One word for the Andes: Steep

Today we are in Pisaq. We were hoping to spend the night in Laray but the only hostal there was closed. So we moved west by taxi to Pisaq which is slightly touristy but not overwhelming. My espanol is getting better and some of these folks are actually understanding me which is nice.

We rode the bus from Urabamba to Laray and saw that since winter is almost over the oxen are busy plowing the fields. Pisaq is nestled in among a bunch of very steep mountains and we choose to hike a gradual rise which was a lot tougher than I had thought it to be. You can see the hiking trail running a diagonal in this picture.

Here is me on the hike.

The dogs enjoy the middle of the street as a ideal place to nap.

Tomorrow we head back to Cusco to immediately catch a bus to Puno and head west. We plan to take a two day bus trip to get there which should be fun. I find the local bus to be very relaxing.

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