Route 176, Texas

I headed south into Tejas. Managed to straighten out some mapping issues in Dallas thanks to the fine people at One Map Place, this is a store that only has maps. I felt like a pig in shit. I headed further south on 30 and stopped at a rest stop, a trucker looked at my tag (tag = license plate in Marylandese). He said, "You are a long way from home." This comment alone finally convinced me that I am officially on vacation, or sabbatical, or hiatus or whatever you want to call what I am doing.

I replied, "Not far enough." I am sorry I didn't purchase a CB radio for the car, driving with all the trucks on the road it is sort of like being a deaf person in a room full of people talking.

I spent the night on a side street in Abiline, TX and then spent Thursday morning working out at the Power Shack Gym. I had a bunch of ladies admire my physique and ask me about exercise which further enlarged my already inflated ego. People are starting to comment about how thin I am, not that I am so thin but compared to the folks in this area I am a virtual string bean. I met a new bunch of people in the jacuzzi, health clubs around here all have indoor pools.

I finally got off the highway near Midland, and started to enjoy the ride. Texas has a bunch of wildflowers all abloom in spring. I don't know what they are called but they certainly are pretty.

I saw some neat windmills up on a mesa too but this picture doesn't do them justice.

The oil wells are still going too, these Texans get their energy any way they can.

I understand that if you look at oil wells every day this isn't all that interesting but it is to me which is why I recorded the video.

Neat stuff.

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