Big Schloss, Virginia, Halfmoon Lookout, West Virginia

This was an Outdoors Club backpacking trip hosted by Lisa, check the Northeast Section.

After returning from my vacation I was just dying to hit the trail again. I decided to change up my strategy a bit and explore new horizons. Since I have all this neat backpacking gear now I figured I would put it to the test locally with a weekend backpacking excursion. This hike was advertised as a 20 miler with about 2000 feet of elevation. We started at Wolf Gap in the George Washington National Forest where Lisa, Bristol, Heather and I gathered at 10AM Saturday. We were to do an initial ascent to reach the lookout over at Big Schloss and then head north on the Mill Mountain Trail to camp at Halfmoon Lookout.

I've been to Big Schloss before and it is definitely one of the most beautiful vistas on the VA, WV border, I highly recommend it for those that don't want massive elevation changes yet crave pleasant scenery. BTW, that is Lisa enjoying the Big Schloss overlook. Lisa and I got off to a strong start, where Heather had some technical issues that were quickly rectified.
Since Lisa and I had reached the Halfmoon lookout first we snagged the limited campsite availability at the top, where Bristol and Heather had to make do at the lower site.
We had a nice campfire and I watched Lisa cook expertly on her campstove. Although the day was a bit cloudy the sunset was still very impressive.

We returned southward on the Little Stoney Creek Trail. Once we were at the bottom I decided I would change up plans a bit and practice my bushwacking skills on Poplar Run, Heather reluctantly agreed to go with me while Lisa and Bristol scurried back on the Big Schloss Cutoff Trail. Heather proved to be an excellent bushwacker and beat me up the stream run. That girl has serious hiking potential.

Once we got back the car it started to rain so we were very glad we had an early start.Lisa did an excellent job planning this trip and coordinating things with all involved. She was also quite pleasant about my insistence on bushwacking. Thanks Lisa!!

I really need to quit using Wal-Mart as my fashion consultant.


lisazilla said...

I had a great time. Cham is fun to hike with and she has some great stories. We share the same hiking philosophies and a strong disinclination for a certain hiking club associated with one of the midatlantic states. E - I'm up for a bushwhack any time you want to blaze some new trails.

Double Dogged said...

Thank you for the usual good traveloque and photos.