The Bodies of Leakin Park - Baltimore, MD

Petro Taylor Lemuel Wallace Oliver Wendell Munson Margo Baker Richard Wayne Truman
Since 1946 79 Bodies have been found in Leakin Park. Below is a map of where the 68 of those bodies were found.

Below is a list of 79 bodies found in Leakin Park, I may have missed a few due to the limitations of searching on the Internet. If you click on the names of the victims you may read the information I was able to find about each case.

I want to make one additional comment. Anyone that knows me is aware of my attention to detail when it comes to map symbol placement. Due to the large numbers of symbols and making the map clear, and also the pathetic way the Baltimore City Police Department annotates crime scene locations, I want to admit the body placement is approximate and not exact. If you have any questions, email me. You can find the address in my profile. This list was most recently updated on 06/18/2017.

Shooting victim
NameAddress body was foundDate FoundAgeMurdered By:
Richard Wayne Truman (with introduction)Mt. Holly Road areaNovember 18, 194613Robert Clayton Wright
Larry Jefferson3800 Stokes DriveApril 19, 19689Reginald Vernon Oates
Matt Jefferson 3800 Stokes DriveApril 19, 19685Reginald Vernon Oates
Louis Robert Hill 3800 Stokes DriveApril 19, 196810Reginald Vernon Oates
Lester Watson 3800 Stokes DriveApril 19, 196810Reginald Vernon Oates
Elsie Josephine Johnson 3900 Chesholm RoadMay 28, 196916Andre Van Lear Foster
Eugene Leroy Andersonr4100 Stokes Drivekilled July 11, 1969 found October 27, 196920Either the Black Panthers or the FBI depending on your POV
George Douglas Newton 3700 Winterbourne RoadJune 6, 197123
Milton Beatty 4500 Hutton Ave March 8, 197224
Sherman Mack Butler Hutton Ave and Wetheredsville RoadJanuary 6, 197320
Thelma Nash 4800 Franklintown RoadJanuary 28, 197319David L. Morris
Wanda M. Lewis 1400 Franklintown RoadMay 18, 197415
Alfred Washington 1400 Franklintown RoadMay 18, 197417
William Braxton Leakin Park July 30, 197426
William Emerson Dorsey 3800 Chesholm RoadAugust 6, 197417
Luther Wagner 4800 Franklintown RoadDecember 2, 197421Fred T. Sampson
Wanda Carter Windsor Mill Road December 7, 197622Olivia L Tatum
Gwendolyn Moore3500 Gelston DriveMarch 29, 197923
Lester Williams 1400 Franklintown RoadOctober 9, 197925
Margaret L Robinson 4700 Franklintown RoadJune 26, 198119Killed by husband
Joyce Ann DeShields 4300 Seminole AvenueMay 9, 198226killed by serial killer who remains on the loose
Paul John Casper 4800 Clifton AveJanuary 5, 198436
Oliver Wendell Munson Potentially Leakin ParkFebruary 13, 198439Dennis Watson is a person of interest
Unidentified Man Wetheredsville Road March 19, 1986
Jason Ely 4500 Wetheredsville Road January 1, 198821Willy Petty Jr, Jimmie McKoy, JoAnn Petty
Hope Sarah Patterson 1900 Wetheredsville RoadSeptember 13, 199035Ronald Ludd and Richard Tirrell Cook charged
Troy Leroy Bennett 4600 Wetheredsville RoadMay 16, 199120
Infant Franklintown Road and Chesholme RoadNovember 13, 1991less than 1
Timothy Washington Most likely Leakin Park September 11, 1992 8 Keith M. Garrett
Linda Pearson 4700 Wetheredsville RoadMarch 28, 199331Don Anthony Pearson
Unidentified Man - Suicide 4900 Windsor Mill RoadApril 17, 1994
Patrick Maxwell 4700 Franklintown RoadMay 2, 199427
Bernadette Tyndale 2000 Ridgetop Road June 15, 199430Ernest Tyndale
Shante Harris Franklintown RoadJuly 29, 19943Darntrell Griffin, Eric Duane Dorsey
Gregory Melvin Smith 4700 Franklintown RoadMay 4, 199525Robert Malcolm McLain Jr. aka Darryl Anthony Harris McLain or Darryl McLain DOB 05091968 No longer incarcerated
