2012 Baltimore City Homicide/Murder Victims - List and Map

This is a list of the 2012 Baltimore City homicide victims and additional information regarding age, incident location, alleged perpetrators charged, and event proximity to police surveillance cameras . Scroll down for the map and charts. News articles are linked to the victim's name, obituaries and memorials are linked to the victim's age.

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tables . This was an in-home robbery
No.Date DiedNameAgeAddress Block FoundMurdered ByVictim Has No Violent Criminal History*Police Surveillance Camera At Intersection?**
101/03/12Bruce Royster624000 Edgewood Road
201/05/12Mary Hines842600 East Biddle Streetnone
301/06/12Doral Hinton272400 Ashland Avenue1 camera
401/08/12Ramon Parrott354100 Mariban Courtnone
5a. 09/18/06 d.05/28/11Joseph Curtis65500 Brunswick StreetDemario Henry, Marvin Henry, Triston Rice, Denzell Robinson
601/12/12James Hunter30500 North Edgewood Street
701/19/12James Rice184300 Cedargarden Road
801/20/12Audrey Collins683600 Cottage Avenue Genesis Collins Jr.
901/20/12Dominic Hope321617 West Baltimore StreetEvent had something to do with Cherry Hill feud
1001/27/12Travis Spencer244400 Park Heights Avenue1 Camera
1101/29/12Shayvon Booker19200 South Loudon AvenueJoseph Butler and Marc Lennon, charged
1202/01/12Corey Alexander315700 Nasco PlaceAntomar Jonesnone
1302/01/12Norris Conley254300 Greenhill AvenueRobert McClean, chargednone
1402/06/12Greg Kearney29900 East Preston Street
1502/09/12Johnny McFadden622900 Haverford Roadnone
1602/12/02Kyndal Staten275900 Laclede RoadAntwaine Eccles convicted. Eccles killed victim after disputenone
1702/12/12Jerry Isaac222800 Greenmount Avenue2 cameras
1802/19/12Orville Chamblee471300 West Lombard StreetTodd Marrow killed victim over football wager dispute
1902/23/12Guy Randall482200 North Fulton Street
2002/26/12Thomas Atkins Jr32400 North Kenwood Streetnone
2102/28/12Mya Carr53417 Callaway AvenueMatthew Carr(dad), chargednone
2202/29/12Oswaldo Santana214700 Windsor Mill Road
2303/03/12Terrence Joyner424500 Marble Hall RoadMarc Mitchell, charged
2403/04/12Monae Turnage131600 Cliftview AvenueTwo kids playing with a riflenone
2503/05/12Tyrice Forney21400 Oxford Court3 cameras
2603/06/12John Edwards173510 West Mulberry Streetnone
2703/06/12Steven Fields193500 West Mulberry Street
2803/07/12Javon Johnson212200 West North Avenue2 cameras
2903/10/12Sherard Houston381000 East Hoffman Street
3003/13/12Timothy Harris47900 Port Street
3103/16/12Gregory Parker542300 East Chase Streetcontract killer, Tavon Slowe accepts guilty plea
3203/16/12Fareed Caldwell253500 West Belvedere
3303/19/12Dominic Thornton376400 East Pratt StreetEmmanuel Adams, charged
3403/20/12Dexter Jones Jr232600 West North AvenueGuy Thomas, chargednone1 camera
3503/21/12Jonathan Hutchinson241600 Traction Street
3603/20/12Ronnell Chaney20500 East 21st Street1 camera
3703/25/12Rodrick Burden18800 West Fayette Streetnone
3803/25/12Adam Robinson264100 Idaho Avenue
3903/27/12Tyree Cypress196200 Pioneer Drivenone
4003/25/12Aaron Evans5 mo.3000 Baker StreetMyron Evans(dad), chargednone
4103/29/12Javell Heath191100 East Belvedere Avenuenone
4203/30/12Chauncey Hardy59900 Valley StreetHerbert Mayes, chargednone1 camera
4304/01/12Marcus Williams291000 East 22nd Street
