Back to Peters Mountain, Pennsylvania

I wanted to go back to Peters Mountain near Harrisburg, Pennsylvania because it had been extremely hot when I had hiked up there back in August so I hadn't been able to get very far.

When I saw that the Mountain Club of Maryland had scheduled a trip up there I decided to tag along. I had agreed to go on Tuesday of last week when Maryland had just a dusting of snow. On Friday Maryland received a few inches of snow so I knew that Pennsylvania would have much more but I still wanted to go. 5 gung-ho hikers from the club assembled early on Sunday morning, we had to alter our plans for a 16 mile trek due to the snowfall and we figured we could still do an up-and-back from Duncannon.

The snow had fallen on Friday and we were hiking on the Appalachian Trail on Sunday. I guess Pennsylvania hikers aren't motivated in cold weather because nobody had broken the trail for us on Saturday. I figure there was 7-10" of snow, some of the drifts were up to my hip. Needless to say we were only able to go about 8 miles, I had forgotten my poles and wasn't exactly Speed Racer yesterday. The snow was pretty though. Perhaps I will never be able to make some serious distance on Peters Mountain, it just isn't in the cards for me.

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