Russell Fletcher 3700 Franklintown Road February 1, 1996 37
Renita Wallace1900 Ridgetop roadApril 3, 199633Walter Percy Holmes Jr.
Courtney Williams4500 Wetheredsville RoadApril 7, 199627The Dirty Cop accused Chris Black
Unidentified Man 4500 Wetheredsville Road April 8, 1996 No obvious signs of foul play
Aaron Glenn 5000 Franklintown Road April 20, 1996 20s
Charles Augustus Robinson 3500 Winterbourne Road April 24, 199661
Charles Hayden(found with D. Coleman) 4800 Franklintown RoadJuly 18, 199622
Deron Coleman 4800 Franklintown RoadJuly 18, 199624
Alphonso Spencer 4500 Franklintown Road April 27, 1996 37 Allegedly Arnold Braxton Jr. and Nathaniel Powell
Rodney Alonzo Banks 5100 Franklintown RoadMay 19, 199731
Devon Dexter Denton 3600 Winterbourne RoadMay 25, 199718
Victonio Guy Spencer 1900 Eagle DriveJune 1, 199726All charges dropped against Keith D. McCallum
Leonard Williams 2000 Franklintown RoadJuly 2, 199725
Unidentified Man 4800 Franklintown Road September 08, 1997
Wanda Turner 3100 Wetheredsville RoadJanuary 23, 199826
Todd Roney Hutton Ave and Wetheredsville RoadSeptember 7, 199833
Rasheed Alea Harris Leakin Park Ravine February 22, 1998 19
Kendall Hawks 4700 Windsor Mill RoadOctober 4, 199818
Rufus Washington4000 Clifton AvenueNovember 13, 199841Michael J Stewart and Antonio A Warrington
Vincent Blatch 3500 Winterbourne RoadNovember 24, 199835
Novella Peaches Brown 4500 Hutton AveDecember 28, 199841
Hae Min Lee 4400 Franklintown RoadFebruary 9, 199917Adnan Musud Syed
Terrance Granger 3700 Franklintown Road October 8, 1999 22
Unidentified Man Franklintown and Wetherdsville Roads August 09, 2000
Brian Anthony Johnson 3400 Winterbourne RoadJune 10, 200118Eric Von Poole (although there are some questions regarding his conviction), Charles Antonio Ham, Carl Douglass Harrison
Christopher Hudson 4500 Windsor Mill RoadJune 29, 200120
Adrian Anthony JenkinsFranklintown and Wetheredsville RoadsDecember 9, 200121
Broderick Richardson Franklintown Road January 24, 2003 38
Carlos Herrea Leakin Park January 31, 200463
Margo Baker 4000 Clifton AveMay 6, 200552Ross Telp (her son)
Stephen Robinson 3200 Franklintown RoadOctober 9, 200555
Christian Nunez 4800 Franklintown Road July 18, 200638
Leonard Nathaniel Garrett 800 Winans WayOctober 7, 200624
Freddie Thornton 4300 Franklintown RoadDecember 23, 200669Timothy Izzard
Riley Pettus1300 North Woodington RoadJune 7, 200743
Kwame Saka Osafo 3900 Winterbourne Road October 10, 200721Andre Cox, Gregory Lee charged then nolle prosequied
Yolanda Brown 3600 Winterbourne RoadMarch 20, 200836William Vincent Brown is a suspect, he was found guilty of attempted murder of another woman in Leakin Park,and pleaded guilty to the murder of 2 women in other locations
Petro Taylor 3000 Franklintown Road December 30, 200820Grechauna Rogers, Sierra Pyles, Tenisha Lawson, Anthony O. Williams, Devin Melton, Lawrence Walker, Dominique Boone
Lemuel Wallace 3200 Franklintown Road February 4, 200937Kevin Pushia pleaded guilty, James Omar Clea and Kareem Jamal Clea were found "Not Guilty"
Michael Thomas 1900 Eagle Drive March 29, 201029
Lois Jean Smyth aka Lois Vance 4400 Windsor Mill RoadMay 29, 201140Kenneth Brunetti
Oswaldo Santana4700 Windsor Mill RoadFebruary 29, 201221
Mary Tisdale 4900 Franklintown Road September 29, 2012 62
Antoine Ellis 2000 North Forest Park Avenue November 22, 2012 23
Vashon Conyers 3600 North Franklintown Road January 30, 2018 30 Victim died in well due to trauma to the body
Ricky Tyrone Williams 4300 North Franklintown Road July 15, 2018 36 Shooting victim
Albertus Nelson 4700 Franklintown Road December 07, 2018 58

