My pic of Mt. Hood

I'm only going to post one That is the north side of the mountain which has better and cleaner snow. The other sides look a little dirty.

Here is a pic of Multnomah Falls.


Mr. Drew said...

Hi Cham,

It seems that the Sun is mining your blog for story ideas:,0,3582738.story

puerileuwaite said...

You may or may not be aware (or may not care) that the infamous "Overlook Hotel" from "The Shining" (the Jack Nicholson version) was somewhere close by. Did you see it / shoot it?

Cham said...


No, I wasn't aware of the hotel was nearby. That is a neat hotel, probably worthy of a looksee.

Mr. Drew: Oddly enough, I hadn't visited the Sun's site in weeks but yesterday I had a hankering for an update on the killins and too see if any of my taxes or utilities are going to raised any further, you never know. I did stumble upon the article on Cove Fort. Rest assured, I will be working on a much better video for that post replete with still pics and proper narration. The masses need to be informed of the little gem at the end of the road. Maryland also needs to petition the state of Utah for a proper sign at the beginning of the highway which would read:

Denver 330
Cumberland 2096
Frederick 2140
Baltimore 2200

Seems fair.