2009 Baltimore City Homicides/Murders List and Map

No.Date KilledNameAgeAddress Block FoundMurdered by
1(1/01/09)Mario Williams31 700 N. Luzerne Ave. Christopher Williams
2(1/2/09)Marcel Mitchell20 1100 Orleans Street
3(1/2/09)Glenn Cunnigham22 1100 Orleans Street
4(1/4/09)Trevane Ricks16 5600 Loch Raven Boulevard
5(1/4/09)Mayresa Craft15 5600 Loch Raven Boulevard
6(1/4/09)Lougene Williams III20 4000 Chesmont Ave.
7(1/2/09)Andre Thorpe17 800 N. Kenwood Ave.
8(s, 1/2/09 d. 1/5/09)Tian Zin Wang51 800 Webb Court Walter Taylor convicted, Ronald Gamble charged
9(1/5/09)Joshua Harris21 3600 Reisterstown Road
10(1/6/09)David Falkinburg45 2800 Clearview Ave. John Bresnick, charged
11(1/7/09)Antron Betts35 North Bond and East Eager Sts. Kennard Pratt, charged
12(1/8/09)Kipton A. Degree Jr.23 5000 Dickey Hill Road
13(1/9/09) Bryant Eldridge20 3600 E. Lombard St. Sean Thomas, charged
14(1/14/09)Ronald Crosby56 5400 Jamestowne Court
15(1/16/09)Jaiwan Jones26 1200 Bayard Street
16(1/25/09)Juan Johnson14 4400 Pall Mall Road Jason Brooks and Lawrence Scott, charged
17(1/26/09)Stephen Mauk47 200 N. Bond St. Robert Lee Murphy
18(1/27/09)Jasmine Harris23 3000 Windsor Ave.
19(1/28/09)Dewayne Lawrence17 4900 Aberdeen Ave. Eric Evans, charged
20(1/29/09)James McKoy46 900 Poplar Grove St.
21(1/31/09)Theodore E. Moore44 North Pulaski St. and Edmondson Ave Danta Russel and Cheryl Richards, charged
22(2/1/09)Kendrick L. Daney38 200 W. Dickman St Franklin Harrell, charged
23(2/4/09)Demetrius M. Saulsbury22 1700 N. Washington St. Frank Jenkins
24(2/4/09)Lemuel Wallace37 1500 North Franklintown Road Kevin Pushia
25(2/4/09)David Bryan Wright47 1600 Gorsuch Ave. Gregory Riddick Jr, Brian Watkins, Lyndon Waddell Jr, all charged
26(2/10/09)Faruq Barakaat20 2100 Presbury Street
27(2/11/09)Tracy Kinchen34 1700 E. 32nd Street
28(2/9/09)Eric Pendergrass26200 West Patapsco AvenueSherell Ferguson pled guilty, Donta Vaughn and Darryl Nichols convicted
29(2/13/09)Daniel Lee Hoeck62 6100 Glen Oak Avenue Matthew Hooper
30(2/14/09)Michael Davis30 Erdman Avenue and East Federal Street Antoine Patterson, charged
31(2/16/09)James Flanary23 3900 S. Hanover St.John Henry Adams and Michael Forame, charged Charles Gray, Daniel Dubbs
32(2/16/09)Rodger Evans Jr.24 5600 Sagra Road
33(2/21/09)Hubert Dickerson32 2500 W. Baltimore St. Tyrone Burris
34(2/22/09) Jose Escobar Pena32 3500 Eastern Avenue Eddy Castillo Diaz, charged
35(2/22/09)Raymond Williams21 2500 Loyola Northway Craig Whitaker, charged
36(2/26/09)Frederick Jeffrey Archer68 700 N. Arlington Ave.
37(3/1/09)Nelson Gause29 1500 Clipper Road Lewis Brock, charged
38(3/6/09)Herbert Carsten Jr.17 3700 E. Lombard St. Darvin Jones was a suspect
39(3/7/09)Sctario Tia Edwards25 800 Linden Ave Kimberly Moody and Sharon Newton, charged
40(3/8/09)Wayne Robinson22 3300 E. Baltimore St. Darvin Jones was a suspect
41(shot 1997 d. 8/08/09)Roger Dennis24 300 W. North Avenue
42(3/13/09)Andrew Goodwin22 400 Normandy Avenue
43(3/14/09)Keon Barnes35 1900 Pulaski Street Dontae Preston, charged
44(3/17/09)Anthony Bailey20 2900 Greenmount Ave. Datwan Ramsey
45(3/17/09)Adrian Martise24 2900 Greenmount Ave. Datwan Ramsey
46(3/17/09)William L. Smith24 6500 Cleveland Ave. Matthew Jeddock, charged
47(3/21/09)Marty/Martie Williams Jr.20 2600 Maisel St.