If you enjoy Leakin Park or enjoy finding abandoned artifacts in the woods, you may wish to visit my Ghosts of Leakin Park site. If you want to look at a handy trail map for the park you can visit my Leakin Park Trail Map site. General information about 2013 Baltimore City Homicides can be found here.

Update January 6, 2011 I'm getting inquiries from people about murders for years gone by. I have created a helpful tutorial on how the search the Baltimore Sun archives yourself. If you can't find what you are looking for through the Sun Archives you can email me with the approximate date of the murder, the name of the person murdered, the location of the murder and the home address of the murdered person or as much information as you know, and I will see what I can dig up. I am a busy person so you will have to wait patiently for the results.

Special thanks to the Enoch Pratt Free Library and the Charm City Circulator, without their assistance this site wouldn't have been possible. Also I would like to thank Thea Pederson for her attention to detail and good eye.

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Margo Balker murdered by Ross Telp Petro Taylor murdered by Sierra Pyles Petro Taylor murdered by Grechuana Rogers Lemuel Wallace murdered by Kevin Pushia Yolanda Brown murdered by Vincent Brown Image Map

How to use the Baltimore Sun Archives and the library to search for old murder cases (and other stuff)

In the furthest reaches of your memory do you have an old murder that you want to learn about? Or maybe there is an urban legend kicking around that you want to confirm or deny? Or how about if you just want to know more about something that happened in the past. Allow me to show you how to find out what you need to know. All the resources you need are right here on the Internet.

Naturally, you can do your research any way you wish, but I will share my own methodology. Below is a quick list of the web sites that you will find useful.

Baltimore Sun Archives

Enoch Pratt Free Library Newspaper Databases

Baltimore County Public Library Newspaper Archive List

Maryland Judiciary Case Search

Maryland Department of Corrections Inmate Locator

First let's talk about how Baltimore Sun's reporters report on murder cases. Do a search on what you know already. They almost always list the following:

Name of victim
Name of alleged murderer
Hundred block of murder site
Hundred block of both victim and murderer's home address
Neighborhood of murder site

Once you have some general information, you will also need a range of dates in which the murder/event took place. So think about what you were doing when the event took place and you can start there. The Baltimore Sun Archives is missing the years between 1987-1990.

There are 2 ways of accessing Baltimore Sun articles from yesteryear for no money at all.

1. The Enoch Pratt Free Library

You are free to visit the EPFL Central Library at 400 Cathedral Street, Baltimore, MD 21201. Enter the lobby, take a left and go straight to the Newspaper Room. There you will confront some scary library ladies who will give you a dirty look. Bring your A-game with you. Be polite. Tell the scary ladies what you want and they will give you specific instructions. Do not ask for special favors, do not make small talk, do not look right, do not look left. They will tell you exactly what to do to extract the information you need from the microfilm. Follow the rules. You can make paper copies of the article @ $0.20 per page or you can make downloadable jpgs with their new-fangled machinery if you bring your own thumb drive. Once you get the swing of things it becomes quite easy.

Update 11/20/11 Since I first published this post the kind people at the Enoch Pratt Free Library has added the Baltimore Sun to the EPFL Newspaper Databases it provides to the library-going public. Just like in Baltimore County you will need a library card to access them from your home OR you can visit an EPFL branch and use the computers in the library.

2. Baltimore County Public Library On-Line Newspaper Archive Database

For this you will need a Baltimore County Public Library library card. Baltimore County library cards are available to anyone. You can apply on-line for a Baltimore County Library card here. You will also need to sign up for their on-line account management system which requires and email address. Once you are hooked up into the Baltimore County System you can access the many online newspaper databases Baltimore County provides, Baltimore Sun, Afro American, New York Times and Christian Science Monitor.

