Ghosts of Leakin Park - Baltimore, Maryland

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Leakin Park, rife with its mysterious dark history and haunting intrigue, is filled with artifacts,and the flotsam and jetsam of yesteryear. The park played host to a wealthy Winan family's Crimea estate, several mills, the Mt. Holly Inn, an old trolley line, two cemeteries, a Bollman Truss bridge, and the home of the Dr. Jesse William Lazear, who cured yellow fever. If you want to spend an afternoon poking around, feel free to click on the map to see what neat stuff can be found in the forest if you dare venture off-trail. Have fun searching for yesterday's debris.

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Barbecues LocationInformation Martin HouseLocationInformation
Baseball FieldLocationInformation Mill RaceLocationInformation
Bergner Mansion LocationInformation Mock FortLocationInformation
Bollman Truss Bridge MarkerLocationInformation Mt. Calvary AME Baptist ChurchLocationInformation
Burial Mounds LocationInformation Norman Van Allan Reeves MarkerLocationInformation
Cemetery of Leakin Park LocationInformation Old BathroomLocationInformation
Eagles at the EntranceLocationInformation Orianda House - Crimea EstateLocationInformation
Former Hotel Site Mt. Holly InnLocationInformation Pumping StationLocationInformation
Forlorn Little Picnic TableLocationInformation Secret Tent SiteLocationInformation
Foundation of Caretaker's HouseLocationInformation SpringsLocationInformation
Giant SundialLocationInformation Tiny Bridge in the WoodsLocationInformation
Hodnot FarmLocationInformation Tschudi CemeteryLocationInformation
Honeymoon CottageLocationInformation Trolly Street Car Lorraine LineLocationInformation
Horse Stable RuinsLocationInformation Utility BuildingLocationInformation
Jastrow ShelterLocationInformation Water TankLocationInformation
Jerome Sloman MemorialLocationInformation Water WheelLocation Information
Light Post on the Windsor Mill BridgeLocationInformation Windsor Mill Place Mansion SiteLocationInformation
Winterbourne MansionLocationInformation

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Most of the information published here comes from discussions I have had with Rick Smith over at Friends of Orianda House or Heide Grundmann with Friends of Gwynns Fall Leakin Park.

If you want a GPS-friendly trail map for Leakin Park that will assist when you find these artifacts you can click on this Leakin Park Gwynns Falls Trail Map.

If you are interested in learning more about the bodies that have been left in Leakin Park you might visit the Bodies of Leakin Park site.

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