48(3/22/09)Davon Saunders26 600 W. Patapsco Ave.
49(3/23/09)Kara Lawson23 500 N. Ellwood Ave.
50(3/26/09)Carlos Spence23 5800 Edgepark Road
51(3/26/09)Caneil/Kaneil Fullwood29 700 W. North Avenue
52(3/31/09)Derrick K. Franklin28 3800 Lyndale Ave.
53(3/31/09)David Williams20 1500 West Fayette Street
54(3/30/09)Marcus Nicholson20 1700 McCulloh St.
55(4/1/09)Dewayne M. Booker20 2200 Sherwood Ave. William Briscoe, charged
56(4/1/09)Darrell T. Lee19 2900 Allendale Road
57(4/3/09)Zachary Thompson48 400 Watty Court William Claybourne, charged
58(4/4/09)Timothy Hebron234200 Wellbourne Road
59(4/5/09)Dorothea Wright42 500 S. Broadway and Gough St.
60(4/5/09)Curtis Pound36 4700 Homesdale Avenue Curtis Warren,charged
61(4/8/09)Dominic Baker16 1900 Wilkens Ave.
62(4/11/09)Quinton Savage22 2800 Winwood Court Sami Abduss McCargo, charged
63(4/13/09)Russell Day30 2100 Christian Street Davonne Sydnor and Kevin Ward
64(4/15/09)Harold Able Sr.63 1800 Aiken Street
65(4/15/09)Erskine Evans III2841 Gorman Avenue
66(4/18/09)Ernesto Flores23 16 N Clinton St Alan Ruiz, charged
67(4/18/09)Calvin Hayes75 2100 North Wolfe Street
68(4/21/09)Qonta Waddell24 3115 Windsor Ave. Derrell Johnson, Xavier Johnson, Corry Summerville, Peter Miller, Aaron Davis, William Rhodes, Humphrey Johnson, all charged
69(4/21/09)Melody Smith54 700 Yale Ave Gregory Tooson
70(4/21/09)Kenneth Johnson23 5100 Hillburn Ave. Jordon Jennings
71(4/22/09)Jasmon Jiggetts28 1600 E. Eager
72(4/25/09)Maurice Toomer17 3200 Normount Road
73(4/27/09)Shaun Williams18 2200 Christian Street Derrick Johnson and Xavian Chriscoe, charged
74(4/25/09)Frank Swiston48 2800 Erdman Ave Vincent Cala, charged
75(5/2/09)William Jones26 800 Milton Ave.
76(5/3/09)Fabian Palmer24 3300 Frederick Ave
77(5/5/09)Anthony Eggers48 600 Parkwyrth Ave.
78(5/9/09)Deontae Carter24 3000 Elgin Ave. Maurice Brown, charged
79(5/8/09)Anthony Griffin23 3200 Montebello Terrace Jordon Jennings, charged
80(5/9/09)Christopher Ricks32 2000 Kennedy Avenue
81(5/16/09)Lucio Solarzano84 7001 Reisterstown Rd. Murder charges were dropped against Hector Posada
82( shot 04/12/05 d. 1/20/0909)Tavon Crawford26 2700 Saint Lo Drive Chavis Barber
83( shot 09/27/08 d.5/22/09)Lee Johnson28 1900 Frederick Ave.
84(5/23/09)Chernere Wooten18 300 North Carrollton Avenue Tarance Damon, charged
85(5/23/09)Keon Cameron18 1800 East 28th St.Murder charges were dropped against Christopher Briggs
86(5/25/09)Quite Vanterpool412100 Sinclair Lane
87(5/25/09)Hardy Jones26 3300 Noble St
88(5/25/09)Sean Howard24 3100 Cliftmont Ave.
