Paddy Mountain, North Section, GWNF, Virginia

The Paddy Mountain ridge is in 2 sections bisected by Paddy Run in the GWNF in Virginia. There is a hiking trail up to a rocky outcropping over the Halfmoon on the Northern part of Paddy Ridge. The trail up to the rocky outcropping is marked with cairns, which is unusual because the rest of the trails in the area are blazed. I'm placing this gpx file (kml too) on Everytrail, so click on the map below where it says "Paddy Mountain" if you wish to use my information to find the trail. You can download either the gpx or the kml for free over there. If you walk along the power line clearing that intersects with the Vances Cove parking area, enter the forest on the north side and pick up my gpx line, you will quickly come across the cairns and can ascend from there. So use your handheld GPS or simply make a copy of the map. Once you get in the forest near the power lines you will easily find the cairns, they are hard to miss.

Paddy Mountain

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