44s. 03/09/05 d. 04/02/12Dion Brandon30900 Belgian AvenueRichard McCardellnone
4504/07/12Jermaine Shuron371700 North Calhoun AvenueAdrian Briscoe, charged
4604/08/12Justin Marasa221400 HolbrookWilliam Hunt, charged
4704/08/12Robert Laney331400 Fillmore StreetDeante Tucker, charged
48s 1997 d 01/03/2012Leslie Johnson36800 Jack StreetAlexander Thomas
4904/13/12Brandon Simms23400 Watty Courtnone2 cameras
5004/15/12Phillip Scott341900 EttingsAnthony Cole
5104/16/12Clarence Nicholson312000 Rayner Avenue
5204/16/12Ricardo Mabray271300 Aisquith Streetnone
5304/16/12Torey Garrison344700 Liberty Heights Avenue
5404/17/12Marvin Buckson291700 North Spring Street
5504/17/12Derrick Smith333200 Belair Road
5604/18/12Amber Brown243100 Hamilton Avenuefriend allegedly injected her with drugsnone
5704/23/12Willie Battle192700 Boarman Avenuenone
58>td>04/24/12Somchanh Sipayboun375400 Hillburn AvenueShawn Stevensonnone
5904/24/12Floyd Dorsey Jr.594100 Norfolk AvenuePolice need help with IDnone
60s 08/23/10 d 03/14/12Mark Day441500 West North AvenueDontae Crawford, charged2 cameras
6104/26/12Cortez Lemon24400 West Saratoga StreetTroy Harrison, charged2 cameras
62s 06/20/11 d 04/27/12Rayner Veney513400 Ravenwood Avenue
6305/03/12Cheryl Thomas44400 Cummings CourtEdward Ford, charged3 cameras
6405/04/12Quintin Poindexter184001 Alto RoadKyle Williams
6505/07/12Robert Bond213007 Oakley Avenue
6605/08/12Christopher Mobley283400 Piedmont Avenue
6705/08/12Terrence Anderson19600 North Eutaw Streetcops need help with ID2 cameras
6805/08/12Shavar Little281100 East 20th Street
69a 04/19/12 d 05/08/12Cornell Booker46300 Whitridge Avenuefamily dispute, see link1 camera
7005/13/12Derrick Lawson334000 West Franklin Street1 camera
7105/13/12Dominick Brown221500 Gough StreetDominique Washington, charged3 cameras
7205/13/12Lacy Lamb191600 East 32nd StreetSean Randall, chargednone
7305/14/12Travis Miller271100 North Milton Street1 camera
7405/16/12Jeffery McFadden352000 Frederick Avenue
7505/18/12Dominique Barnes202600 Mathews Streetnone
76a 04/18/12 d 05/18/12George Stevenson431400 Limit AvenueGalen Stevenson, chargednone
7705/22/12Sylvester Rogers58600 North Carey StreetDominick Brooks found guiltynone
7805/23/12Tavon Frederick353300 Westerwald AvenueDontre Mitchell and Donta Dorsey, found guilty and Keeco Stern is wantednone
7905/24/12Andre Curry Jr.282600 East Preston Streetnone
8005/24/12James Shird Jr.184600 York Roadnone
8105/24/12Jacqueline Laster472500 West Fayette Streetnone
8205/26/12Lamell Ausby222500 Edgecombe Circlenone
8305/26/12Dawan Evans25600 Pitcher Street1 camera
8405/27/12Olivia Palmer6 mo.1600 East Cold Spring LaneDemonte Palmer(dad), chargednone
8505/28/12Ettice Jones471200 Woodbourne AvenueKevin Whittington, charged
8605/29/12Quintin Butler301100 Myrtle AvenueJeffrey Weeks, charged
8705/31/12Calvin Matthews253000 East Preston StreetJohnny Flemming, charged
8806/01/12De-Sean Bowman18East Fayette Street and North Caroline StreetCharles Blevinsnone
8906/02/12Antonio Mattison421200 East Lafayette StreetEmanuel Folkes and Temeka Clark, both charged
9006/03/12Edmond Dabney68Pimlico Road and Virginia Avenuenone
9106/04/12Michael Sullivan555500 Belair Roadnone
9206/04/12Charles Goodman233400 East Lombard StreetHakeem White, chargednone
9306/05/12Thomas Mattox264400 Pall Mall Road
