Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan

I have always wanted to see the lakes region of the north central US but I have never had a chance. The place is flat so there has never been a good reason for me to be out here. But this time I decided that it was in my best interest to stay as north as possible to take advantage of the cooler temperatures on the ride home. I stopped over in a place called Duluth, MN(I always thought Duluth was in Iowa for some reason) yesterday which is a wonderful little city on Lake Superior. It is an old city that has lots of brownstone buildings that are architectural delights. There are also an assortment of casinos, titty bars and head shops to give it a nice little edge, my kind of place. I got to learn what a "urine cleaner" was. I thought it might be something where you get to clean your urine so you could recycle it and drink it all over again. I was thinking that would be a huge advantage while on the mountain, you could carry less water. But, sadly, I was wrong. Anyway, if you need urine cleaning, stop over in Duluth, they can sell you some.

What the Cham fans might not know about me is that I was born in Minnesota. Fruitloop chose a lakeside beach to bury her eggs one year, and I was the only hatchling that could run fast enough away from her, no doubt she ate the rest. Every time I go through customs, the agent always beams when he looks at my passport and says, "So you are from Minneapolis?" Um, yeah, whatever, my family only stayed a few months when they realized they had to create a snow tunnel from the garage to the road and thought they best seek greener pastures elsewhere.

With global warming climate change these northern states wouldn't be such a bad place if they weren't so gosh darned flat. They have lots of wonderful lakes and ponds so I can take as many baths as I want, and takes lots of wonderful naked pictures art shots of myself which are turning out pretty good. There are also plenty of peaceful forests for sleeping. The logging industry is big business around here.

I'm getting excited about visiting Detroit, I have always wanted to see Detroit.

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mark said...

where are the "art" photos? I could critique them if you like.