Blowing off Machu

Today we did something drastic and decided to blow off our visit to Machu Picchu. We hear it is a great place but between the train schedule, 2 mandatory days to be spent in Aguas Caliente, and an unbelievable transportation charge, we felt our time might be better spent elsewhere. We are in the Sacred Valley right now and my camera is not cooperating so I don't have any pics to post.

Although Cusco was nice, I was happy to leave because it is really set up for tourists and I don't want to be seeing other tourists, I want to see the real Peru.
So we left this morning and took the local bus to a place called Urabamba which is at the foothills of some beautiful high mountains with glaciers. There isn't much to do here but we are the only tourists in the little town. The local busride here took over 1 hour and cost $1. We have taken the best hotel room in Hostel Urabamba and it cost us a little under $10. I got my hair cut for $0.80.

We spent a lot of time talking to Mike, the proprietor over at Macha Wasi who recommended some things for us to do and see. We may stay around here for a couple of days then take the bus to Puno.

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