Baltimore County Public Library Newspaper List

Once in the archives, type the street names, victim names, and whatever other identifying search words into the search box. Next choose the appropriate database and date ranges. I'd go with "relevance" because that will help you avoid anything in the classified ads or notices, you want the articles. Keep searching until you find the articles you seek. Once you find the articles that are relevant write down the date of the newspaper and the page number.

Okay, now you have the information about the murder and you want more information about the people involved. I recommend using the Maryland Judiciary Case Search to find out all about the interactions the people involved had with the judicial system. The case search only harkens back to 1990 or so, but for recent criminal events it should be able to give you the big picture. For common names you may need the middle initial or birth date.

Once you have the murderer's name you can figure out whether he/she is still a guest of the state by using the Maryland Department of Corrections Inmate Locator. Again, for common names you may need the middle initial or birth date.

Masonville Cove Revisted - Baltimore, MD

First and foremost, for an explanation of my initial visit to the cove please visit my original blog post on the Masonville Cove. I have no picture for this current post so if you want to see what it looks like you'll have the refer to the other post.

View Masonville Cove in a larger map

Okay, now that you have read the old post let's fast forward to October 2010. I have been doing a lot of bird watching over at Ft. McHenry and have been watching the dredge activity over at Masonville Cove. If you look at the Google Map Satellite imagery viewable now (October 2010) in the above map it is completely inaccurate. The Port Administration has annihilated the cove, the ferry is gone and so are a lot of the other boat relics that were there. The cove area to the east of the Mercedes Benz parking lot has been filled in and now there are new land formations all over. The last 2 years have been a noisy busy mess.

I had to go over to Brooklyn yesterday so I figured I would stop in over at the cove to see what was going on. The Masonville Environmental Center has been erected, finished and staffed. According to the Masonville Cove Environmental Center Website it is sort an education center. I was there at noon on a Monday. There was staff in the building but the door was locked. I knocked anyway. The staff told me the building was not open to the public that day, I asked to look around which they allowed me to do. Nobody offered me a map or instructions on what to do or see at the cove. The staff seemed busy preparing their lunches. I opted not to ask any questions because I feared the staff would tell me I had to leave the cove and go away which wasn't going to happen. I didn't feel like getting into a pissing match with a ponytail.

Now I was left with a dilemma, I wanted to see the cove but I didn't want the staff to notice I was in the cove. Fortunately for me I remembered to wear my camouflage. The beauty of Masonville Cove Environmental Center is that the center is completely obscured in the woods. As long as one stays to the west of the center they can't see you. So that is where I decided to go. I left my car in the Environmental Center's parking lot which I will probably never do again. The parking lot has a gate and I was worried that the gate might get closed. Next time I visit I will leave my car somewhere on Frankfurst Avenue so the staff can't see it and I won't have to worry about the gate. I also want to forwarn you that due to the dredging the entire area really really stinks, it stinks bad.

I walked west on Frankfurst Ave. and used the gated road entrance to access the cove (see map). Then I walked a few hundred feet to get to the water's edge. There is a road that goes to mulch parking lot there. Then you have to bushwhack. Some of the coastline there rises about 20-30 feet above the water and makes for a good place to watch the birds. This was pretty exciting because an osprey was busy diving for fish not 50 feet in front of me. There was lots of osprey activity. Across the cove area I noticed a kingfisher enjoying the rocks. I looked over to the Mercedes Benz parking lots and saw a bald eagle atop the big light poles. It's October and I have always noticed the balds on the Patapsco at this time of year. My guess is that they are coming from the north, performing their southward migration to South America to hang for the winter.

I wanted to know what the land looked like as it went out further to the point. So I started to walk northward. There was no trail, I was doing a lot of difficult bushwhack in lots of thorns and invasives. I got to an area where there was a group of trees and all hell seemed to break loose. The trees came alive with big blue herons squawking and flapping their wings. Now, this answered a question I had about the big blues. As an avid birder over at Ft. McHenry I always wondered where the herons lived, as they seemed to always fly in from Masonville Cove. Herons are very particular as to what type of tree they like to perch in. This little group of about 4 trees that I stumbled upon must be the home turf of the area's heron population. With all my crunching the herons decided to vacate the premises. Before I knew it there was a big flock of large blue herons flying around the Patapsco River Basin which looked totally cool. I felt bad for disturbing them, and this is probably why I later learned the Masonville Urban Bird Sanctuary is off-limit to humans. I suppose I must have been in the bird sanctuary part of the cove. Who knew?

