Baltimore City Lead Paint Violation Notifications Maps

The Baltimore City Health Department was kind enough to publish a list of residences that had a lead paint violation between April of 2006 and August of 2016. I converted that list into a spreadsheet and was able to created a set of visualizations using 2010 US Census Tracts and Neighborhood layers. If you want to use a map please credit me for my work, thank you. If you need to contact me regarding this: chamgreen102 at gmail dot com

Baltimore City Lead Paint Violations Over White Population

Baltimore City Lead Paint Violations Over Black Population

Baltimore City Lead Paint Violations Over Median Income

Baltimore City Lead Paint Violations Under 1935 Homeowners Loan Act Polygons

Data Sources:
Lead Paint Violation List: Baltimore City Health Department
Homeowners Loan Act Polygons created from the HOLC Residential Security Map provided by the Sheridan Collection, Johns Hopkins University
Map Layers: US Census Layers courtesy of ESRI ArcGIS

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ACEeyeED said...

Cham nice work. evident of the time and attention. The questions I wonder about are:
1- Baltimore County vs city: ba count 30% more res. 30 homicide avg. vs city? why
2-The people murdered many had no record, media seems to make people believe all bad people. felon vs felon.
3- some research shows spike at 2015 attribute to drugs and gangs. But drugs and gangs have been around for decades. Some say public school started failing in the 90's complex issue.
4-it seems many kill over simple arguments. Sad.
5-one theory I have is HFCS and Sugar too much makes people aggressive.
Again thank you for the in depth info.