9406/05/12Leon Thornton III224400 Pall Mall Roadnone
9506/06/12Donnie Robinson233600 Beehler Avenuenone
9606/08/12Vernon Williams Jr.19400 East 21st Streetnone
9706/11/12Ronald Dawson II282600 West Patapsco Avenue
9806/13/12Desmare Braxton14 mo.800 North Stricker StreetSharmell Thomasnone
9906/19/12Tavon Whelchel182100 West Pratt StreetArthur Holtin, chargednone
10006/20/12Lewis Womack IV364044 Boarman Avenuenone
10106/24/12Deangelo Bess251000 North Central AvenueTerrence Rollins and Don Pulley none
10206/26/12Lloyd Grant384609 Norfolk Avenuefrom Brooklyn NY
10306/29/12Neal Gaines412100 Denison StreetErnest McNair, charged
10407/03/12Yarndragus Stanton261400 East Preston Street
10507/05/12Lance Johnson402300 Eutaw PlacePolice need help with ID
10607/05/12Kenneth Williams35400 Laurens Street
10707/05/12Andrew Davis273400 Ravenwood AvenueKenneth Jackson, convictednone
108s 06/22/12 d 07/06/12Lee Lumpkin351000 Leadenhall Street
10907/08/12Eric Brown433200 Spaulding Avenue
110s 01/18/01 d 05/04/12Vernonda Fenner434100 West Forest Park Avenuenone
11107/16/12Quinton Winder355508 Lothian RoadMaurice Lonon, charged
11207/16/12Daryl Thomas Jr354300 Sixth Street
11307/23/12Brandon Spruill231500 McKean Avenuesearch warrants have been issuednone
11407/26/12Franklin Morris Jr.341600 North Smallwood Street
11507/26/12Hamin Bridges341000 Evesham AvenuePolice looking for Minivannone
11607/27/12Derian Hampton211200 North Caroline Street
11707/27/12Herman Regis675900 Eurith Avenuenone
11807/28/12Jermaine Blue301400 Poplar Grove StreetEdward Ellis and Zebary Pearson Jr.,and Antoine Dorsey all charged1 camera
11907/30/12Charles Johnson501800 West North AvenueJames Pitts and Charles Brogden agreed to plead guilty. Suspects beat victim with utility wrench2 cameras
12007/31/12Antwan Bryant20West Side Shopping Center, 2400 Frederick Avenuenone
12108/01/12Javon Blackwell201200 Poplar Grove Streetnone
12208/02/12Janerio Keys264400 Parkton Street
12308/03/12Marvin Jones303000 Rosedale Courtnone
12408/04/12Jefferie Thomas22Chalgrove Avenue and West Garrison AvenueAlvin Kelly charged and then convicted
125a 07/23/12 d 08/01/12Ezra Bunch275100 Reisterstown Road
12608/06/12Anthony Cureton282700 Giles Road1 camera
12708/10/12Alex Ulrich419 East Chase StreetQuinton Bass, convictednone
12808/05/12Victor Asbell423300 Garrison BoulevardKeonta Johnson, charged
12908/16/12Troy Manley33600 Linnard StreetTyrell Hill, Evric Morgan and Rafael Hardy plead guilty, and Marcel Graham charged
13008/16/12Euclides Manley35600 Linnard StreetTyrell Hill, Evric Morgan and Rafael Hardy plead guilty, and Marcel Graham charged
13108/17/12Robert Hardy334200 Hamilton Avenuenone
13208/17/12Diane Edwards544200 Hamilton Avenue
13308/20/12Anthony Diaz353200 Walbrook Avenue
13408/21/12Lovell Spencer 191700 Cole Street
13508/22/12Charles Canty651700 North Carey Street
13608/20/12Sterling Parker611900 Walbrook Avenue2 cameras
13708/24/12Terrance Gough261 North Athol Avenue
13807/21/12Kristie Hufnagel42100 West 29th Street (Wyman House)Marvin White,charged
13908/24/12Lindale Carrington33600 Brisbane RoadDominic Gantt turned himself in
14008/30/12Donte Harris Sr212900 Rockrose AvenueAsia Cutler (girlfriend), charged
14109/01/12Darrien Jackson221300 Lakewood Avenuenone
14209/02/12LaRelle Amos225700 The Alamedanone
14309/03/12Rashawn Muhammad202700 Beryl Avenuenone
