Historic Maps of Baltimore Harbor 1792-1895

I'm doing a project involving the history of the Baltimore Harbor. I've had to make up some maps to help with the project. I thought I would post them here in case anyone else needs to use them. I have an additional post that includes the harbor maps from 1900-1943. These maps are cut from larger city maps in the Sheridan Collection of the Peabody Library.

1792 Folies Map of Baltimore, harbor area only. This is the only map the doesn't come from the Sheridan Collection. You can find this at the Library of Congress or here.
1892 Follies Map of Baltimore

1838 Boynton Map of Baltimore Harbor

1853 Water Commission Map, I like this one so much I put all of it up here, it has Baltimore City and some of Baltimore County

1855 Colton Map

1859 Weishampell Map

1895 Weishampell Map

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