Ramsy's Draft, Roanoke, VA

I left Rockville after a stern lecture from my mother about responsibility, maintaining steady employment and the importance of saving for retirement, after which she put her head in her hands and started wimpering about her poor mothering skills and failure to instill a proper work ethic in her children. I could only tolerate this specatacle for so long because I had to hurry to meet Keith in Harrisonburg. Keith and I had agreed to meet Lisa who was leading an MCOM backpack at Ramsy's draft and was on the descent portion of the hike. The Mountain Club of Maryland hikers then gave me sort of an impromtu send-off, we went into Harrisonburg for burgers. Here is a pic of the backpackers. It was way too cold to take many pictures.

Keith gave me a care package and some instructions about hiking in Nevada and Oregon, and then I continued on down the road to Roanoke where I spent the night on a quiet side street, here is a picture of the Catholic Church which I found quite pretty.

Right now I am on a side street in Nashville, I might stay near here for the night. All is well, so don't worry. I might have left a battery charger at Keith's or mom's so if either one of you find it please email me.

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Anonymous said...

I want to quit work and go with you. I could tag along like the guys running behind Forrest Gump.