Shawl Gap/Sherman Gap, Virginia

Yesterday due to laziness I decided to go on a Mountain Club of Maryland hike, I just didn't feel like driving someplace and have to simultaneously look at a map. A group was going to Shawl Gap or Sherman Gap or whatever you would like to call it in the Massanuttens, across from Signal Knob. The weather called for a 90% chance of rain, but the mcomers are more reliable than the postman. Rain, sleet, snow and hurricanes don't do much to put a damper on this crowd.

Needless to say, everyone showed up promptly and we took off for the mountains. Naturally, it started to rain. Fortunately I wore a wide brimmed hat and some minimal rain gear so the short 9-mile hike was pretty enjoyable.
Visibility wasn't much more than 20 feet. I'd recommend this hike for anyone wanting a daytrip hike of 1600-2000 foot elevation change. It's a 2 hour ride from DC or Baltimore.

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