What is it?

I live in Strangeville. Mind you, this place is a nice neighborhood with nice people, but something is always being tweaked or changed or mowed down or built. There is so much change that it becomes a constant, Large objects get staged here. You get to be aware that when things happen internationally they have an impact on my backyard. When I first came here there was some sort of demand for a certain type of wood. There were logs everywhere sitting idle. I never knew what type of logs but one day they all disappeared, but they had sat so long that all their bark fell off and nobody cleaned it up for months.

Then there was the time the dollar was weak and big monster capital equipment was everywhere, cheap stuff from Japan and Korea. One yahoo truck driver tried to transport of piece of it once and took out a bridge on the beltway, along with about 5 people. Then there was the time that aluminum was cheap. Some Russian bought about a billion ingots and put them all over the place. They sat for a couple of years and maybe he sold high, but one day they were gone.

Oddball stuff comes and goes, but with the help of the Internet sometimes I am able to find out what something is. Take a look at this picture and see if you can tell me what this is (Hint, it is part of a very popular item these days):

Here is a whole bunch of them from another angle.

Off in the distance are some pieces of the rest of the apparatus.

Of course, for that answer all you have to do is visit the Suzlon website for the obvious visual explanation.


yellojkt said...

Nearly every morning on I-95 southbound right near Caton Avenue I see huge tractor trailers with large tubes parked on the side of the highway. I wonder if they are related to the windmills.

Cham said...

Yes, that is more of the blade pieces. Over the last few months as I have traveled back and forth to the mountains on I-70 I have seen a number of the trucks heading west with the blades. The windmills are getting much much larger. I think Suzlon is making these things in India. I wonder which states are installing them.

jxnx said...

I haven't seen any of these things, I'm obviously not hanging out in the right neighborhood. Hey Cham, thanks for the 11 mile east side tour the other day. I went back to that place on Greenmount for lake trout the very next day with my boyfriend. I still haven't found that brewery again though, I think it's not really on Gay street. :P

Cham said...

Jxnx, yes it is 1701 North Gay, all the way at the end. Here is a site about the Brewery.

This Panaramio page will get you right there

Pete said...

Holy COW - so THAT's what those are! I run over the bridge to Ft. McHenry 4-5 times a week and see them down there waiting in the rail yard. I've always suspected that something more scary and dangerous was inside - but it seems that its just the opposite.
Thanks for the info! I'll smile tonight as I run past those ominously wrapped tubes.