Ferry Bar Park

This hike was on Sunday and it only encompassed me walking about 50 feet but it was noteworthy in itself. I wasn't feeling so well that morning so I had taken myself out to breakfast. Afterwards I puked up my breakfast in a mall parking lot and I felt immediately much better. As I was driving home over the Hanover Street bridge I figured I would get some errands done at Wal-Mart. However, I as I came toward W-M I was inspired by outside forces to make a quick stop at Ferry Bar Park.

Ferry Bar is a forlorn little place. There is no admittance fee, no lifeguard, no paddle boat rentals, no rules, in fact, there is nothing so you don't have to worry about anybody telling you not to do anything. If you want to fish, go fishing. If you want to smoke crack, go ahead. If you want to get naked, I don't think anyone would complain. In short, Ferry Bar is a place where I feel at home. This picture was stolen from somebody else's blog but it gets the essence of Ferry Bar.

It's freezing and I didn't put on my coat. There is one other car parked next to mine but I don't see anyone else. I walk to the beach and I turn around. I see a man waving at me. I get closer to him and we start talking about the weather. He tells me he is from New Orleans. I see his car and on closer inspection I see he has been living in his car. I am delighted, I love people who live in their car. It is my dream to live in my minivan.

The man introduces himself as Robert. Robert lost his roof during the hurricane. Robert isn't going back to New Orleans. Robert seems like a smart guy. Robert grew up in Baltimore. Robert is going to stay in Baltimore where there aren't any big hurricanes. Robert says he might open a raw bar in Canton if he gets some money together. Robert says it is going to be a long while before FEMA will get its act together. Robert seems pretty happy.

I am glad Robert is here in Baltimore, I think he is going to be an asset to our community. And no, I am not telling you where you can find Ferry Bar Park.

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