Tokyo or the Ukraine?

Do we ever really know where we are?Tokyo or the Ukraine?


Summer said...

I was thinking much the same when I caught sight of the gold domes across the park... I love that church but it looks so strange here.

I lived in Silver Spring for a while and just down the street from my apartment was a great yet dilapidated former school full of weird buildings... I mean each one was from a different culture/period of time. They had a lovely pagoda and a castle and a windmill... it's been turned into townhouses now, but they said they were going to keep some of the old buildings. I'm sure they're shiny and "new" now though.

Summer said...

Here's what I was talking about... The Seminary project in Silver Spring.

Cham said...

I'm just glad when the developers don't mow down everything in their path in the name of progress.

The ukranian church is relatively new, I remember when St. Michaels was built it maybe 15 years ago, it was big deal. The Can Company has been around for awhile and the pagoda is from what, the 1920s? Those waterfronte towne homes are verye newe thoughe.