterling Kelly293700 Harlem AvenueFrederick Williams, charged
10607/09/11Tremon Fields251 West Fayette Street
10707/10/11Richard Mills461700 Gorsuch AvenueBrandon Carter, charged
10807/10/11Jerel McFadden221500 Lester Morton Court
10907/10/11Patsy Person43200 North Belnord AvenueDaryl Cloudnone
11007/14/11Jawan Weeden301800 North Pulaski StreetMartin Harris Convicted. Harris felt slighted by Weeden after dispute
11107/14/11Omar Richardson242100 Homewood Avenue
11207/15/11David McKoy291 North Franklintown RoadFrederick Morrison
11307/16/11Rodney Mandotis Johnson30800 North Bond Street
11407/17/11Rasheed Abdullah211200 Ward Street
11507/19/11William Johnson251900 North Bentalou Street
11607/19/11Marvin Hayes22800 North Gilmor StreetMarkez Jones acquitted then killed on 03/02/15
11707/26/11Michael Jones274300 Nicholas Avenue
11807/26/11Tanyika Gibbs364300 Nicholas Avenue
11907/26/11Billy Ray Lovitt584300 Nicholas Avenuenone
12007/25/11Dwayne Hawkins25600 Cooksbury Avenue
12107/26/11Ryshawn Cox21900 North Belnord AvenueLarry Holly, charged
12207/27/11Anthony Johnson473600 Chesterfield Road
12307/29/11Hassaan Frank291300 North Gay Street
12407/30/11Gerald Bonner314800 Bowland Avenue
12507/31/11Dominic Perry151100 Wedgewood Roadnone
12607/31/11Anthony Tarbert151100 Wedgewood Roadnone
12708/02/11Sean Eames241600 Darley AvenueOttus Maximum Savoy, charged
12808/03/11Irene Logan914700 Moravia RoadAnthony Robinsonnone
12908/14/11Derrell R Burrow232900 Edgecomb Circle South
13008/14/11Demetrius Sowers333400 Clifton Avenue
13108/22/11Lawrence Rollings252500 East Chase Street
13208/22/11Alfred "Freddy" Garner Jr.356000 Harford RoadWillie Danielsnone
13308/23/11Big Bahadur Gurung205200 Bowleys Lanenone
13408/23/11Lee Jones III243700 West Forest Park Avenue
13508/24/11Jerome Golphin25200 Mt. Holly Street
13608/25/11Kennard Hailey261200 Valley Street
13708/27/11Dramiara Johnson41700 Gorsuch AvenueLakeya Johnson, chargednone
13808/29/11Dewayne Jones232800 Round RoadEvent had something to do with Cherry Hill feud
13909/01/11Janice Drayton51900 Leadenhall StreetGary Allmond, chargednone
14008/08/11Davon Booth Jr15600 Woodmont Avenuenone
14109/04/11Antonio Laws31500 North Chester Street
14209/07/11Dalyrie McFadden12700 Riggs AvenueHari P. Close IIInone
14309/08/11Marcus Hopkins214200 Old York Road
14409/14/11Bruce Benn161900 West Lombard Streetnone
145shot 08/30/06Gerrod Marcus Davis223300 Elmora Avenue
14609/17/11Armando Santiago42700 East Patapsco Avenuenone
14709/17/11Larry Petty25700 East Pontiac Avenue
14809/19/11Gregory Parker22100 North Poppleton Street
14909/19/11Thomas Powell20400 North East Avenue
15009/21/11Isaiah Roane293500 Dolfield RoadTimothy Kittrell
15109/21/11Robert James30800 East 34th Street
15209/24/11Greg Toles303900 Dolfield Road
15309/24/11Tyrone McQueen283900 Dolfield Road
15409/25/11Keith Parker384000 Primrose Avenue
15509/27/11Dwight Montgomery452200 Garrison Blvd.
15609/28/11Antonio Blackwell261400 East Fayette Street
15709/28/11Aldrick Hamilton321900 East 31st Street
15810/03/11Anton Ingram32500 McMehen Street
15910/04/11Maricus Kyle Perkins20900 Herndon Court
XXX10/03/11Steve Mach523200 St. Victor StreetPolice-involved shootingnone
16010/10/11Kevin Pierre20300 North Belnord AvenueJajuan Martin convicted
16110/10/11Devearl Singletary171400 Kuper Place
16210/11/11Louis Ingram242400 East Lanvale StreetAnthony Brown, charged
16310/14/11Christopher McMillion231500 East 29th Street
16410/16/11Marquis Jones202200 East Aikens StreetAntwon Lee, charged
16510/17/11Antoinne Pratt232100 Harford RoadRussell Carrington, charged
166(s. 9/99 d. 10/07/11) Earl Brown362200 Callow AvenueTyrone Arrington
167(08/16/11)Willie Nelson522800 West Mulberry StreetThomas Riddle, charged
16810/20/11Samuel Pinkney182800 South Woodbrook Avenue
16910/24/11Edward Bardney382200 Linden Avenue
17010/24/11Sherry Montgomery-Cantey43900 East 41st Street
17110/27/11Shyekee Wilson181200 Braddish Avenue
17210/28/11Eddie Nance53600 George StreetLeroy Smith, charged
173(s 2/1/98 d 6/10/11)Richard Ford385300 York RoadShonte Robinson, suspect
17410/31/11Freddie Jones522901 Greenmount AvenueMarkell Jones
17511/5/11Davon Diggs214100 Parkwood Avenue
17611/5/11Shirley Tyler673200 Spaulding AvenueDemond Tylernone
17711/9/11Santos Villanueva254300 Loch Raven Blvdnone
17811/11/11Lakeisha Player262600 Kentucky AvenueDarnell Kinlaw, chargednone
17911/12/11Darren Roberston201000 Pennsylvania Avenue
18011/12/11Kevin Lofland182200 Aiken StreetDwayne Moore, chargednone
18111/14/11Steven Pennington321700 Moreland Avenue
18211/15/11Gregory McFadden25700 North Carrollton StreetMevin Baker and Antonio Moore shot victim after dispute.
18311/21/11Tavon Toney25900 West Franklin StreetJerome Burgess Jr., charged
18411/29/11Kenneth Davis29500 South Bentalou Street
18512/06/11Carlos Martinez271 North East Avenue
186(s. 8/17/92 d 7/10/11)Ronald Watkins351 W North Avenue
XXX12/07/11Christopher Gilliam453500 Woodland Avenueruled justified
18712/10/11Brandon Hudson222900 North Calvert StreetIf you have info call Detective Yost 410 274 6090
18812/12/11Dwight Jones582500 Violet Avenue
18912/16/11Lawrence Edwards232200 Elsinore Avenue
19012/17/11Jeffrey Smith324400 Bel Air Road
19112/18/11Dayon Barnes27200 North Smallwood Street
19212/19/11Donte Collins293000 Brighton StreetStanley Brunson, charged
19312/21/11Dameone Suggs Sr.402500 West Pratt Street
19412/21/11Shirley Garrett67800 East 34th StreetHassanhii Garrett
19512/25/11Damond Wallace302500 Giles Road
19612/28/11Tiyon Campbell312800 West Garrison Avenue
197m 12/28/10 f 04/20/11Phylicia Barnes166500 Eberle DriveMichael Johnson, chargednone

