Ghosts of Druid Hill Park placemarks/waypoints/photos

I'm updating this entry on 8/20/10

Last year a bunch of my friends and I did photowalk in Druid Hill Park on a very cold day in January. The photos are in conjunction with Adam Paul's Ghosts of Druid Hill Park site so you need to go there for an explanation of what this post is about.

I am going to add a couple of maps here so that they can be usable for anyone with a GPS. The Google Map site is good for anyone that has a Droid, Windows, Blackberry or Verizon phone, save it "My Maps" and you can use it. The EveryTrail Map is good for anyone with an iPhone or wants to download the gpx or kml placemark files. Choose your poison, I don't care what you do.

Google Maps

Click on this link for Ghosts of Druid Hill Park Baltimore for a Google Map to use with your Droid

Click on these links and they will take you to a new window in Google Maps

Colored Pool
Grove of Remembrance
Howard P. Rawlings Arboretum
Lloyd Rogers Buchanan Cemetery
Mansion House aka Park Headquarters
Reptile House
St. Paul's Lutheran Cemetery
Three Sisters Ponds


Ghosts of Druid Hill Park Placemarks at EveryTrail - To use with your iPhone, or download kml gpx click this link

Ghosts of Druid Hill Park Flickr Photowalk images

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