Bald Eagle, Patapsco State Park

Bald Eagle 1Bald EagleBald Eagle


Double Dogged said...

Nice shots of the Eagle and Hawk. It is good to see the Eagles making a great comback in Maryland.

From time to time I have a Hawk in my backyard! It keeps the small animals and birds in line.

Cham said...

What that eagle doesn't know is that it is sitting less than 3 miles away from the place that made the DDT that nearly wiped them out. I guess springtime is no longer silent.

Mr. Drew said...

Hi Cham,

Where in the park did you see these guys? I am mightily impressed by the broad-winged hawk.

My house backs up onto PVSP in Elkridge. I have the Cooper's and Sharp-shinned hawks stopping by my bird feeders for a snack every couple days, but I haven't seen an eagle yet, much less a broad-winged.

Cham said...


Try going to my Panoramio pictures and clicking on the picture, they've all been mapped so you will see the specific location on the aerial photo. If that doesn't work try click on this for the eagle picture or this for the hawk pic.

Something should work. That eagle would have been really close to you.