I managed to make me way out to the tip of the point and saw some old rotting pier posts. There were a variety of gulls and cormorants basking in the sun. It was nice and peaceful, I found some old shards of chinaware that were unusual. When I was at the environmental center I had notice a very small picture display of the history of the point. Apparently there once was entire rowhouse neighborhood on the point that was demolished because the railroad wanted the land. There are some old pictures of the neighborhood on the website here. I wonder where Matson and Mavin Street, in Masonville Cove once were? The neighborhood had 50 houses, a store and gospel hall. Do you know? Please add a comment if you do.

Anyway, I was getting a little worried about my car and that gate so I left Masonville Cove, maybe one day I will visit their legal hiking trails and learn more, that is if the Visitor's Center staff is a little more welcoming.

Update January 3, 2011 I went back to Masonville Cove a few days ago. This time I left my car at the parking lot but outside the gate alongside the Environmental Center Sign. I learned that the Maryland Environmental Services team closes the gate precisely at 3:30PM and that it is legal to leave your car outside the gate but not blocking the entrance way. Forwarning: There was a lady-of-the-evening actively looking for business out on Fairfield Ave. so be very aware that this is going on in the immediate area. Take precautions and protect yourself, especially if you are female.

I bushwhacked back to the cove to the water's edge that is on the west side near the concrete plant. This is migratory duck heaven. I saw:

Ruddy Ducks
Common Mergansers both male AND female
Herring Gulls
Blackbacked Gulls
Big Blue Herons

Next time I visit I think I might park at the Park&Ride at the intersection of Hanover Street. I am going to wear my baggy pants and hood, and then walk up 1/2 mile on Fairfield Ave to get back to the cove. As a woman in this section of town I don't want to be all that visible.

A Review of the DeLorme PN60 and SPOT Communicator

Image hosting by

Before I begin I want to inform everyone that I am a long time user of DeLorme products. I cannot compare the DeLorme product line with any other brand because I simply don't know enough about Garmin and Magellan products.

The new PN60 and the SPOT Satellite communicator are the latest offering to the DeLorme handheld GPS product family. The increased functionality of the PN60 allows the user to take their hobbies and interests well beyond hiking, biking and geocaching. This is not your grandma's GPS. Yes, you can use it for all the basic activities but if that is all you need it to do I say save your money and use your iPhone.

First, let's talk about the SPOT Satellite communicator. When one is an avid backpacker they often find themselves in out-of-the-way places that don't have many cell towers. An accomplished backpacker will be prepared for anything and most likely won't get themselves into trouble. However, every single backpacker has some sort of paranoid relative who sits at home being a worrywart. If you are the worrywart please quit whining and kvetching, and buy the backpacker in your life this product. I won't lie to you, the SPOT is a bit cumbersome to use but it will allow a hiker to communicate through satellites from anywhere on earth, and send a 40 character message through email or a Facebook post. There are more communication options but those are the 2 that I use, check the specs for more information. The beauty of the SPOT communicator is it is one-way communication. The backpacker can send messages out, the worrywarts of the world can't send annoying messages back. The message receiver will also get a Google-style map with the exact location +- a few feet of where the hiker is. Oh, and if the hiker gets into trouble in the outback they can get help by sending a distress signal to the US Air Force, though my mother could care less about that feature as she just wants to know that I'm alive and be able to keep tabs on me.

But now let's talk about the good stuff. By good stuff I mean Digital Globe Aerial Imagery. We are talking 30 cm aerial imagery on the screen with a green arrow showing exactly where you are. It is all about the imagery. Think about the clarity of the imagery you see on Google Earth, this is almost as good. I would say that the GE imagery for my urban area is 20 cm, though I'm guessing. The Digital Globe imagery is available for most of the entire globe, which means everywhere. If you don't live in the United States don't dispair. The PN60 will still work very well for you with these new aerial images although you are out of luck if you reside on the Afghanistan/Pakistan mountain border, everywhere else is available. So if you are in the woods and are looking for an old foundation or an artifact then most likely you'll be able to see it on the screen of your PN60 and it is fast. For all you history buffs this is the device for you.

