Baltimore East Side Cemetery Photowalk

My blog is seriously starting to repeat itself. This time I took a small segment of my usually East Baltimore hike and concentrated on taking pictures. We went from Baltimore Cemetery to Greenmount, enjoying the neighbhorhoods in between. Here is the result thanks to Everytrail, if you want to read the associated snark click where is says "Baltimore East Side Photowalk" which will take you into the Everytrail site:

Baltimore East Side Photowalk

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OM said...

I think there's nothing better than helping heroin addicts, don't get me wrong, but I don't think the good Rev. Milton E. Williams looks that trustworthy. And what's with that setup fee?

Cham said...

At 10 bucks per day I would say that is highly cost effective. The $275 set-up fee is there probably to discourage people from coming in who can't get their regular fix from their regular dealer and are desperate. Rev. Milton E. Williams is in the hood helping people in the hood, which is slightly better than having him sit in some government office in Washington earning $175K/year proclaiming he knows what is best for the addicts rolling around in the gutte in Baltimore. I should have taken a picture of the desperate addict banging on the locked door to the clinic under that sign, it wasn't a pretty sight.