Panajachel, Santiago de Atitlan, San Pedro

We´ve been hanging in Pana for 3 days and will leave tomorrow. Jesus has been very busy. First he was dragging his cross around and yesterday he was busy bleeding to death. I know because the Catholics have been very busy carrying around the story for us. First they make these pretty murals in the street using some sort of pretty colored material, I´m not sure what it is, then they carry their floats over it. All the while burning lots and lots of incense.

The Guatemalans got very busy with carry Jesus, today is Saturday and we are getting a reprieve, they were out 3 times yesterday, Good Friday, one trip was at midnight last night. I think they will be going like gangbusters on Easter Sunday.

The ladies here all where colorful outfits, here are some by a stall in Santiago de Atitlan, another town on Lake Atitlan that we traveled by boat here

We also went to San Pedro by boat. Here is a picture of a fancy church they are building. Many of the houses and businesses are open air because the weather is perfect all the time.

Yesterday we went kayaking, Terry was a very good sport considering his ankles are still hurting from the volcano hike. Here is a picture of Volcan San Pedro from the kayak. Please be advised, one day I will go on vacation to Central or South America and not come back. I haven´t seen one morbidly obese Gringo or Guat since I got here. Life is good.

(note to self: take another spanish class)


Double Dogged said...

Great photos, thanks. Have you seen the Quetzal Bird? The hot lava would be on my must to do list, but that bird would be a must see. That is, if they are in an area where I would be. I am not a birder, but I would like to see the Quetsal Bird.

Keep enjoying your trip.

jennetic said...

The pics are great! Looks like you're having a wonderful time!

Cham said...

The Quetzal bird is very elusive. I was in a museum yesterday where I saw a stuffed one, they are blue and green with beautiful feathers. I am in the mountain region right now, the quetzal lives in the jungle where I am headed tomorrow, but I am not holding my breath because very few people see the bird. There are 700 different species of birds here, Ive seen pretty green and blue birds so far.