I don't wish to get long-winded with this review. The PN60 works much like the PN40. There are a few new features I would like to mention. First, the new Sync window that works with DeLorme TOPO9.0 Software. The Sync Window uses the power of the Internet to automatically connect with DeLorme's Netlink Server. Sync will take care of all the firmware updates for your PN60 as long as your PN60 is connected to your computer. There is no more fooling with downloading zip files and trying figure out how to update your device. A feature worth mentioning is that it has become abundantly easier to organize waypoints in files, and the PN60 will store them as gpx. The device will hold a lot of waypoints, for the exact number you'll have to check with DeLorme. I have yet to fill my PN60 to its waypoint capacity. Lastly, a feature I have used that his been helpful to me is the ability to calculate the area within a track line while standing anywhere. This little-known feature might be of use to insurance adjusters, farmers and anyone in the landscaping business.

Here is a list of helpful links.

Click here for General Information about the PN60 and SPOT Communicator. There is a tab near the top of that page for product specifications.

Click this link to learn more about the Digital Globe subscription.

Here is a review I wrote years ago about the PN40, which goes into more detail about the features available on that device. The PN 60 is very similar to the PN40.

Here are two interesting blog posts that I have created using the PN60. These are good examples of how to use a handheld GPS device for more than just geocaching and hiking:

Ghosts of Leakin Park site This site allows the user to learn about forgotten artifacts that can still be found in a popular and expansive urban park. This site took me months to create but has proved to be quite popular.

The Famous People Buried at Green Mount Cemetery site This site allows one to find the grave markers of several notable people buried in the cemetery. One may use the site to transfer the placemarks to any brand of GPS or phone so they may easily find the graves that interest them.

Ghosts of Leakin Park - Baltimore, Maryland

GLP Banner Image Mock Fort Orianda Mansion Water Wheel Bollman Truss Bridge Martin House

Leakin Park, rife with its mysterious dark history and haunting intrigue, is filled with artifacts,and the flotsam and jetsam of yesteryear. The park played host to a wealthy Winan family's Crimea estate, several mills, the Mt. Holly Inn, an old trolley line, two cemeteries, a Bollman Truss bridge, and the home of the Dr. Jesse William Lazear, who cured yellow fever. If you want to spend an afternoon poking around, feel free to click on the map to see what neat stuff can be found in the forest if you dare venture off-trail. Have fun searching for yesterday's debris.

Click on this link Ghosts of Leakin Park to use this in Google Maps for your Droid, Verizon or Blackberry

Barbecues LocationInformation Martin HouseLocationInformation
Baseball FieldLocationInformation Mill RaceLocationInformation
Bergner Mansion LocationInformation Mock FortLocationInformation
Bollman Truss Bridge MarkerLocationInformation Mt. Calvary AME Baptist ChurchLocationInformation
Burial Mounds LocationInformation Norman Van Allan Reeves MarkerLocationInformation
Cemetery of Leakin Park LocationInformation Old BathroomLocationInformation
Eagles at the EntranceLocationInformation Orianda House - Crimea EstateLocationInformation
Former Hotel Site Mt. Holly InnLocationInformation Pumping StationLocationInformation
Forlorn Little Picnic TableLocationInformation Secret Tent SiteLocationInformation
Foundation of Caretaker's HouseLocationInformation SpringsLocationInformation
Giant SundialLocationInformation Tiny Bridge in the WoodsLocationInformation
Hodnot FarmLocationInformation Tschudi CemeteryLocationInformation
Honeymoon CottageLocationInformation Trolly Street Car Lorraine LineLocationInformation
Horse Stable RuinsLocationInformation Utility BuildingLocationInformation
Jastrow ShelterLocationInformation Water TankLocationInformation
Jerome Sloman MemorialLocationInformation Water WheelLocation Information
Light Post on the Windsor Mill BridgeLocationInformation Windsor Mill Place Mansion SiteLocationInformation
Winterbourne MansionLocationInformation

Smarthphone and Garmin/DeLorme/Magellan Users

You can go to the Alltrail site to get these placemarks in a waypoint file format to download on your GPS handheld in a gpx file. You can also use the Alltrail site to use these placemarks with an iPhone applications. Just click on the Alltrail map here then scroll down and view the pane on the right hand side and follow the instructions.