89(5/25/09)David Parker25 200 N. Collington Ave.
90(5/27/09)Curtis Brown32 1100 W. North Ave.
91(5/28/09)Milton Stepney32 Eutaw and Lombard streets Torrez Seymore, charged
92(5/30/09)Ricardo Montgomery392800 Ailsa Ave
93(5/30/09)Douglas Winston Jr.35 600 North Port Street
94(5/31/09)Joseph Woah-Tee60 4300 York Road
95(6/3/09)Anthony Benitez21 1400 Anglesea St. Tavon Dale, Craig Bobian and Aikeam Friend
96(6/7/09)Dana Richardson44 900 Brooks Lane
97(6/8/09)Karl Snyder21 2500 East Federal Street
98(6/10/09)Darnell Johns21 1730 N. Payson St. Tarae Jones, charged
99(6/10/09)Allisha Royster23 4003 Biddison Lane Mark Floyd,charged
100(6/10/09)Lydia Steed31 4003 Biddison Lane Mark Floyd,charged
101(6/16/09)Pierre Alford24 1902 Braddish Ave. Gary Gibson, charged
102(6/2/09)Tony Geiger41 1 Old Riverside Road Perry Roark, Nicky Cash and Dana Shives, all charged
103(6/18/09)Tyrone Phillips19 600 Tunbridge Rd. Terrance Mason, charged
104(6/19/09)Edward Patterson39 2300 E. Oliver Street
105(6/21/09)Wesley Nelson29 1800 N. Chapel St
106(6/23/09)Wanda Hackett51 2200 Tucker Lane Richard Howard, charged
107(6/24/09)Edward Davis39 1800 St. Paul St.
108(6/19/09)Candido C. Hernandez46 2700 E. Fayette St.
109(6/27/09)James Johnson36 3000 Baker Street
110(6/27/09)Robert Phelps48 3000 Baker Street
111(6/29/09)Antonio Montgomery36 3400 Fairview Ave.
112(6/29/09)Tavon Walker28 2100 Brighton Street Quinard Henson and Ray Lee, charged
113(6/30/09)Steven Frank Wilson24 1600 E. Eager St
114(7/1/09)Gerrod Finch21 Wheeler St and Harlem Ave Derrian Mills, Montel Mills, Mishael Belcher, all charged
115(7/8/09)Arnold Foster Jr.21 3908 Fairfax Road
116(7/8/09)Maurice McFadden18 1700 Division St.
117(7/9/09)Charles Armstead21 2900 McElderry St.
118(shot 12/25/03 d. 7/3/09)Julius Powell23 2100 West Fairmount Avenue
119(7/13/09)Curtis Shepherd36 Falkirk and Cedarcroft Roads
120(7/13/09)Antwon Witherspoon28 Alameda & 30th Kevon Jefferson
121(7/14/09)Josephine Lewatowski48 511 S. Regester St. Dante McCray
122(7/15/09)John Woodies38 4000 Old York Road Dante Preston, charged
123(7/16/09)Diandre Cherry25 3400 Lake Montebello Drive
124(7/19/09)Jerrod Reed16 Kenwood and Madison Brandon Brown, charged
125(7/23/09)Antoine Davis33 3605 Woodland Ave
126(7/25/09)Marcus Sanchez27 5100 Foster Avenue Michael Akonom Jr.
127(7/25/09)Shonte Ellis27 4200 Erdman Avenue Maurice Evans
128(7/26/09)Gerry Martin18 200 N. Conkling St. Jermaine Johnson
129(7/26/09)Darvin Jones19 200 N. Conkling St. Jermaine Johnson
130(7/31/09)Lamont Woodard39 500 E. Lynn Ave
131(8/1/09)David Reese18 200 N. Paca Oscar Skinner III
132(8/1/09)Marcella Lawson26 2800 Edgecombe Circle North
133(found 8/1/09)Stanley Joines261915 W. Lafayette Ave.
134(8/2/09)Cortez Smith18 800 Allendale St.
135(8/1/09)Steven Eldridge25 2100 Edmondson Ave.
