Northwest Baltimore Homicide sites and Pharmacy locations for 2011

Here is a map denoting the homicides in the Northwest Area of Baltimore and the pharmacy locations. The homicides are annotated in red paddles and the pharmacies are the blue paddles.

View Northwest Pharmacy and Homicide Sites in a larger map

This can be compared and contrasted to a similar map denoting the North East Baltimore homicides and pharmacy locations.

Click on this link for a list of the 2011 homicides in Baltimore City.

Here are some interesting studies regarding Baltimore City Homicides:
Baltimore Homicide Statistics - Gender Comparison of Victims
Baltimore Homicide Statistics - Comparison of the Age Ranges of the Victims

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Unknown said...

This is my son nothing has been done to find his killer and he was so young but had 3 kids and alot of siblings. I want justice please help find my son's killer.