Most of the information published here comes from discussions I have had with Rick Smith over at Friends of Orianda House or Heide Grundmann with Friends of Gwynns Fall Leakin Park.

If you want a GPS-friendly trail map for Leakin Park that will assist when you find these artifacts you can click on this Leakin Park Gwynns Falls Trail Map.

If you are interested in learning more about the bodies that have been left in Leakin Park you might visit the Bodies of Leakin Park site.

If you like this site you might also like its sister site Ghosts of Druid Hill Park.
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My summer buddy

This guy actually knows me. If there is no one else around he lets me get close.

Blue Heron in Summer 2010

How to Park for Free at Hershey Park, Hershey Stadium or Giant Center

$10 is a lot of money to waste on parking. Let's face it, there is no need to pay if you are willing to walk a few blocks and don't mind a shuttle bus.

Simply use the free street parking that is available around town deep in the neighborhoods and either walk or ride your bicycle to the Hershey Museum. Watch the street signs because some streets have only 2 hour parking. Behind and to the right of the Hershey Museum you can walk across an enclosed overpass walkway. Once across you can wait for the free shuttle bus that operates when Hershey Park and Hershey Museum is open. It will take you to Hershey Park. The shuttle hours vary so make sure you find out what they are so you can plan your return. You can walk to the park too. Either use the overpass walkway or the Park Avenue Bridge and follow the asphalt path from there. Once you arrive at Chocolate World you can walk to the Stadium or the Giant Center quite easily. See map for details.

The Shuttle bus is free for visitors of Chocolate World and the Hershey Museum. It costs nothing to be a visitor at the Museum gift shop and Chocolate World. In fact, the Chocolate World ride is free and they give you free candy samples at the end. Might as well enjoy the air conditioning while you are there. After you "visit" you can continue on to the Giant Center or Stadium and do what you need to do.

Here is a link to this Google Map.

While riding the shuttle bus this may not be a good time to give a lecture on the evils of indulging on sugar, lack of exercise and childhood morbid obesity. Trust me, this won't be a receptive crowd.

Derry Township, Hershey, PA Municipal Public Park Locations Map

For anyone that is wondering where the public parks are in Derry Township and Hershey, PA click on the icons on this Google Map:

Boathouse Park Brookside Park Bullfrog Valley Pond
Cocoa Castle Founders Park Gelder Park
Koons Park Palmdale Park Shank Park
Union Deposit Ball Fields

You may click on this Google Map Link for easier use of this map.

Old Holy Trinity Cemetery - Eldersburg, Maryland

This brings me back to my preblog life. Years ago I became interested in old Episcopal cemeteries, simply because I liked the stories the Episcopalians wrote on their tombstones. Since there was no Internet at the time I made some phone calls. I ended up talking to this guy named Jim Purman who took care of some strange abandoned odd cemetery in the plasticified burbs west of the city. He put me on a mailing list and for years I've been getting paper biannual newsletters about the Old Holy Trinity Cemetery in Eldersburg, MD mailed to my home address. I've read every single word of the newsletters and feel I know everything that is going on with the place but I never took the time to figure out where it was. I went to the official website of the Holy Trinity Cemetery but there wasn't a map, only poorly written directions. Then I went to Google and stared at the aerial imagery for hours and finally located this lost little cemetery behind a strip mall. I figured the least I could do for these folks is make them a little Google maps so people can find it.

View Holy Trinity Cemetery in Eldersburg, MD in a larger map

Leakin Park Gwynns Falls Trail Map -Baltimore, Maryland

Here are some hike and bike trail maps for Leakin Park and most of the Gwynns Falls Trail that will work nicely with your GPS, Garmin or Smartphone. The first one is in Everytrail which will work with your iPhone, Garmin handheld GPS unit and is also downloadable in gpx and kml (Google Earth) file formats if you want to download the file for use with your Garmin, Magellan or DeLorme mapping software. The second is in Google Maps and you may use it on your Droid, Garmin Windows Mobile or Blackberry by saving it to your Google Maps "My Maps" or use the Send-to feature for Garmin. These maps should be to help bikers, hikers and geocachers. They were made by my knowledge of this park and by tracing another trail map.

