Glacier National Park, Montana

This place should really be called NonGlacier National Park because there is barely enough snow here to make a snowball. The road at the park is being repaired because of Flood Damage from 2006. Many people must have deposits on plane tickets and hotels because they showed up anyway even though 60% of the road is unpassable. Consequently everyone was packed into the available open park like sardines.

There are so many people that the picnic area was being used as a parking lot for the hikers. For some reason the busses weren't running and there were cars everywhere. BTW, the park has managed to recondition some of those old antique from years ago, I have pics but I will post them later. These little buses are really cool because they have an open top so you can see the mountains, plus you get to ride face forward which is probably a lot more pleasant. They run on propane which is probably better for the mountain environment. Unfortunately the buses won't start running until Sunday. The buses will come in handy because you can ride them to one area of the park and then hike to another and then get a ride back to your car.

I would have liked to hike a bit in the area that was hit by the forest fire last year, but there seems to be some issue with the back country permit office which will only issue permits to 1/100th of the people who want them. School is out, people have their summer vacations and the parks are filled with hiking and vacationing amateurs. I'm getting out, can't stand it. I was eating my breakfast at a picnic table and I looked up to see 2 fat people 3 feet away from me lovingly eying my omelet. In the next life I plan to come back as a large grizzly bear.

I am heading east or route 2 in northern Montana now.

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