Leavenworth, Washington

I stopped off at one of those fancy espresso places that they have all over Washington State to imbibe at least once and purchase a fancy cup of coffee for some exhorbitant fee, in Leavenworth, Washington. Out of all the little coffee stands I pick the right one. The lady in the stand made some fun of my plastic baggie change purse and we got to talking. She asked me where I was going and, as my usual answer, I replied, "I don't know." She laughed and promptly invited me to her house for the night.

Cheryl and Don treated me to a lovely steak dinner, delightful conversation and a personal tour of their town, Leavenworth, which is a wonderful Bavarian place/town in the Wenatchee National Forest. They put me up in their beautiful home and gave me some great travel advice. They even bought me breakfast. These two couldn't be nicer especially since I look like a road hobo that the cat dragged in. Thanks you two for everything, they even let me take a shower and do 2, count them 2, loads of laundry so I am clean now, which is a good thing.


Anonymous said...

Funny, this is the way most horror movies start out, too.

I've been following your blog now for a few weeks and I'm really enjoying it. I Especially liked the post about stupid things people do in National Parks.

puerileuwaite said...

First of all, I'm declaring "shenanigans" on Kirby for taking my #1 Comment spot. Nevermind. I just got a grip and realized it really shouldn't matter.

Anyhoo, I've been to Leavenworth (the WA one, so don't give me that suspicious look) twice. It's a cool place that I loved visiting.

Cheryl and Don are saints. I like reading stories of wonderful Samaritans and human beings. It gives hope, and encourages yours truly to take in stray drifters whenever possible.

Sorry. I just realized that I let my guard down and revealed the "kinder and gentler Pug". I hate when that happens!

a.g. said...

ever read 'blue highways'? if not, you should pick it up. this post reminds me of that.

Cham said...

Ag, you obviously failed to take a close look at my profile.