Directions to Mutton Top Cabin, map;Mutton Top Cabin Weekend

For anyone that wants to know how to get to Mutton Top Cabin, here is a printable paper map with pictures:
Map to Mutton Top

Here is a Google Map:

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Go to Stanardsville, VA. Take Route 33 West for 6 miles. Take a left on Goose Pond Road. Drive 1.5 miles until you see a gate. Park your car. Pass gate and walk .5 miles on the road until you see the cabin.

Our fun:

Keith invited several of his friends for a cabin weekend at a PATC cabin called Mutton Top. About 15 people from PATC Cadillac Crew, HoCo Sierra Club and MCOM. There was significant snow cover on the mountain making the Vining Tract, where the cabin was located, very beautiful. I organized a bushwhack/hike from the cabin to the AT and along some roads. Keith, James, Lisa and myself used the PN20 GPS to get from the cabin to the AT and then down some roads. It was a lot of work to figure out where we needed to go to get up on the ridge but once I had everything planned the hike went very well. We found some coyote and bear prints in the snow, as well as some bear hair left on a fence. Keith found the bear den and wanted to say hello to the bear but I strongly suggested we move along, I want to wait a bit to have my inevitable first bear interaction for 2008.

Everyone left on Sunday and I opted to stay another day to close up the cabin. When I woke up this morning, Monday, it was 0 degrees in the cabin and the olive oil froze. In the slideshow I have some pictures to prove I cleaned that cabin spic and span. Keith did a great job with the organization of the weekend and a very good time was had by all.


Ashlie said...

Ew. It looks like the olive oil was more than just frozen with that black stuff floating around the top.

It looks like you guys had a lot of fun! I'm going to have to take a look at some of those sites you have linked. My husband and I are from Washington (state) and are used to skiing/snowshoeing/ kayaking/wake boarding/backing kind of adventures. Most the people we've met in Baltimore like to hang out indoors. Its a breath of fresh air getting to see people like you all exist!

p.s. When you come from Grizzly country black bears are just big dogs. ;)

Cham said...

Um, that olive oil was not purchased by me. The olive oil that I buy comes in a gallon can and is discounted. This little bottle was purchased by people who shop at Whole Foods. It had some sort of floaties in it, like herbs or something. I promptly put it on the woodstove to see what would happen and the floaties might have burned. It tasted good though.

Julie said...

I stayed here once (invited by a friend of a friend) and I would like to go back with a group, so I am wondering how do you 'reserve' it??

Cham said...

Go to this link to learn about PATC cabin rentals.

kschweickhardt said...

Thanks for the great map and directions. I am helping my son plan a boy scout trip and I used your information to help us create a google map for the trip.