Detroit Homicide Statistics - Age Ranges of Victims

The number of homicides in the city of Detroit has varied widely over the last 8 years, Detroit had 409 homicides in 2004,308 homicides in 2010 and 344 in 2011. During that time the number of homicides did appear to be decreasing although in 2011 the number of homicides increased significantly. The number of homicide victims in each age range (10 year increments) is graphed below. Since the number of homicides is not a static number a more telling way of looking at the data is to examine each age range's number of victims as a percentage of the total number of homicides in a given year. As one can see in the line graph above the largest percentage of homicides occurs in the group of victims that is in the 20-29 age range, which ranges between 31 and 39% of the total of each year. In 2011 the percentage of this group was 38.66% of the total, resulting in 133 homicide victims of people in this age range. This group is followed by the 30-39 age range which comprises 20-27%. This age range percentage of the total doesn't appear to be increasing or decreasing overall, but holding steady.

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