Live Baltimore's Five Star Family Neighborhood Choices Are Racially Selective

Live Baltimore is a non-profit organization designed to promote Baltimore City living. Most recently it has designed a program called Five Star Family Neighborhoods where Live Baltimore has made a selection of 20 city neighborhoods that supposedly meet six criteria that sets them apart as good neighborhoods for families. The neighborhoods are as follows:

The Five Star Family neighborhoods are either in solidly white neighborhoods or very near solid white neighborhoods. In Baltimore, the geographic areas that have primarily white populations are this is referred to as the "White L". One can see that the Five Star Neighborhoods mimic this geography.

On the flip side we can see how near the Five Star Family Neighborhoods are to areas with pronounced black populations. Here is the same neighborhood layer over the city's black neighborhoods. Notice how only two of the twenty Five Star Family Neighborhoods are in a solidly black neighborhood.

One would think that Live Baltimore's funders such as the Goldseker Foundation, France-Merrick Foundation, the Abell Foundation and Constellation Energy Foundation wouldn't want to be associated with such a geographically biased non-profit organization.

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