East Side Hike

The East Side Hike was something I concocted when I was logging one of my many many miles that I trek through Baltimore City. I was over on the East Side last year and I thought, "Why am I the only white person around here? This place is so beautiful it has to be seen by the masses!" So I decided to devise a route that would be strenuous enough to attract hikers yet picturesque enough to be interesting. Soon after I came back from Peru I scouted my hike and was satisfied that it would entertain.

However, I wondered about how I would get the word out that I was offering this hike on November 5th. Being the creative and organized person that I am I placed word of the hike on two event calendars hoping to attract at least one other person. Those calendars were on Live Baltimore and the Baltimore Sun. I also handed flyers out at the Mountain Club of Maryland picnic.

I was a little concerned that nobody would want to come on my hike. The last week of October I received a call from an intern at the Baltimore Sun. She said she wanted some more details about the hike so I gave them to her without a second thought. Live Baltimore also asked for a few more details. By Halloween 4 people from MCOM had requested to go on my hike so I was glad that I wouldn't be alone. On November 2nd, Live Baltimore posted a link to my hike and my email box became full very quickly with people requesting more information. On November 3rd the Baltimore Sun published this article and my poor cell phone started ringing off the hook. I ended up with more people than I could count.

Anyhoo, here are some of the pics. We started at the Pagoda. The Patterson Park people were nice enough to open it up for my group. Then we headed north to the Brewery.
Baltimore Cemetery

Then we went to Clifton Park which was beautiful in the fall.

After that, Lake Montabello where we traversed the Jersey wall. Afterwards we went to Waveryly to enjoy lunch. Many hikers had a civilized meal at the Thai Restaurant

Guilford, pretty colors and so very peaceful.

The crowd creates a mutiny and demands we visit Greenmount Cemetery which was not on my original route. Turns out it was an excellent idea.

Hopkins Billings Building was beautiful against the afternoon sky. Then we returned to the Patterson Park area.

The nice folks over at REI gave me some give-aways. That was very nice of them. Everyone got a water bottle, key chain, carabener and coupon. Thank you REI.

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