Homeless Census 2011 - Track for Port Covington/Riverside - Baltimore

4 other people and I had some fun driving around South Baltimore looking for homeless people this morning, between 12AM and 3AM. We found 5 people and did 1 survey. This is our track:

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Patapsco Valley Mill Sites - Baltimore and Central Maryland

156 Mills, Foundries and Tanneries

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If you are looking for the location of a specific mill, click on this sentence link and used the index on the left of the Google Map to locate it. These sites are listed in the book A Guide to Patapsco Valley Mill Sites by James Walter Peirce. I made a few minor changes due to my knowledge of various mill sites. If you want to know more about each mill you should either buy the book or borrow a copy from your local library.

For those that just want to download a gpx file for use with their GPS or want a simple way to get this map to work with their iPhone, you can click on the Everytrail map below and then work with that site:

The Mills of the Patapsco Valley at EveryTrail

Below is a list of he mills that are annotated:

Aetna Powder Mill, Allen Grist Mill and Saw Mill, Ashley Ballemeno Mill, Asquiths Mill, Avalon Mills, Baltimore & Cuba Mining & Smelt,Baltimore Copper and Smelting, Baltimore Gunpowder Manufactory, Baltimore Iron Works, Bankert Grist Mill,Bartlett Hayward Foundry, Baskey Saw Mill, Batwood Mill, Beards Grist Saw Mill, Bellona Powder Mill, Bells Mill, Bentz Grist and Saw Mill, Blakely Mill, Bloom Grist Saw Mill, Bonds Saw Mill, Bonnie Branch Mill, Bowen Grist Mill, Brandenburg Grist Mill, Buffington Mill, Burgess Grist Mill, Burnham Saw Mill, Bushy Grist and Saw Mill, Calverton Mills, Carrolls Mill & Furnace, Carrolton Grist Mill, Chesapeake Furnace, Clipper Mill, Cockeys Mill,Comet Roller Mill, Cornthwaites Mill, Danb Mill, Daniels Albertson Cotton Mill, Davis Mill,Days Grist Mill, Devries Fulling Mill, Dorsey Paper Mill, Dorseys Furnace, Druid Cotton Mill, Ebaugh Fulling Mill, Elba Furnace, Elkridge Furnace, Elkridge Paper Mill, Ellicotts Iron Mill, Ellicotts Lower Mill, Ellicotts Upper Mills, Elseroad Saw Mill, Elys Grist Mill, Fitche Mill, Fites Mill, Franklintown Grist Mill, Frick Saw Mill, Gardiners Mill, Gillis Saw Mill, Gosnell Saw Mill, Grays Cotton Mill, Green Grist Mill, Groffs Mill, Hammors Grist and Saw Mill, Hansons Mill at Belvedere Bridg, Hansons Mill,Harris Fulling Mill, Hawes Grist Mill, Heiser Grist and Saw Mill, Hockley Forge, Hockley Grist Mill, Hoffman Paper Mill, Hollingsworth,Hoods Mill, Hoods Grist Mill, Hooperwood Textile Mill, Hopkins Grist and Saw Mill, Howard Cotton Factory, Hoys Mill, Hudsons Mill, Ivy Paper Mill, Jackson Foundry, Jacobs Grist Saw Mill, Jamisons Powder Mill, Klees Mill, Lawrencas Grist Mill, Lees Mill, Lewis and Shelby Grist-Saw Mill, Lloyd Grist and Saw Mill, Lyons Mill, Maryland Copper, Matthews Saw Mill,Meadow Cotton Mill, Mentzells Paper Mill, Merriweather Mill, Merriweather Grist Mill, Milford Grist and Saw Mill, Moores Mill,Mount Clare Grist Mill, Mount Royal Forge, Mount Vernon Cotton Factory, Mount Washington Cotton Mills, Oakland Mills,Odells Grist Mill, Orange Grove Flour Mill, Owings Middle Mill, Painters Mill,Park Mill, Pigott Grist Mill, Plummers Mill, Pohattan Cotton Factory, Poole and Hunt Foundry, Red Run Grist and Saw Mill, Richards Grist and Saw Mill, Richards Grist Mill,Rockland Cotton Mill,Rogers Forge, Rogers Lime Kiln and Mill,Rutter Mill, Saes Tannig Mill, Saint Marys Mill, Schaffer Grist Mill, Schlossett Tannery, Selby Grist Mill, Shamberger Grist and Saw Mill, Showey Grist Mill, Simkins Paper Mill, Smiths Leather Tannery, Soapstone Grist and Saw Mill, Soapstone Paper Mill, Sparrows Point, Springfield Roller Mills, Stevenson Copper Furnace, Stickney Furnace, Stimix Mill, Stockdale Grist and Saw Mill, Stowe Mahogany Mill, Strausbau Grist Mill, Tamanus Mill,Tentsfield Saw Mill, Thistle Mill, Thompsons Saw Mill, Tschudi Mill,Union Manufacturing Company, Union Saw Mill, Vachael Dorsey Mill,Valley Grist Mill and Saw Mill, Vinegar Mill, Welles Grist and Saw Mill, Whalen Grist and Saw Mill, Whipps Mill, Wilkins Rogers Flour Mill, Wind Mill, Windsor Mill, Winters Grist Mill,Woodberry Grist Mill, Worthington Saw Mill