136(6/25/09)Stevie Ford Jr.19300 Mason Court
137(8/9)Charles Gregory Pratt18 600 Cherry Hill Road
138(8/10/09)Thomas Medley32 200 S. Herring Court
139(8/11/09)Gregory Wilson20 N. Lakewood and E. Oliver
140(8/20/09)Donte Gunter25 100 S. Highland Ave
141(8/21/09)David Lumpkins21 600 Yale Ave
142(8/20/09)David Deans25 4400 Belle Avenue
143(8/21/09)Marlon Ringgold31 Jefferson St. at Collington Ave
144(8/25/09)Nolan Evans40 Garrison Boulevard at Liberty Heights Ave
145(8/27/09)Erica Carr37 1400 Kenhill Ave.
146(8/27/09)Michael White24 598 Presstman St.Walter Anderson
147(8/26/09)Shawn Williams28 3200 Lyndale Ave.Taron Melvin
148(8/25/09)Chris Hester38 3000 Presstman St.
149(9/1/09)Larry Daniels32 1900 N. Fulton St.
150(9/4/09)Jamaal Holmes25 1600 Presstman St
151(9/5/09)David Hunt23 1600 Filbert Street/ 1600 Elmtree Ave
152(9/4/09)Kevin Taylor294400 Pimlico Rd. Anthony Chapman, charged
153(9/10/09)Kenneth Burley Jr17 500 block Radnor Ave.
154(9/8/09) Charles Mack47 2700 Ashland Ave
155(9/9/09)Shelton Elliott43 500 N Carey St. Abron Scott
156(9/11/09)Trenton Marshall20 2300 E Northern Parkway Darrell Lisbon, charged
157(9/13/09)Israeli Mason18 2000 McCulloh St.
158(9/13/09)André Williams35 100 West Cross St.
159(shot 1988 d 5/19/09)Michael Chase46700 Murphy Lane
160(9/14/09)Darrell Neal31 500 Presstman St.
161(9/13/09)Alvin Allston45 West Cold Spring La. and Resiterstown Rd. Charles Thomas
162(9/11/09)Jerome Blackmon30 3200 Belair Rd.
163(9/17/09)Gerard S. Thomas24 3400 Cliftmont Ave. Ricky Jones, charged
164(9/18/09)Stanley Mooring50 600 Ashburton St. Brandon Long, charged
165(9/19/09)Eugene Chambers20 1600 Cypress St. Gregory Cook and John Zion, charged
166(9/20/09)Kareem Guest29 2440 Maisel Court Antonio Hall
167(9/25/09)Shantel Brown31 Sinclair Lane and North Chester St.
168(9/27/09)Jamal White26 1800 Dover St. Antonio Williams and Pierre Harris, charged
169(6/17/09)Ethel Henderson851400 Poplar Grove St.
170(10/02/09)Antoine Rawlings28 4000 Massachusetts Ave. Perry Scott, charged
171(10/02/09)Darius Anderson17 West Lafayette Ave. and North Payson St.
172(10/02/09)Elda Vazquez30 537 Benninghaus Rd
173(10/09/09)Calvin Taylor39 2600 Barclay St.
174(10/11/09)Dion Jones35 3714 Springdale Ave.
175(10/10/09)Damon Jackson37 1927 Oakhill Ave
176(10/11/09)Alonzo Key26 700 North Kenwood Ave. Chauncey Jones
177(10/13/09)Mark Johnson31 3200 W. Lexington St. Marvin Warner
178(10/14/09)Ivan Wood28 3900 Elmora Ave
179(10/14/09)Lewis White34 2400 Baker St.
180(10/15/09)Rashaud Coates31 2000 Denison St.
181(10/18/09)Brock Tatum21 1200 Hollins St.
182(10/20/09)Hubert Benston38 100 N. Central Ave.
183(10/19/09)Constantine Dino Frank54 1000 S. Lakewood Ave.
184(10/26/09)Darren Green24 1500 Montpelier St.
185(10/30/09)Joshua McKinney242000 North Wolfe Street
186(10/30/09)Dennis Cornish30 1500 Edmondson Ave. Kevin Brailford and Koumba Yasin, charged
187(10/29/09)Eric Cromwell20 800 Washburn Ave.
188(10/03/09)Joseph Taylor28 1300 W. Fayette St. Danyell Morris and Cory Parker were found not guilty
189(11/03)Allen Johnson32 2400 Pickering Drive Antonio Taylor
190(11/07/09)Johnnie Hawkins40 100 S. Payson St. Ravanna Cornish, charged
191(11/08/09)Charlie Williams25 First W. 20th St.
