2017 Baltimore County Homicides - List

This is a list of the 2017 Baltimore County Homicide Victims.
No.DateNameAgeAddress Block MurderedCityMurdered by/NotesClosed?
001 01/07/17 Richard Zenobia 35, pic 3300 North Point Road Dundalk Victim was boyfriend of mother of 16 year old suspect who allegedly stabbed him. David Thomas charged Closed
002 01/18/17 Moses Ayele Lorenso 15, pic 8100 Church Lane Milford Mill Stabbing victim. Allegedly, victim and suspect were involved in ongoing dispute. Markel Dates charged Closed
003 02/04/17 Larry Lynch Jr. 28, pic 2900 Lakebrook Circle Lansdowne Double shooting. Victims found in apartment
004 02/03/17 Muhamad Birkdar 24, pic 7100 Rudisell Court Windsor Mill Shooting victim found in apartment
005 02/04/17 Dominic Boyd 39, pic 1 Continental Court Owings Mills Triple shooting at condominium involving married couple and unidentified 3rd victim. Police investigating for more information.
006 03/05/17 Devin Vallade 46 8100 Kirkwood Court Towson Victim shot during family dispute regarding son's car accident. Devin Vallade II(son) charged. Closed
007 03/17/17 Bernie Slater 24, pic 7207 Windsor Mill Road Woodlawn Shooting victim found at Windsor Inn Parking lot
008 03/23/17 Emmanuel Enyam 18 1400 Dartmouth Avenue Parkville Shooting victim
009 04/04/17 Chinika Hursey 36, pic 4100 Bald Eagle Court Randallstown Double homicide occurred with four children in home. Dominick Hursey(ex-husband) charged Closed
010 04/04/17 Steven Campbell 36, pic 4100 Bald Eagle Court Randallstown Double homicide occurred with four children in home. Dominick Hursey(ex-husband of other victim) charged Cloed
Waiting on homicide classification from the Baltimore County Police*
XXX 01/25/17 Cameron Blake 3, pic 1 Glenwood Road Essex Death being investigated for child abuse. Child hospitalized with trauma
XXX 01/30/17 Leah Yeager 45, pic Brentwood and Crafton Avenues Dundalk Victim's body was left near fence.
XXX 02/09/17 Mayann Atilano Siason 32, pic Perryhurst Place and Seven Courts Drive Nottingham Victim found with trauma to the upper body in home

* Note 02/10/17 The Baltimore County Police Department currently has three (3) outstanding suspicious deaths that have not been officially labeled homicides. This is very concerning. This does not happen in Baltimore City as the BPD has never had so many suspicious deaths unclassified. The county police may be assume that if they wait long enough people will forget about these cases. But the bottom line is that if one adds the 5 homicides that have occurred in the county already to the 3 that the police are glacially slow to classify as homicides one will find Baltimore County has had 8 homicides in the first 40 days of 2017. That's a screamingly high number for the county.

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