14409/03/12Damon Vaughn212600 Boone StreetDarnell Gary, charged
14509/03/12Jose Carranza31200 South Eaton Streetnone
146 09/03/12 Andre Scott 25 5600 Frankford Avenue
147 09/04/12 Sherron Small 41 5400 Seward Avenue
148 09/06/12 Rudolph Horton 36 1400 Holbrook Street
149 09/08/12 Maurice McCoy 28 300 Gold Street none
150 09/08/12 Freddie King 38 2800 Kent Street
151 09/15/12 Miguel Crosby 26 500 Coventry Road
152 09/17/12 Peter Marvit 52 2800 Chesterfield none
153 09/19/12 Rasheedah Muhammad 26 500 Old Town Mall
154 09/20/12 Audie Mickens 24 1700 Presstman Street 1 camera
155 09/21/12 Nabil Epps 34 2700 West North Avenue Wendielle Hall, charged 1 camera
156 09/22/12 Antoine Sellers 27 600 Dunbarton Avenue Curt Jones #171, killed 10/08 is a suspect
157 09/23/12 Tony Reese 36 2700 Mura Street
158 09/23/12 Kwame Stern 22 3008 Chesterfield Avenue
159 09/16/12 Clarence Ross 20 200 South Pulaski Street, Crossroad Station Bar none 1 camera
160 09/24/12 Anthony Keyser 45 1 Linwood Street none
161 09/24/12 Will Edmondson 35 1800 Mosher Street
162 a 05/13/97 d 07/05/12 Johnnie Smith 74 2100 Cliftwood Avenue none
163 09/26/12 David Ervin 41 3623 Old York Road
164 09/27/12 Nana Mensah 19 400 Augusta Avenue none
165 09/27/12 Queren Thomas 36 200 Reedbird Avenue Kentrell Brown, charged none
166 09/30/12 Elliot Lee Jr 28 600 North Belnord Avenue 1 camera
167 10/03/12 Sean Melton Sr. 43 2800 Quantico Avenue
168 10/03/12 Randy Owens 19 200 North Fulton Avenue
169 10/03/12 Dimitri Staten 37 1800 West Lanvale Street none
170 10/07/12 Ahjee Harrod 16 6300 Fairlawn Avenue none
171 10/08/12 Curtis Jones 28 600 Dumbarton Avenue
172 10/11/12 Merv Douglas 51 2300 North Charles Street
173 10/12/12 Tashawna Jones 18 300 East 26th Street Tyrone Alston, charged none 1 camera
174 10/14/12 Charles Fuller 19 3000 East Baltimore Street
175 10/20/12 Darius Taybron 19 2500 East Hoffman Street Jamol Kingsborough, charged
176 10/21/12 John Moore 60 3100 Garrison Boulevard This homicide may be drug related. Person of interest sentenced to 20 years and loses ice cream stand for drug trafficking none 2 cameras
177 10/24/12 Alonzo Gladden 24 2700 Marbourne Avenue none
178 10/24/12 James Utley 26 1400 East Preston Street
179 10/25/12 John Planter 21 2800 Wenburn Street Garrick Powell, charged
180 10/31/12 William Simmons 32 5318 Carriage Court
181 10/31/12 Dewey Hampton 47 6000 Marjorie Lane none
182 10/31/12 Michael A. Allen 41 1100 Homewood Avenue Warrentrez Blount, charged
183 s 03/17/01 d. 11/01/12 Anthony Diggs 29 2600 East Monument Street 1 camera (CCTV didn't exist in 2001)
184 11/02/12 Erwin Daniels 30 600 North Lakewood Avenue none 1 camera
185 11/04/12 Terrence Seale 29 1200 Linworth Avenue Tavon Barnett convicted. Victim shot during drug deal none
186 11/05/12 Lawrence M Thomas Jr 26 3125 Artaban Place none
187 11/05/12 Deborah Simon 55 1200 Washington Blvd Antonio Johnson, charged none
188 11/06/12 Joshua Noble 25 3000 Frederick Avenue
189 11/08/12 Warren Boone 26 5100 Goodnow Road Ronald Cornish convicted in 2016 none
190 11/12/12 Donnell Bishop 28 1800 North Rutland Avenue Sheldon Hopkins convicted
191 11/13/12 Darian Horton 19 2500 West Lafayette James Berry and Tyrone Carter convicted none
192 11/13/12 Allen Horton 23 2500 West Lafayette James Berry and Tyrone Carter convicted
