Stealth Backpack

I've always looked at laws, rules and regulations as more of a suggestion than an absolute. So this weekend Keith and I did some backpacking. I am not at liberty to tell you where we went and what we did, but instead, I have decided to post some pictures as a clue. Those that really know their Mid-Atlantic topography will be able to figure it out. So go to the pics and see if you can guess where we were.

I will give you only one written hint, we were relieved to avoid these people and managed to convince the residents of the rest of the state not to sit on us. Hence, we are still breathing.

Oh, there is one pic off the WMRT, I did some biking later on and really like this one. True to my bear magnet form, another black bear crossed my path on the WMRT trail near Hancock which was a good thing, it was the 3rd and last day of Merryland's bear season and the bear was heading toward the C&O canal towpath. If he managed to stay in the area until sundown he would be safe for another year.


lisazilla said...

Looks like you guys had great weather too. I'll do a stealth backpack with you guys next time. I'm no good with geography, but I'm guessing you were out west or south of Frostburg.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I'll see you on the 3rd.

Cham said...

Frostburg, good choice lisazilla. Unfortunately, no cigar. I will say that Frostburg is about 35 miles from where we were.

Anonymous said...

Whats a Stealth Backback? & Whats the WMRT?

Cham said...

Stealth backpacking occurs when one may be in an area where overnight camping in not allowed. A camper may find a place that is surrounded by brush and can't be seen by those passing by, and hopefully, forest rangers with ticket books.

WMRT stands for Western Maryland Rail Trail, which is a paved bike trail along the Potomac that runs from Clear Springs up to Pearre through Hancock.