Here it is in Everytrail, click on the title link and it will take you there on the Internet.
Leakin Park Gwynns Fall Trail Mapx - Baltimore, Maryland at EveryTrail

Here it is in Google Maps, click on the link at the bottom and it will take you Google Maps on the Internet.

View Leakin Park Trails in Google Maps in a larger map

For those of you who enjoy history you might want to check out my GPS-friendly Ghosts of Leakin Park site.

For those interested in learning more about the bodies that have been left in the park you may visit the Bodies of Leakin Park site.

Savage Park Trail Map, Howard County, Maryland

Here is a trail map I have created for Savage Park. The Everytrail version is great if want to transfer the trails to your handheld GPS such as Garmin, Magellan or Delorme, as it is downloadable in gpx and kml (Google Earth) file formats. The Everytrail version also works very well with your iPhone with an easy Send-To feature. Below that map you will see the same map in Google Maps that can be utilized with your Android, Windows Mobile, Garmin and Blackberry devices by adding it your Google Maps "My Maps". These maps are great for hiking, biking and geocaching.

Here is the EveryTrail version. Just click on the title link and it will take you there.
Savage Park Trail Map for you in gpx at EveryTrail

Here is the Google Maps version, click on the link if you need to use it:

View Savage Park Trail Map in Google Maps in a larger map

Green Mount Cemetery Map - Famous People, Baltimore

Greenmount Cemetery, BaltimoreHere are 2 GPS-friendly maps you can use to find the headstones or grave markers of the 78 notable people buried at Green Mount Cemetery in Baltimore, Maryland, as well as a clickable list of some of the people buried at the cemetery. These maps should assist you in finding the graves in the cemetery. If you are looking for the grave site of a specific person click here for the Google Map site. On the new Google Map page you will find an index of people listed in alphabetical order on the left pane. If you click on the name it will take you to the location on the map.

Here is the Google Maps version:

View Green Mount Cemetery Plot Map - Famous People at Google Maps

The people associated with these waypoints (click on name for more information):

Arunah Abell Annie ArmstrongSamuel Arnold Edwin George Baetjer
General Henry Bankhead John R Bland A Aubrey Bodine Elizabeth Patterson Bonaparte
John Wilkes Booth General Richard Bowerman Augustus Bradford General Joseph Brent
Jessie Bright Alexander Brown Frank Brown J Archibald Campbell
John Lee Chapman General James Deems General Levi Axtell Dodd Allen Dulles
John Eckhardt General Arnold Elzey Isaac Emerson James Swan Frick
General Charles Gaither Robert Garrett General John Gills Robert Goodloe Harper
James Hodges Johns Hopkins General Benjamin Huger Obed Hussey
General Joseph Johnston Harriet Lane Johnston William Keyser Sidney Lanier
Ferdinand Latrobe James Law J Wilson Leakin General Henry Little
J Walter Lord The Lucas Family D. John G Machen Etta Haynie Maddox
William Marburg Theodore McKeldin Louis McLane Robert McLane
Robert M McLane Harry Nice Robert Norris Daniel S Norton
Michael O'Laughlin Robert Oliver Enoch Pratt James Preston
Samuel Ready General Lawrason Riggs WH Rinehart Admiral Cadwallader Ringgold
Albert Ritchie Commodore Thorton Rollins Moses Sheppard Morris Soper
General George H Steuart Sr General George H Steuart Jr Thomas Swan General Isaac R Trimble
General Erastus Tyler Joshua Vansant Severn Teakle Wallis Henry Walters
William T Walters General Henry Warfield Olivia Cushing Whitridge William Pinkney Whyte
Thomas Wildey Ross Winans General John Winder General William Windsor

The Green Mount Cemetery Map at Everytrail can be easily used with your iPhone, you can also download a gpx file of the grave locations for used with just about any handheld device including GPS receivers such as Garmin and DeLorme, and you can also download a kml file to view in Google Earth. Just click on the Everytrail link and EveryTrail can help you out with transferring the grave locations.

Green Mount Cemetery Baltimore Famous People Burial Site Map in EveryTrail