Click here to view this Baltimore City 2011 Homicide Victims Map in a Google Map with a name index in the lefthand panel

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Moravia Road (Bel Air-Edison) Homicides 2007 2011 - Baltimore MD

The number of homicides is exploding along Moravia Road in the Belair-Edison neighborhood of Baltimore City. Moravia Road Homicides

Total 2011 Moravia Road Homicides may be viewed on this map:

View Moravia Road Corridor Homicides 2011 in a larger map

A possible explanation for this marked increase in the region's homicides is this neighborhood's proximity to major highways that run north and south, and easy-on easy-off exit and entrance ramps. Drugs make their way along I-95, the beltway and tunnel thruway. Because the drugs often arrive close to a highway in bulk, the purity level is high. Drugs become diluted as they change hands and travel further away from the main courier arteries, as dealers add cut and filler to drugs. This area is fast becoming an ideal place to interact with the drug trade.

Also, this Baltimore neighborhood has a number of older citizens living in the immediate area as well as Dundalk and Essex that are a growing market for drugs. Pain medication in the form of pills and heroin are popular in this area of Baltimore City.

The drug trade is often a source of violent crime and violent criminal acts. Another neighborhood which is experiencing an increase in the number of homicides is Baltimore's Brooklyn Park/Curtis Bay which has similar challenges.

Click on this link for a list of the 2011 homicides in Baltimore City.

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Baltimore Homicide Statistics - Comparison of the Age Ranges of the Victims