Northeast Baltimore Homicides and locations of Pharmacies Jan 2011- July 2011

Pharmacies are blue paddles, homicides are red paddles.

View pharmacies/homicides parkside baltimore in a larger map
I did another map that compares and contrasts the same homicides with liquor stores.

Click on this link for a list of the 2011 homicides in Baltimore City.

Here are some interesting studies regarding homicides:
Baltimore Homicide Statistics - Number of Homicides on Each Day of the Month
Baltimore Homicide Statistics - Gender Comparison of Victims
Baltimore Homicide Statistics - Comparison of the Age Ranges of the Victims


Anonymous said...

Have you tried linking to liquor stores?

Cham said...

There is most likely a correlation between liquor store placement and violent crime. The reason I did the pharmacies is that I passed a beautiful new Walgreens in East Baltimore recently and it was like a 3 ring circus going on out front. One lady emerged from the store and took out 2 bottles of expensive shampoo from her purse and wanted me to purchase them for $1/piece. Bad things tend to happen near places where they peddle mind-altering substances.

Cham said...

Okay, I did the liquor stores.