Baltimore, snowtime

Last August, I smugly decided to take some pictures so I could remember one of my favorite places when it was cold and miserable. Yes, February has brought some frigid temperatures but sometimes the planets become aligned in the winter and this city quickly becomes worth every single penny I pay in my ever-escalating property taxes. The fat tourists have retreated from the harbor to their rumpass rooms with their toaster streudals and video games leaving the city to me (except for Fed Hill, of course).

The yard

Before the kids mess up the lot

Even the ugly Harborview townhomes don't look bad in the snow

Federal Hill
Due to tight living quarters,South Baltimoreans believe in multi-use possessions. I saw plastic bags, trash can lids, inflatable boats and an incredibly fast inflatable mattress.


Frosty Sea Monsters

New Security Guard
I found this in front of my house when I got home.

So the next it's 95 degrees in my living room and the air is stale and stagnant, I can have something cool and powdery to look at.

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