Apologies to the "tubing" googlers

I can tell summer is here is full force. My hit counter is screaming with those that come to my blog in search of tubing information on the mid-Atlantic rivers, of which, is my blog's strongest claim to fame regardless of the pages and pages of hiking information. Sadly, I am in in northern Washington state, 3000 miles away from my trusty tube and bike. I know the river temps are increasing, but there ain't much I can do about the situation right now. When I get back I promise I will have a few tube posts with associated pics. So you are just going to have work with last year's fun on the Potomac, Cacapon and Gunpowder.

Here is a list of previous tubing posts:

Potomac, Harper's Ferry Tubing

Tubing, Little Orleans on the Potomac

Tubing Cacapon River

Tubing Gunpowder River

From 2005

Tubing Potomac at Paw Paw

I also have a whole new category for adventure fun when I get back, but I am not going to share right now. Let's just say Cham's little brain is working overtime and the local DNR rangers aren't going to be happy.

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puerileuwaite said...

Latest addition to the list of phrases that "sound" dirty, but really aren't:

Tubing Googlers.