192(11/09/09)Kenneth Jones46 3000 Towanda Ave.
193(11/10/09)Jason Mattison Jr15 2400 Llewelyn Ave. Donte Parrish, charged
194(11/12/09)Michael McFadden51 2000 W. Lanvale St.
195(11/12/09)Martin Hawkins38 3600 Gelston Drive
196(11/13/09)Jose Chacon35 5100 Arbutus Avenue
197(11/13/09)Sammie McCullough Jr36 1200 North Avenue
198(11/14/09)Anthony Swann45 800 Lemmon St.
199(11/15/09)Antonio Smith18 1900 E. Lanvale St
200(11/15/09)Carron Spruiel25 2900 Garrison Blvd.
201(11/17/09)Lykeisha Freeman35 900 East Eager St.
202(11/19/09)Virginia McGhee34 2140 N. Fulton Ave.
203(11/20/09)Brandon Benjamin22 3100 McElderry St.
204(11/19/09)Tavon Fortune23 1200 N. Curley St.
205(11/25/09)Angelo Dangerfield21 2800 Spelman Road Murder charges were dropped against Ronald Hall
206(11/24/09)Curtis Mitchell28 1400 Carswell St.
207(Assaulted 12/29/02 d. 06/12/09)Larry Staton57 1200 Winchester St.
208(11/25/09)Julius Sullivan36 500 Gold St.
209(11/9/09)Glen H. Footman52 600 N. Howard St.
210(11/25/09)Alexander Murrell64 2400 Edmondson Ave.
211(shot 1993 d. 11/30/09)Ralph Taylor45 100 W Cross St
212(11/30/09)Antoine Ennis37 1100 Whitelock Street
213(12/02/09)David Monath66 4700 Glenarm Ave. Bonnie Lee Lizor and Austin Lassiter
214(12/03/09)Quira Iqbal17 5500 Midwood Ave.
215(Shot 2006 d. 12/03/09)Tavon Waters26 2800 Boarman Ave.
216(11/30/09)Joshuan Beasley26 1000 N. Carey St.
217(Shot 1998 d. 12/03/09)Wayne Smith42 2200 E. Fayette St.
218(12/05/09)Corey Jones20 2700 Orleans St.
219(12/8/09)Deborah Beard59 5500 Midwood Ave. William Jones, charged
220(Shot 8/14/08 d. 9/24/09)Shannon Colbert32 1400 E. Preston St.
221(12/12/09)Jamal Keates27 2459 Shirley Ave.
222(12/12/09)Glen Johnson32 3300 Woodstock Ave.
223(Shot 9/17/99 d. 9/11/09)Dagas McGill39 2300 Etting St.
224(12/11/09)Dante Johnson-Turner29 4700 Liberty Heights Ave.
225(12/16/09)Darnell Gray35 700 Bartlett Ave. Donta Matthews
226(12/19/09)Joshua Hargrove20 1600 E North Ave. Jonathan Miller, charged
227(12/20/09)Clifford Williams22 600 S. Wickham St.
228(12/20/09)Stephen Makia28 500 Belle Avenue
229(12/22/09)Danell Freeman19 1000 McAleer Ct.
230(12/23/09)Janaya Wallace1 2800 Kentucky Ave. Jerome Wallace and Natarsha Farmer charged
231(12/26/09)Wayne Ruder56 6999 Reisterstown Rd.
232(12/26/09)Ashley Harper53 700 West Lexington St.
233(12/26/09)Kinlaw Jones21 1800 East Pratt St. Antonio Edwards
234(12/26/09)Harrison Butler44 700 North Linwood St.
235(Found 10/08/2008 Added 12/27/09)Trina Johnson27 1900 E. Lanvale St.
236(12/29/09)Joseph Beatty38 2300 Greenmount Ave.
237(12/30/09)Jeffrey Ward19 3800 Oakford Ave. Desmond Sims, charged
238(Beaten 12/24/07 Added. 12/31/09/09)Anthony Netzel56 1 S. Highland Ave.Lavar Williams
239f 11/2009Mia Nichols37Baltimore CountyTyrone Webb
240Andrew Giancoli481600 Hazel Street

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