East Side Hike, Lake Trout Review

Am I starting to repeat myself? I think I am. A year ago I dragged 85 white people through Baltimore's Eastside, it was pretty funny, I get my kicks in strange ways. The weather sucked this weekend yet again and I didn't feel like going anywhere so instead of getting in the car I left my house on foot and started hoofing.
It was windy and cold, and I thought it would get warm, it didn't. I froze my noogies off. I was going to do a Baltimore tour but waved the white flag of defeat around 1PM since the ice from yesterday's storm made traveling difficult. I decided to quit at 12 miles, it was too cold to continue.

The nice thing about the cold weather was that I got to wear my hat. My hat covers my blonde hair, which caused for less attention than a usually get. Since I am thin I can pass for a drug addict, so for once I was able to slide down side streets without the entire neighborhood noticing. The downside was that it was so cold that nobody was outside willing to talk. I took lots of pictures because I am of the opinion this area is the most beautiful spot on earth (not kidding, I really mean it). I had so many pictures and liked them that I thought it might be easier if I put them in an album so they won't bog down blogger. The pictures are self explanatory, there are many of Collington Avenue, American Brewery, eastside row homes, and Greenmount Cemetery, also one each of the prison, pagoda, North Ave., Inner Harbor, St. Wenceslaus, and Fells Point.

Here is the Solo Eastside Hike Photo Album. It might be best to view it in slideshow form.

The great thing about the East Side is that it has a fair number of lake trout emporiums.
Guys, please forget the crabs, it's all about the lake trout: Fried, tender and delicious. Of course, these upscale lake trout establishments use only the finest in plexiglass to separate the customers from the asian waitstaff. I visited 'Chick and Trout' on Greenmount Avenue which, I learned from the example of another customer, was a great place for a quick meal after you have been sprung from the nearby hooskow. One can order their trout, proclaim their innocence and look over their paperwork to figure out when and where they need to return for their court date. One can also proudly show the other patrons their plastic bar-coded CBIF wrist band that they earned fair and square.

And just a side note, if you spend any time in the hood you would notice that many of its residents assume that spending time behind bars is something that can be expected in life and is unavoidable. The threat of incarceration as a result of breaking the law does not dissuade anyone from going about their business, whatever their business may be. The government keeps locking poor people up and the voters seem pleased with themselves for doing so, but, really folks, it has no effect.....big giant waste of money, time and effort.


tfg said...

I'm convinced that the War on Drugs is merely a containment strategy that "protects" the suburbs.

Cham said...

Drugs have infiltrated everywhere, there is no protection, just the ideas of protection and moral superiority. But even the upper middleclass solid citizen does drugs these days, they just call them Ritalin, Ambien and Oxycontin, as opposed to crack, meth and heroin. Same shit, different hood.

danielle said...

Only 12 miles, wow. Your picture of the American Brewery looming behind the vacant rowhouses is particularly striking.

puerileuwaite said...

My version would read, " My heart decided to quit after 12-miles. So I had a deliecious meal of lake trout at the hospital after I came to."