County Line Trail, West Virginia GWNF

I had a book I wanted to read and decided to get the peace and quiet necessary to plow through it, I would have to backpack somewhere that didn't have Internet, computer, TV and phone. West Virginia is always a good place for this.

Friday I headed out to the Waites Run area, only to wake up to a soft rain on Saturday morning. So I headed over to the White Star restaurant in Wardensville. This place was opened in 1935 and has pretty much stayed the same since. The prices haven't changed much either which is why I highly recommend it. If you want to talk to the other customers, though, you will need to study Advanced Hillbilly beforehand.

I got back to Waites Run and headed north on the County Line section of the Tuscarora Trail. Again, the Tuscarora is more overgrown and less used than the AT but I favor it over its much traveled cousin. There are a lot of rocks and it can be slippery when wet, but the difficulty gives you a reward with a less-used trail and some spectacular views. Please see that the red fall leaves are just poking through. Most people head south on it from this area, but heading north about 3.5 miles from this location gave me an unbelievable view of both Paddy Ridge, Baker Mountain and Pine Ridge as well as some amazing wild flowers.

I got to the Paul Gerhard shelter, which was nice as shelters go, and made the decision to turn back and go up the ridge to spend the night. This was a bright idea at the time but the minute it turned dark a vicious wind came at me from over the ridge. It was a hot wind too. My tent, which I purchased for the sole purpose was that it could withstand some wind, was beaten around. I drifted in and out of a difficult sleep but I didn't feel like breaking camp in the middle of the night to make the descent to the shelter. I don't like sleeping in shelters.

I awoke to a pleasant day and made my way back on Vance's Cove and Wilson Cove trail. I have a new treat for you guy, since I had time I played around with the video feature on my camera.

Perhaps I spent a little too much time in the gym this summer.

Here are my Wild Flower pics:


Charissa said...

I like the added video! It's easier to see what it's like out there. Thanks! :)

counter said...

Great post.

Know that area well. Don't usually see many other people there.

What kind of wildlife did you run into? Bear? Deer? See much deer activitiy?

Cham said...
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Cham said...

I didn't see any bear, and not that many bear droppings. I saw considerably more bear droppings in Shenandoah on Labor Day.

The whitetail deer are in the area though.