Theodore Roosvelt National Park North, North Dakota

I opted to spend last night in the Juniper campground at Theodore Roosevelt . I had a dream that lasted 8 hours about being eaten alive by ticks. I woke up about every 2 hours to pull off the giant ticks that were actually eating me alive. When I woke up in the morning I still had about 90% of my blood so I was good to go. This night was a big improvement over the one before which I spent in a place called "Wagner" in central Montana, I had to erect my tent inside my car to put a layer between me and the giant mosquitoes. My ankles are still swollen from the multitudes of mosquito bites. Hopefully I didn't contract yellow fever.

Anyhoo, Teddy Roosevelt is a pretty cool park, I got some great pics of prairie dogs and mule deer which I will post when I get my camera issues straightened out. I liked this park because there were very few people there even though it is high season. One advantage of being in the parks during summer is that you get to take advantage of the parks programs where they give lectures and guided hikes. One of the disadvantages of being in the parks during high season is that you end up sharing the parks with assholes.

One specific set of assholes from Illinois decided to chase around a mule deer that I was trying to photograph. WTF? I was going to let the air out of their tires but decided against it just to be nice. However, this same set of assholes ended up being my campsite neighbors. They decided to continue on in their asshole quest and started sawing down the trees for firewood after it got dark. So I was faced with the rather unpleasant task of waking up the park ranger and demanding he take action. The assholes decided to hide away from their campsite when the ranger arrived but the ranger, bless his soul, sat sentry until the assholes got tired and returned. I feel I got full use of my tax dollars. For once, kudos to the park service.

Right now I am in a place called Devil's Lake, North Dakota. I am sharing the road with many unsupported cross-country bicyclists. They have my respect, it is really hot out here and it is incredibly flat, I don't understand how they can handle it because there is not much to see. Whatever floats your boat I guess. Since I am in corn country minivan is enjoying E85 at $2.60/gallon. I say let's grow some corn.

I am continuing east on Route 2 and currently plan to stay on it through northern Michigan, but as you know my plans can change at any moment.

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