Northern Baltimore City/Southern Baltimore County Hike

My friend Howard decided he wanted to arrange a city hike. He enjoys walking around the Northern part of the city in the tonier sections. This was a Mountain Club of Maryland event. I decided to tag along to offer moral support.

38 people showed up, for several of them it was the first time on a club event. Howard did an excellent job leading people through the suburban streets, down alleyways and foot paths. We visited the neighborhoods of Rodgers Forge, Roland Park, Evergreen, Sherwood and Homeland. We also got the tour of several educational offerings for Loyola College, University of Notre Dame, Boys Latin, Gilman, Roland Park School,and Johns Hopkins University. We returned through the very picturesque Robert E. Lee Park.

I came away with the impression that many people have much more money than I will ever have. I also believe that many people have to spend much more money and time supervising latino landscapers than me. Here are some pics:


tfg said...

During my wasted youth, I've sat in the middle of that dam at Lake Roland and drank beer.

Gentleman-hobbs said...

What a beautiful country you live in all we have is our sense of humour and our politicians...actually thats one thing.