193 11/14/12 Christopher Briggs 18 2800 Fenwick Avenue Not closed, but this event was related
194 11/16/12 Richard Redd 66 3000 Elgin Avenue
195 11/18/12 Richard Erdek 33 3900 Woodhaven Avenue Robert Carter, charged none
196 11/20/12 Daniel Pearson 16 2600 Greenmount Avenue Terry Addison, charged none 2 cameras
197 11/21/12 Adonay Garcia-Wilson 22 2800 Boarman Police say this was closed by exception, allegedly killed by Davon Okimey who was killed 08/27/13 none 1 camera
198 11/22/12 Antoine Ellis 23 2000 Forest Park Avenue none
199 11/24/12 James Johnson 22 1300 Laurens Street none
200 11/25/12 Daqwon Artis 16 2200 Barclay Street none
201 11/25/12 Tremaine Johnson 34 500 North Calhoun Street
202 11/26/12 Kearrie Ware 1 month 300 East 22nd Street Dion Ware(dad) convicted of child abuse resulting in death none
203 12/02/12 James Vincent 55 400 North Duncan Street
204 12/02/12 Paris Russell 2 1400 Broening Highway Nicole Fitzgerald(mom), charged none
205 12/07/12 Thomas Rawlings 24 1800 North Fulton Street Jeremiah McBride 2 cameras
206 12/07/12 Brent Nickens 22 2300 Westwood Avenue 2 cameras
207 12/08/12 Angelo Ward 25 800 Brooks Lane
208 11/17/12 Delma Barnes 35 5200 Frankford Avenue Jewel Lucas, charged
209 12/10/12 Tarrell Logan 24 1500 Shields Place Demetris Logan, charged
210 12/13/12 Todd Duffie 36 3200 Lyndhurst Avenue
211 12/15/12 Avon Ball Jr 26 Madison Avenue and West Preston Street Tion Bolden, charged
212 12/16/12 Michael R Robinson Jr 26 2800 Winwood Court none
213 12/18/12 Edward Thomas 32 1700 Gwynns Falls Parkway Eric Wise charged none
214 12/20/12 Rebecca Coughenour 23 200 Atholgate Lane Brandon Nowlin
215 12/24/12 Thomas Cunion 27 1100 Webb Court(Latrobe Homes) none 1 camera
216 12/28/12 Monday Griffin 18 2500 Woodbrook Avenue none
217 12/31/12 Terry Nelson 24 2100 Bryant Avenue
*Upon repeated review of the Maryland Judiciary case search the standards for a victim's adult criminal history on this site has changed over 2011. Due to the Baltimore Police Department's Zero Tolerance program in effect between 2001 and 2007 it was found that almost all homicide victims had a criminal infraction, many infractions were for petty crimes like loitering, littering, bicycling on a sidewalk(Officer Richard Cimini cases) and open containers. Although these infractions are listed as criminal offenses I cannot in good conscience consider these offenses indicative of a criminal record. This category is now changed from "criminal history" to "violent criminal history". Drug offenses, burglary, prostitution, domestic violence(this charge is not specific enough) and unauthorized taking of a vehicle charges are not considered violent. Violent offenses include murder, attempted murder, robbery, assaults and handgun violations.

**Affirmative if distance of a Baltimore Police Surveillance Camera(CCTV) location is one block or less of homicide event.

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Anonymous said...

Just goes to show that our famous police department needs a good house cleaning. Unsolved crimes and murders at all time high. Criminals in uniform at a all time high. lets just pass out the badge to anyone

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Number 82 name is Lamell Ausby please correct this he was a great friend

Unknown said...

Thanks you sir.